Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eat Snacks Much?

Do you know someone who eats snacks and drinks every day?

At Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum would ask questions like this to everyone in the room. The old amiable brainwashing approach to get the followers to agree with everything you say.

What does he expect people to say? No I don't know anyone who drinks something every day. Every one I know is dehydrated!

Do people eat snacks every day? One person's definition of a snack might differ from someone elses. There's been tons of articles written about what constitutes a healthy snack. Ambots go around screaming about how Amway offers healthy snacks. Not everyone is overly obsessive about eating a healthy snack or what another persons idea of a healthy snack is. If I want to eat a Snickers then I'm gonna eat one instead of an Amway chocolate coated cardboard. And not even nice tasting chocolate. More like those nasty wax flavor chocolate coated.

When I want to eat a bag of tortilla chips one of those nasty styrofoam Amway snacks ain't going to do the trick for me. Same if I want a ginger ale. Drinking XS piss water just isn't the same thing!

Then the sack of shit taunts the cult followers by saying how easy it is to find someone who wants to eat an Amway power bar and an Amway drink every day. He then fills in a chart about how much money these snacks costs if you were to buy them from a grocery store or a coffee shop.

Well holy shit I don't know where he buys his groceries but I can buy a box of granola bars from Walmart for around $2 and that's 5 or 6 bars. Amway has a box of 5 or 6 bars too but they cost $30. Walmart granola bars taste way better too. What about that Perfect Water? Costs close to $50 for a case of 24 and the sack of shit tries to break that down by $2 a bottle so that's not too bad about the same cost as buying a water from 7-11. I can go to Walmart or Costco and buy a 24 pack of water for under $5 so maybe 20 cents a bottle is the breakdown.

It takes the Platinum at least an hour into an Amway meeting before he even starts talking about Amway and the business plan. Once he gets all gung ho on the eat and drink a shitty Amway product daily then he gets all excited about how many points (PV) you get and how much money you make.

The numbers keep going higher and higher based on how many people an ambot can scam into eating one Amway bar and drinking one Amway beverage a day until you're making 100k a year easy. Maybe 200k.

Realistic chances of finding other people to eat and drink that shit? Not good.

Realistic chances of finding people willing to pay 3, 4, 5, 10 times more money for a shitty Amway product that they can buy a similar better tasting product in the grocery store? Even worse.

The sack of shit Platinum gets the cult members so focused on the jumbo of numbers that he is tossing around and all excited about the gazillions of dollars they can earn by flogging the Amway snack plan that before anyone can really digest the bullshit he is trying to brainwash them with he moves on to another topic. That sack of shit gets easily distracted.

Or perhaps its just part of his master plan in the Amway scam.


  1. Ahhh, I remember you mentioning how whenever someone posts their experiences with Amway, it feels like you were there yourself.

    There's a variation of the "would you agree that.... " line.

    Ambot asked an audience member how much he pays for a bottle of water. He replied $2. I would've replied 50c (don't even need wholesale prices for this... a supermarket sale can yield this if purchased by the dozen), or even less than that as I just use a water filter. Ambot then for $2, you may as well purchase Amway's bottled water. It's oxygenated so it's better for you, and it adds to your PV. Feel free to Google the details, but the gist of this is unless you're a fish, then MAYBE oxygenated water might be SLIGHTLY beneficial, and that's only if you're an athlete.

    At a meeting in a private residence, ambot goes over the PVs of their various products, citing a multi-vitamin as one of their highest PV to $$ ratios. Still no business plan for awhile, until he starts covering "crowns" and "legs". However, read the pamphlet and do some quick figures in your head. It's very difficult to make the "good figures" they cite ($100+ / month). Even if you didn't read the pamphlet, common sense tells you that in sales, just a few transactions don't do squat, just like finding only a few downlines won't really amount to anything (if you can even find that many. I would feel "dirty" if I had to prospect coworkers, friends, and total strangers like how I was)

    I remember an ambot doing a demo where she pours rice (or some white stuff) into a vial of one of their products, citing the white stuff is stress, and the container is your system. Then she pours another Amway liquid product into it, dissolving the white stuff. The Amway product has made you stress free! The Crowd cheers! However, in a hotel large room, the dozen or so people sitting on the side are newcomers. Perhaps another dozen or 3 in the front rows are also the same. The majority are already in Amway, so it's a ruse anyways as the other ambots are likely coached to keep the performance 'lively'. (When I sat in the back and the Ambot speaker asks a question and gets no response, Ambots and goons in the back would mutter out loud canned responses like "no, you wouldn't get a raise if you asked your boss"). It felt like a high school pep rally... some people cheer, some don't. Among those cheering, some know what they're cheering for, others don't.. it's just state sponsored pep anyways.

    Speaking of which, why are the newcomers herded to the front rows of all of these presentations? Is it some sort intimidation tactic?

    1. Anonymous - yes everyone has the same story. I heard the exact same things no matter which cult leader was running the meeting. We heard the platinum many times a month and emerald and diamond a few times a month. Always the same eat a snack and drink Amway shit daily and you'll be rolling in money for the rest of your life. They all had whiteboards or paper and easel or computer sideshow on a screen with the exact same bullshit. Cult secrets passed along.

      I suspect the white things you saw were salt crystals. They'd dissolve when liquid gets them. I agree why all the Amway blah blah about oxygenated water. Is once too many times? Talk about Amway overkill.

      Usually at Scamway meetings it would be the ambots pushing for those front seats. They want front row seats so as soon as the cult leader has finished bullshiting the followers they can rush him and shower him with love and adoration you now beat the crowd. Newcomers could maybe get seats in the 2nd or 3rd row because devoted cult followers have rushed the front row. But back seat would be better so they could leave when they get fed up with listening to the fucker on stage!

  2. Well i suppose its logical that if these guys are saying the ibo can make a lot of money , then the products must be very expensive. The money has to come from somewhere and that is the ibo self shopping to make their upline rich.

    1. And that in a nutshell is the whole Amway scheme. Ambots self buy overpriced products from "their own store" to make their upline rich.

  3. One of the reasons why i quit the scam was i couldnt find a product which was cheaper than my local supermarket or costco.

    1. Very true. Those ambots will give ou the old bullshit speech about don't you want to pay more money for better quality products. Subjective and then there's the truth that Amway's products are generic or substandard quality compare to what you can buy at the grocery stores or Costco. Amway has to jack up the price of their shitty products so everyone in the upline can get a piece of the commission and so the company owners can make good profit on sells to ambots.

    2. On several accounts, they've used the recession, high unemployment, and how ambot himself and his wife got laid off as a scare tactic to get people to join (interestingly enough, they don't mention they found new jobs prior to speaking at the meeting you're currently at). Well, IF PEOPLE ARE STRAPPED FOR CASH, THEN WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY PAY MORE FOR QUALITY THAT ISN'T NECESSARY!? And yeah, even then, the quality's most definitely a subjective thing. But I suppose the "Amway School of Business" will manage to argue that those who are unemployed or otherwise need to be tight with $$ need the "high quality" Amway stuff anyways.

    3. Anonymous - we heard all the scare tactics too. About how your life will be doomed to poverty unless you get on board with Amway. They misspoke. Your life will be doomed to poverty if you get involved with Amway. But yeah the old dead or broke when you turn 65 if you don't sign up with Amway. The old you'll be divorced if you don't sign up with Amway Anton and on the scam goes.

  4. As with anything I read, it is REALLY hard to give the write much credence when they constantly repeat phrases like "sack of shit." That just hints of a high school boy who can't really think of something worthwhile to say. It seems you didn't like your time in the organization. Maybe you should have talked to your husband about this more at the time, instead of becoming bitter and then spending all your time ranting on the internet. Just sayin...

    1. Well what would you rather I called him? A dirty shitfaced cocksucking lying fucking Amway bastard? This is the place to come if you want to curse out the assholes in your Amway upline. Don't like what you read? Don't come back then. Easy peasy.

    2. I don't go to websites to read stuff if I know I'm not going to like what I read. And I'm sure not dumb enough to bitch about reading stuff that I don't like. So many websites and you pick one where sack of shit offends you.


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