Monday, July 15, 2013

Take Your Amway Scam And Shove It!

Don’t you hate it how these Amway bastards show up with their scheme and tell us how we can make $75,000/year $100,000/year $125,000/year. Minimum!

I like working in round numbers so call it $100,000. To most people $100,000/year is a pretty decent income so that might generate some interest if you’re working a minimum wage job or your job/career might many years to work yourself up to a good paying income.

Just because you put on a business suit and carry a cell phone that is constantly ringing with calls from your upline or beeping to announce yet another text message from your upline and you’re trying to bullshit others that you’re rich and important doesn’t mean you really have the cashola no matter how hard you pretend.

Many of the Amway “businessmen” in our line worked customer service or labor jobs and aren’t earning anywhere near that magical $100,000 number. This is what happens in your 20’s. It takes awhile to build up skills and marketability to command a decent income. Maybe that’ll happen at age 30 or maybe not until 50 or 60. That doesn’t mean to tide yourself over in the meantime that you should go around scamming others to join your Amway cult.

I just can’t believe that Ambot would fall for that shit. I guess the promises of having residual income of hundreds of thousands rolling in for the rest of his life sounded good. Too good to be true! He believed those lousy troublemaking lying IBO bastards. Anything looks good on paper. Logistically executing an Amway/WWDB business plan designed for failure is another story. A story of emotional distress and financial losses that is.

Those lying IBO’s told Ambot he must counsel with upline and take the advice of these fucking assholes who don’t have education or degrees in counselling whether it be financial or family or marriage or dealing with death or whatever. No one in our upline was qualified to offer any type of counselling services.

But that won’t stop a fucking Amway IBO. Just because they’re in Amway means they’re better than everyone else and don’t need a stinking education to “counsel” and give bad advice and destroy people. That’s all part of the Amway scheme.

Obviously Ambot didn’t take as good a look at those fucking lying Amway IBO’s as I did. Lying bastards who promised him how they’d all get rich in Amway and be lazing around the beaches of the world sucking back mai tais while the endless supply of money comes rolling in and they never work again.

So we’re supposed to “counsel with upline” who are either too young to have saved money for a down payment on a house or were old enough that they should have been homeowners but were too busy giving away all their money to the great Amway god so they couldn’t swing it. Ambot doesn’t see something wrong with this picture? We’ve been homeowners for years and Ambot thinks its rational to take financial advice from kids who've never owned a house and don’t know piss all about the financial responsibilities that come with home ownership? There’s more to owning a home that coming up with monthly mortgage payments. It means replacing appliances when they break down. It means renovating and making repairs as needed. It means keeping a yard neat and tidy. Its called taking pride in home ownership. You know how it is when you’re in a neighborhood where most of the houses have the lawns mowed, painting touch ups down, nice flower beds, etc. And then you see the one house with the peeling paint, knee high weeds, abandoned cars, gutters falling off, and a tarpaulin over the leaky roof. Why not put a big sign outside: Renters live here!

Amway IBOs in our upline know nothing about owning a home and the upkeep. They are not on the same level as us. Maybe in 20 or 30 years when they have bought a house they’ll understand but for now they don’t know nothing. Counsel with upline! And their advice? Skip mortgage payments. Don't pay your utility bills. Use that money to buy Amway tools instead. Wow! Great idea! Wreck our credit rating! Have us evicted from our homes. Then we can be Amway losers like you!

Upline’s advice on my car? I should sell my nice car, buy a 30 year old BWM clunker for a few hundred bucks and then use the thousands of dollars difference from the sale of my car and invest it in the Amway business and buy lots of Amway products and Amway tools. Invest in my business? Are you kidding me?

Got two words for you Amway asshole: fuck off!


  1. I am in the UK and was approached and offered not a job but a "business venture" while at work. I met with the lady and had to ask three times to get her to tell me it was Amway. I didn't recognise it but told her I wanted to research it before I even thought of making a decision. She used all the tactics you post and comment about and was a lovely lady but I was suspicious from the moment she asked to talk to me about a "venture" without naming names that it would be this type of bull.
    5 minutes online and I am already reading about tax evasion, court cases etc.etc. (one they plead guilty to but insisted they were innocent and was a technicality and another they settled for large amount of money but again claimed to be innocent. hmm. right.)
    Then I happened to come across your blog and you most definitely solidified my bad opinion. luckily I was never tempted to do this and find it absolutely appalling. but I thought I would drop off a thank you for helping me do the best thing and say hell no!
    Hopefully you can save some others from hell. if they are smart enough to do basic research.

    1. hi A. My comment to you floated off into cyber hell somewhere! Basically I said I'm surprised she broke down and told you it was Amway before getting you n front of her upline to close the sale. Some people sign up and don't find out for a month or 2 that it's Amway. Seems incredible but that's the secrecy that surrounds this scam.

    2. One unique thing about Amway and the internet is that if you type in "Amway ", followed by a single space in a Google search box (it usually pre-empts suggestions that are logical, related, or probably have high # of search hits), you get the following list...

      Amway Scam
      Amway Grand Plaza hotels
      Amway Global
      ... and so on

      "Amway Scam" is the first suggested hit :D With many of the other MLMs, and other companies with multitudes of complaints, they only get the "scam suffix" when you get to #4 through #8 of the list :p

  2. Also she gave me an energy drink to try as she found it in her bag. I think that will be going into the been thanks! Not a fan of cat piss ;) So thanks for saving me from that experience too.


    1. Tossing Amway energy drink aka XS cat piss water into the trash is the best thing to do! Though a recent commenter said she used a case of it as a door stop! It finally found a use!

  3. This was 3 months ago. Where i was at a Wendys eating a burger. The leader of the group of 4 was talking about sacrifice and delayed gratifcation. He told them he's driving 4-5 hours one way to show the plan to a couple for someone in his downline. Then he mentioned someone in his upline doing this and sponsored a diamond or some bigwig. Im listening to this trying not to break out laughing. With todays technology...cant he just show the plan on skype? Or just have it on youtube? What if the prospect slams the door in his face? How lame it is to spend a tuesday night dressed in a suit acting like a bigshot at a fast food restaurant lol.

    1. When you see a suit at a fast food restaurant it's probably some businessman who doesn't have time to go anywhere else and he probably likes the food there anyway. When you see a group of suits at a fast food restaurant if they're not Amway ambots they're probably with some other MLM scheme. The problem with YouTube and Skype is that the Amway cult leaders can't make money off it. Makes sense to everyone else to use conference calls and other communication means that you already have included access to on your phone or computer and doesn't cost you anything extra to use but that doesn't make the great Amway gods rich.

    2. It was fun to watch them dabble with Facebook. The leaders using a separate account for dealings within the LOS, and a separate one for recruiting old friends. Their personal profile is often public so everyone can see them post an inspirational quote, misquote or paraphrase from someone famous, that is completely out of context. They are so smart. They post pictures of other people's fancy cars. Their cover photos are often a beach they have never been to, but could have, with the money they are flushing down the toilet.
      The business profile, which would have a name like "(team name) diamond", "(team name) direct" or something like that, is completely shut off from public view. What are they hiding?
      To me, Facebook and Skype would be the ideal tools to encouraging growth in "internet marketing" and "networking". Yet, not a single IBO will flat out say their profession on there.

      Occupation: Entrepreneur (often misspelled, hate this one) in DDEFFR (or whatever their network in, team name is, etc.)

      Occupation: IBO (woah! some honesty! must be new!) in WWWWJD

      Occupation: Dreambuilder (seriously?!) in CCCDDDEEE

      Never once do they honestly say, "hey I sell the idea that if we all buy soap and vitamins together we all get rich."

      They also, never, EVER, say their company name, regardless of MLM.

      But, seriously, why wouldn't they make it EASY to find these things on Facebook? If I was hellbent on joining, wouldn't some guidance, and maybe some inspiration from other IBOs via Facebook be utilizing available tools effectively?

      No, of course not, upline doesn't profit from it. Also, if I were hellbent on joining, and clicked on someone's profile occupation as 'AMWAY IBO', I would see a list of starry-eyed, misguided people, with nothing to show for their hard work, but pictures of other people's spoils.

      I can't wait to see the new Facebook-like webpage they, inevitably, will create. They have already created voicemail, smartphone apps, specialized emails, personal webpages. Congratulations, MLMers, you about a tech advanced as 2005, and claim to be the wave of the future in marketing.

      Or just the same old snake oil, dog and pony show.

    3. One person who solicited me has a Gmail account that's also somewhat related to Google Circles or Google Friends? His info is listed as "works at self employed". Not true because you're still working for the man, which is ironic because that's still one of the lines they try to use on new people to reel them in.

    4. Yeah why doesn't he just say works for Amway barely bringing in pennies as a commissioned salesperson.

  4. Doing a search for Amway keywords on Twitter can be fun/sad. Lots of "just got done hanging with world changers" and "making moves! no days off for this IBO!" and "bought my ticket! now to concentrate on doubling & tripling my business!" comments. Oddly, no one every says "Just made a sale!" But a search for #Amway also turns up tweets like "Amway CEO arrested. Please share this post with 3 other friends...who in turn should share it with 3 other friends..."

    1. Those are the text messages they send each other too! People who work for other companies don't usually get all that ga ga.

  5. Amway had a guideline for social media at one point. I might be able to dig it up, but I thought I threw all that crap away during the great "amway purge" of 2012 when I quit. Felt like Braveheart screaming "freeeeeedom". It is funny seeing all my FB friends who are still in and thier pics. The captions are great "associating with millionaire mentality" and the pic is of some hotel room and they are at the back. The diamond doesn't even know the persons name.

    1. Anonymous - I can sum up the guidelines: lie and fake it till you make it!

  6. Hey thanks for the review, I understand you opinion but I really think it is all in perception of how you work with the company. I find that so many people get involved with these companies for the sole purpose of getting rich quickly but when it really comes down to it, there is a lot more that goes into the process

  7. Hi Anna,

    I can really connect with your post very well, i have been associated with a so called "Amway Life Mentor" for last two years and i have lost so very much most of my friends and all my savings. Wonder why i allowed my self to be brainwashed by these Network 21 cd's. But now that i look back all i can do is just keep the lesson in mind and move on in life. I have told my upline i am not building this business and i am broke because of this business but he just doesn't wanna listen. I am now gonna be straight to his face tell him off.

    I wanna give you a thousand thanks for making this blog otherwise i was thinking that i am the only one who got fooled by these people, but i see other people on your pages have had the same experience and are moving on in life bravely and that gives me hope and strength.

    I have learnt that everything has it's time in life we should learn to go with the flow instead of fighting against it and struggle all the time. Greed is surely a curse.
    God bless you Anna for sharing your thoughts with us.


    1. Vikram - glad to hear you're getting out of the Amway cult of greed. Sorry for the toll it's taken on your life. 1000 thanks for reading the blog. Glad it's helped you through this dark time.

  8. You all sound like bitter people - really sorry and sad!

    1. And you sound like a brainwashed Ambot. Really sorry and sad you're getting scammed by this cult.

  9. There is no excuse for the obscene and foul language. I won't read any further. Whatever good points you make are negated by your foul, obscene, and rude speech.

    1. Nope, the good points stand on their own, regardless of the language giving someone the "vapors".

      "I would take your advice that sticking a sharp fork into my eye as being a bad thing if it weren't for you using the word 'fuck' in your explanation of the dangers of it. So because of that, could someone please hand me a fork?"


    2. Take the door that says "Amway prudes exit here" and hope it doesn't hit you in the ass on the way out!

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