Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Life Of An Amway Ambot: Eat Drink Duplicate

Search criteria used by an Amway ambot to find his way to this blog: eat drink duplicate Amway.

That tells me the same bullshit I heard at Scamway meetings is still being taught today.

At every Amway cult meeting I attended we were told it was soooooo easy to make money in Amway. All we had to do was:

eat one Amway food bar a day

drink one Amway beverage a day

duplicate – find other people who could do what we do

That last part meant finding at least 2 people every month who could do what we do in terms of eating one Amway food bar and drinking one Amway beverage a day.

Easy right?


Just looks easy on paper.

In reality its very hard to find people willing to spend the big bucks to buy overpriced shitty Amway food bars. You get 5 or 6 food bars of one type of another in a box that costs around $30. Do the math. That’s over $120/month invested in nasty tasting food bars. People can go to the grocery store and buy a box of granola bars 6 to 8 bars in a box for about $2. That’s less than $10/month for bars that actually taste good.

What about the Amway beverages? There’s a few to choose from. Let’s take the not Perfect Water. About $50 for a case of 24 bottles water. Compared to less than $5 for a 24 case of water at the grocery store? What about energy drinks. Amway sells them and encourages the ambots to drink them. I can’t remember how many came in a case. 8 cans of piss water? Around $30 depending on the flavor. That’s another $100/month.

Those are just the basics. Most ambots can’t find 2 people to eat one shitty food bar and drink a can of piss water so they over compensate by self consuming for the missing people who are supposed to be duplicating them which means the ambot is single handedly increasing Amway’s bottom line buying their overpriced products. All under the false impression that if they eat and drink what the missing 2 people they couldn’t find to duplicate them that they will make money by eating and drinking Amway products.

Figure it out ambots! Its an Amway marketing plan to get ambots to buy this shit! Not for an ambot to make money.

The way the business plan works is a few months down the road with the ambot bringing in 2 people each month to duplicate them  eating and drinking Amway products and the equation supposed to be that those 2 people find 2 people and so on and so forth that the ambot will be a Diamond in 2 to 5 years and making bazillions of dollars in residual income from Amway and will be able to quit their job and spend the rest of their life walking the beaches of the world with the other Amway Diamonds.

That’s how the fairy tale goes.

Most ambots can’t get over the hurdle of finding ONE person who will eat, drink, duplicate shitty overpriced products with the stigma of the Amway name attached to them.

All the ambot ends up doing is eat, drink, and duplicate their way into the poorhouse.


  1. Do they still promote the oxygenated water? They only did that one time at a "intro meeting". Even asked a newcomer how much he spends for bottled water. He responded $2. The speaker continues and says if you're going to spend that $$, may as well buy the Amway stuff. It's oxygenated so it's better for you, and it goes towards your PV. I would've responded 40c since I just bottle my own from my water filter, but I'm sure he would've spun that off saying that the oxygenated stuff is still the one you should be drinking since it's better for you, and still goes towards your PV. I have yet to find any studies that show oxygenated water is better for you, unless you're part fish.

    When you question your potential ambot upline about what if people decide to leave your downline, he responds "they already got set up and built up to this. Why would they leave?"

    The problem, in more ways than one is the prospected are too polite to tell these folks off. A "nope, this is BS, fuck off!" is extreme, but at least makes it VERY clear. However, most others make up excuses like they can't attend WWDB b/c they have family obligations, are too shy or polite to just end the conversation and go home. Granted, if the person trying to get you to join, is a boss or someone in that similar relationship, then you do need to be on the nicer side. I get the feeling that some newcomers appear so frustrated, tired, perplexed by the sheer idiocy and whimsical presentation that they appeared to be flustered and indecisive when really in their minds, they just want to leave and never interact with these people again.

    The ambots may confuse this with us being on the fence, but really, they've already lost us. They pitch their questions trying to remove doubt, and even includes a one last ditch email to try to get you to "we set up a time and discuss". This email include the usual spiel about creating true residual income from doing the program (I responded explicitly that I do NOT want to do sales), and links to Amway videos on YouTube where you have some Indian researcher/QA person promoting Amway food and vitamins by ensuring only the best make it in there.

    It's just such a sad cycle.

    1. Thanks for your comments Anonymous. And no they'll never stop flogging their not Perfect Water and bragging about how its been oxygenated a gazillion times and how its a miracle cure all snake oil. That old $2 a bottle justifying if you were to go to 7-11 and spend $2 on a bottled water. Yeah like I do that all the time! I don't buy $2 bottled water from anywhere else so I'm really going to buy it from some Amway asshole. And they don't even sell it for $2/bottle. They won't break up the case. Can you imagine going into 7-11 for your $2 bottled water and the clerk tells you that its only sold in 24 packs. They wouldn't get no customers either.

      Brainwashed ambots have a comeback for the people who don't want to do sales. They brag about how Amway products sell themselves. WRONG. Then they say all you have to do is sign up other people who buy Amway products and you'll get the commission off them. Can anyone say PYRAMID SCHEME!!!!! Amway is all about recruiting and selling to the people who sign up. Amway sales are more than 95% to registered IBO's so very little selling is for losers who aren't in the Amway cult!

      Try the old you can't make it to the Amway meeting because you got a job starring in a gay porn movie and they're filming the same night as the Amway meeting. That'll back those prudes off!

  2. I meant to post my comment in a more recent post,, I accidentally posted it on one back in fe here it is:
    Finally a blog that makes sense. I went scouring the internet for fellow amway haters because every now and then my recurring angry spells come to surface. A few years ago I was duped by wwdb in edmonton. At first, our so called uplines would not tell us what the business was just that they were entrepreneurs and would be set to retire within two years. Of course that sparked interest. I was then invited to see some speaker, they wouldn't tell me what it was. After the meeting it seemed like a good idea and impressive because there were a lot of people wide eyed, smiling taking down notes. Then the manipulation and brainwashing occurred. So many meetings and empty promises. Telling us that a mortgage was a death grip. Telling us that they were going to actively help in signing up people below us and build our business. That never happened instead we needed to read more and listen to CDs of some southern baptist preach a bunch of motivational nonsense. If we weren't succeeding it was our fault we weren't in the right mindset. This particular couple that uplined our uplines claimed that the wife was retired when in all actuality she was spending 80 hours a week selling books, CDs, going to meetings, and these stupid ass events where all the brainwashees go to worship the few people who are cashing in off everyone's stupidity. I can't tell you how fake our uplines became and how every relationship always had an ulterior motive. We lost family over this or our "uplines". We couldn't take the fakeness and the lies. Needless to say no one is retired within two years. Lol. I could go on and on there is so much shit wrong with world wide dream schemers.

    1. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by with your story!

  3. We tried to make up for no downline by buying extra products and we duplicated ourselves eating and drinking 5 or 6 Amway food bars or drinks every day. And they're disgusting.

    1. Brenda - that is what everyone is counselled by their upline to do.

  4. Hi ya’ll
    I love this blog, anyway, I have a friend who’s in this and I told her once (she got me really pissed off) that her brain was oxygenated, bottled-water is bottled-water where ever, and I won’t be spending triple just to pretend its quality!

    She also asked me once, maybe a couple of days ago (we went jogging) what would I do if I was let go of my job. I simply said “I’d find another job…I’ve been able to resign and apply somewhere else in order to climb the latter many, many times before. I also told her residual income comes from a 401K or any pension plan your job offers or you’ve participated on independently, not from a Multi-Level-Marketing Scam. Door-to-door sales rep jobs are not jobs, they’re hobbies for when you have nothing to do, like when you’re retired and receiving your pension and wish to throw away your money at nothing in particular (I don’t think I’d want to throw my money away at Amway though!).

    Does anyone know the ‘residual’ income these people are talking about? She’s been moving this since 2008 and I don’t see anything going anywhere! How do you get ‘residual’ income from something like this? Is this even true?


    1. Hi CuriousAbby. Sorry you got to put up with the Amspeak from your friend. Residual income in Amway is a myth. Another blogger quoted an Amway employee as saying ambots aren't supposed to claim that because its not true. But ambots have no problem telling their employer to fuck off and saying and doing what they want anyway. We all heard the same fable about the residual income.


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