Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Anything But Amway

When I attended Dream Night several couples were invited to come forward, take the microphone, and say something. I think they may have been eagles or double eagles. They’d reached some level but I’m sure it wasn’t Platinum or higher probably a lack of those in the room. I remember one couple who were extolling the virtues of an Amway business and the wife screamed out “What else is there?” Assuming she meant in the way of business opportunities or making money outside of a J.O.B.

Let me answer her question. Just about EVERYTHING else is out there! I know lots of people who have found success while successfully staying away from Amway.

Amway is the ONLY thing you can do to succeed in life” is a message I’ve heard over and over again at meetings run by Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond speakers. Part of the brainwashing technique. Can’t let IBO’s think there are other things out there where they can succeed in life that might redirect their time, energy, or money away from the Amway scam. Ambot already has reasonable success but once he joined the Amway cult his business was constantly put down for one reason or another (what if he gets sick, what if there’s a slow down, etc) and he was brainwashed into thinking his business won’t last but Amway success is forever.

Everyone has different opinions on what defines success. I could list hundreds of items and still not be finished. For some people success could be determined by earning a desired income, reaching a scholastic level, owning a restaurant that is packed every night with patrons, getting picked for a local circuit baseball team, publishing a book of poetry, playing a musical instrument, losing weight, getting married, buying a New York City penthouse overlooking Central Park..... The possibilities are endless.

Suggesting that to most rational human beings - Amway is NOT the ONLY thing one can do to succeed in life.

“There is nothing else out there except Amway” is a similar phrase drilled into IBO’s as part of the brainwashing techniques. The cult leaders tell IBO’s they must discard anything else in their life that isn’t making them succeed at Amway.

I also heard enough times “What are you willing to give up to succeed in this business?”

The possibilities of what an IBO should discard are also an endless list: spouse, family, friends, church, job, TV, books, hobbies, car, house......

Who says you have to give up things or whatever makes you tick as part of your lifestyle in order to become successful?

How many apprentice mechanics are asked what things they are willing to give up so they can fix cars? Who would tell a mechanic in order to open up his own garage he must give up his wife, his TV, his friends and his hobbies, sell his house, get rid of his dog, etc or he will never succeed.

Ridiculous huh? Well maybe only to people who are not brainwashed IBO’s. People are capable of juggling other things in their lives while at the same time succeeding at their chosen goals. Apparently not Amway IBO's if you listen to the hallowed cult leaders.

Amway is NOT the ONLY thing one can do to succeed in life. Based on mine and Ambot’s experiences I’d say Amway is about the only thing we’ve ever failed at. In a system designed to set up failure. What else do you expect?

Want to succeed? Choose anything BUT Amway.



  1. LJ investment inc. DBA Amway of LakemoorJune 3, 2014 at 10:28 PM

    But anna, you don't realize that most business owners work countless hours and are SLAVES to the business they claim to "own". If you have a J.O.B, the majority of the wealth you create goes to your BOSS. Only in the business of the 21st century are you about to make so much residual income that you can retire within 2-5 years if you're not lazy and stick to the system provided. Amway has the best compensation plan. They're also only my provider SOME products. I'm associated with (NOT for) a company that works with (NOT for) coke-a-cola, best buy, and THOUSANDS of other fortune 500 companies. Would it be a "designed for failure" if it had a A++ rating from the BBB? Get your facts straight anna.

    1. LJ - holy fuck Amspeak! But thanks for letting us know that nothing ever changes in the Amway scam. I need to get my facts straight? I was sitting in the room at dream night listening to those fucking assholes. I know what I heard. You need to take some of your own advice and head to Fortune magazines website and count how many companies are on that 500 list - like that number should be a big clue right there! But I heard the same bullshit when I was in Amway that there are thousands of companies on a list that only includes 500 companies. Amway ambots are the shits at math. They also claim JOB is a 4 letter word. Do you know any company can get a AAA rating with BBB as long as they respond to their complaint letters within the specified time period. Do you know that Amways terms and conditions say IBO's can't brag about any BBB rating or subject to dismissal. But if Amway fired everyone who brags about it they'd have no commissioned salespeople left! Also Amway's head office representative said IBO's are not allowed to say Amway provides residual income because its not true. Doesnt stop ambots from lying about it though.

      But thanks for stopping by and giving us all a good laugh!

    2. THOUSANDS of Fortune 500 companies? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are a complete fucking moron. I bet you would stand no chance in the real business world.

    3. Anonymous - it is pretty funny but Amway is all about throwing numbers all over to cause confusion. Why show up and leave a comment to prove you're a dumb fuck. And if you're going to violate some of Amway's policies why leave identifying information. People in Amway are whiny ass crybabies ready to fink out others. I was also thinking maybe this guy is just pretending to be a dumb fuck Amway ambot - nailed it by the way! - and left a funny comment to give us all a laugh and to drive rat fink Amway squealers bat shit.

    4. -"SLAVES to the business they claim to "own"."
      -"stick to the system provided."

      Your move, Ambot.


    5. I hope you're shitting us cause you think we're all stupid cause the only other alternative is that you actually believe that stuff. I was gonna blast you, you dumb fuck..... But I feel sorry for you.

    6. Holy crap, LJ's way up in the stratosphere. It's been a while since I heard Amspeak THAT bad. He's not even trying to sound normal. I sure hope he did it on purpose to make us laugh otherwise it's honestly pathetic lol.


    7. Its really sad the Amway cult has ahold of people to brainwash them to believe the bullshit they spout out. You don't know whether to feel sorry for them, laugh at them, or smack some sense into them.

    8. LJ investment inc. DBA Amway of LakemoorJune 3, 2014 at 10:28 PM This is a reply for this commenter.

      You’re self-contradicting, I’ll pick the lines myself:

      Most business owners work countless hours and are slaves to the businesses they claim to “own”.-Amway distributors like yourself work countless hours for a business you don’t own.

      If you have a J.O.B. the majority of the wealth you create goes to your boss.-Amway distributors hand over, not the majority, BUT ALL of the tiny profit they create straight back to Amway (let’s not forget your savings, loans, and anything else you can get your hands on that you can either pawn, sell, or foreclose on in order to hand over that chunk of change too!) You have to pay to live the privilege of being Amway!

      Only in the business of the 21st century are you about to make so much residual income that you can retire within 2-5 years if you’re not lazy and stick to the system provided.-Amway distributors work their business 24 hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, 12 months a year…for the rest of their life to never even consider the term “retirement” because Amway has no such thing as a RETIREMENT fund like most if not all jobs help to provide, let’s not forget the Social Security system…which will at least provide a70% return after all of your credits have been accounted for. Amway’s residual income pertains to the availability of endless legs and downline systems the company is counting on you to provide through the process of prospecting, not for your residual income…but Amway’s!

      They’re also only my providers for some products-Amway isn’t your provider, Amway is your boss! It gives you a list of products from which to sell, a name to sell them under, and it provides you with a relic business license that helps you represent Amway. You are an employee for Amway, just without the benefits-package or vacation days or sick days.

      I’m associated with a company that works with Coca Cola, Best Buy, and thousands of other Fortune 500 companies-As an Amway distributor, you hold no stock options in the company. You do not own Amway partially in any way. An investment is an amount of money you put forth into a risk-venture with the hopes of an appropriate profit return. This specific capital is accompanied in many cases by similar risk-venture investments put forth by other “investors”, like-minded individuals wanting to start a company with you.

      Now I won’t even touch the Better Business Bureau, I feel that is way below my intellect!

      Hi Anna, you have an incredible blog my friend, this guy was such a kick in the groin, I swear I went nearly castrated with laughter!

    9. LOL to your last paragraph! And thanks for the logical breakdown. Brainwashed Amway ambots won't see it your way though. They don't usually come back.

  2. LJ investment inc. DBA Amway of LakemoorJune 6, 2014 at 1:20 AM

    Anway does not tell me what to sell, they allow me to sell their stuff, and i choose to (along with other items). I dont get "vacation days" from amway because I can take a vacation any time I want. They have no say. I don't give all my profit back into my buissness, I do reinvest some though (that's how buissness works). And I do work with like-mindend individuals who have chosen to go into buissness with me. The truth is that in traditional J.O.B's you get fired. I can not be fired, because im my own boss!

    1. You said it yourself LJ, "they allow me to sell THEIR stuff". They choose what you can sell and they choose the price at which you can sell it. If that's not "telling" I don't know what is.

      Also, Amway can revoke your license if it so chooses, so much for not being able to get fired. And last but not least, Amway is a cash funnel so if you make money, then most of the people below you are actually operating at a net loss. That's the real truth of this system: 99% of the people lose in order for the remaining 1% to win.


    2. LJ - Amway can fire their commissioned salespeople whenever they want cause they're the boss. They fired our Platinum 2 years ago and he'd been working for Amway for over 10 years. You just don't hear about low level IBO's getting the sack. You only hear when Amway fires Diamonds. You broke some conditions of your IBO contract and it didn't take long for some crybaby IBO to rat you out to the boss. Someone from the head office in Alticor was reading this post and the comments yesterday. The best thing to happen to you is if they do fire you so you don't waste any more money. But like I said if they fire every IBO who violates their IBO agreement they'd have no one left. If you sign a contract to abide by someone else's rules and if someone else puts a price tag on the products then you don't own your own business. No matter how much the assholes in your Amway upline try to convince you of it.

    3. O.K. L.J. Investment Einstein;

      What exactly the hell are you the boss of, that you can't get fired? Amway can terminate your agreement anytime they wish with no warning. You can't get fired b/c you were never hired. You also will never get paid vacations, 401(k)s, holidays, sick days, etc.

      You, Sir, are a commissioned salesman, and nothing else. And, you reinvest some of your money back? Was that supposed to be a slap? We're not impressed. We know exactly how 'businesses work because we actually own them, lock, stock, and barrel, savvy?

      Sheesh, these young'uns are too much.


    4. LJ investment inc. DBA Amway of LakemoorJune 6, 2014 at 4:43 PM

      Amway doesn't set the price, I choose the mark up. The amway corporation can read these comments if they want. They don't have any more power over me than the Microsoft corporation. One of the guys in my orginization is a super smart go-getter who makes 20k/month. Through his help I'm on my way there too.

    5. LJ investment inc. DBA Amway of LakemoorJune 6, 2014 at 1:20 AM Okay, let me try again: You sell products created and marketed by Amway, you never invested $500,000.00 to buy into their company, you have a business ‘license’ you renew every year with Amway, you have no benefits-package (sick days, vacation days, paid holidays), you have no health insurance provided by Amway (and your $30.00 check every month won’t help you cover this), and last but not least-you don’t have a 401k or an IRA or any other pension-plan provided to you by Amway because there is no such residual income in Amway (yes, residual income is a pension-plan guaranteed to you by any company for your years of service with them, so as long as you complete a vesting process as part of a selective program-I had something like this in one of my jobs).

      Yes, Amway does tell you what to sell because if you come up with your own products or services, you can’t work for them anymore. Yes, you can go on vacation whenever you want…out of your own pocket! Amway pays for nothing (again, that $30.00 check you get in the mail every month won’t help you cover this…I’m sure you have a J.O.B that pays for everything including Amway). Let me guess, you think buying from your own store is reinvesting, or buying tickets to some convention, or paying for Communikate! Investing is when you use a part of your fortune (wealth) to form an alliance with a company (or to create a company too). For example, I invested $600,000.00 in Nike back in the early 60’s. Due to the company’s incredible boom, I have a return on my investment that I manage carefully (yes, I come from an affluent family). I invested in other companies as well; all have given me incredible returns! What I’m trying to say is, you have to have a specific amount of money before you can call it an investment. However, even though I invested, I never stopped working. Investments are just that, they’re capital you could possibly lose but should not affect you in the least. I designed my own products and services, and then I marketed my products and services using my face and name, because they were MY products and services, and it was MY company. The only way for me to FIRE myself is…if my business goes under, or I have to sell! Amway can revoke your license whenever they choose to. I’ve had jobs before, but there’s just some nagging feeling inside me that forces me to create things and come up with new ideas (and I have the money to get the circus rolling)! Like-minded individuals are not people you recruit; they are people of great wealth wanting a favorable return.

      Please, stop making the REAL business people look bad! Your Amway license just gives you the permission to sell Amway products and services. You’re nothing but a sales-person from Jewels-Osco handing me a salsa-and-chip sample to taste. You will never walk the beaches of the world for the rest of your life, you will never own a home in a gated community (no estate or mansion either), you will never wake up after 11am with nothing to do, and you will never stop selling for Amway. YOU are Amway’s residual income, YOU pay for THEIR permission to do it, you JUST recruit others to sell Amway and buy Amway. You are nothing but a failure dreaming yourself a success with an empty wallet and a blindfold over your eyes.

      Please, do us all a favor and get lost in the desert, or get run-over by an Amway truck! You have no idea what a business is, and you will never have your own business. You are where you belong; Amway is a place for those with big dreams but no future. Amway is a detention hall for the ones with a low IQ, for people with no names like you. Some intelligent people get caught in the Amway frenzy as well, but they drop it soon after they realize they can become true business owners, not just pretend. You will never get out…EVER!

    6. LJ - why don't you try selling Amway products for what they're worth a dollar or 2 and see how that works out. Oh you can't? Would that be because your boss sets the price and not you?

    7. Thanks Anonymous. Good advice but a brainwashed ambot won't believe the truth coming from outside sources.

  3. Poor bugger, I'll bet he's hungry and needs a Snickers...


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