Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Amway Diet – Trim, Body Key, Healthpointe…..

Liz says: I got talked into trying Amway's Healthpointe 2.0 program for weightloss. Stupid, stupid, stupid! They get you to buy the program ("You can't put a price on your health!") for about $80AU but I didn't realise how much it was really going to cost me until I went shopping for the basic recommended stuff and walked out of the Amway Business Centre with an extra $600 charge to my credit card. And that was just for 4 weeks supply (of a 6-8 week program), not including the meat, fruit, veggies and other groceries for the meals that you won't replace with a protein bar or protein drink. (Oh but I racked up a lot of PV's for it, much to the delight of my upline. BTW I only got like a $24 cheque back for all that, yay!)

As for the program itself, I was totally committed to making it work because it was so damned expensive! I could have paid a whole year's gym membership for that money. Unfortunately, despite all my determination (and all that money) I gained 5kg then lost 4kg of it over the 2 months on the program. I consider it a big fail... but lesson learnt.



We’ve touched on Amway’s diet plan a few times in the past, mostly to poke fun at the speakers on the stage who are walking advertisements Trim does not work so I thought I’d take a closer look at it. Amway has recently changed the name to Body Key by Nutrilite. So call it any name you want. Amway’s diet/weight loss program seems to have the same success rate that Amway IBO’s who actually make money do – less than 1% success rate.

Ambot’s sponsor Captain Fuck Up claimed to be on Trim and was losing weight so Ambot decided to try it. Or more accurately, buy it but not try it. I found this Amway Trim Advantage binder way up high in the cupboard behind where I store spare cookie tins. I doubt Ambot ever opened it. It has several sections in there - Meal Plans, Recipes, Exercises. At the back is a CD. Like we need another fucking Amway CD! Its called the Trim Advantage Body System. Never opened. Can we get a refund? Unlikely. Into the garbage it goes, the best place for Amway shit unless its being flushed down the toilet but this was too big.

There’s an introduction letter at the front of the binder’s contents and then a commitment to optimal health “contract” that the IBO is supposed to sign. And here I say IBO because its unlikely that a person who was not an IBO would spend the hundreds of dollars needed to get going on the Trim Advantage diet plan. Cheaper to sign up with just about any other diet plan or gym and get personal support. What do you do with the contract after you sign it. Give it to your upline Platinum so he can mock you in board plan meetings if you’re not losing weight?

Right behind the commitment contract is a page titled “Plan Ahead” with the Amway products you need to stock up on. Nutrilite Vitamins:

CLA 500 - $80 (prices rounded to nearest dollar, prices have probably increased)

ProDigest  - I can’t find it on Amway’s web site so I don’t know if the name changed or if the product was discontinued - last known cost $60.

Chromemate - As above, can’t find it - last known cost $45

Digestive Enzyme Complex - $50


Below that a paragraph that says “Keep Your Commitment - Stock Up on Favorites”:

Trim advantage Protein Bars

Chocolate Delight - $25

Mixed Berry Smoothie - $20

Nutrilite Protein Powder - $30


I looked on Amway’s website to find this binder thing that we have in the house and the big thing I discovered was that Amway has changed the name from Trim. The diet plan is now called Nutrilite Weight Management Program. I found their Better Balancer Program kit which I believe may be similar to what Ambot purchased a few years ago. It costs $250. I seem to recall Ambot paid over $200 for the system and in addition to this binder full of “important” information it included a box of food bars and meal replacement powdered drink.

So just to get started buying all of the above plus that binder and CD’s – over $500. Wow!

Now lets check out the Amway meal plan in the binder. The first few pages talk about dieting stuff that you can find for free in the library or on the Internet such as drink water, serve meals on smaller plates, choose low fat products when grocery shopping, etc.

Let’s look at Day 1 meal plan:

Breakfast: Trim Body System Berry Vanilla Shake. I won’t give the whole recipe but the Amway product needed to make it is Nutrilite Protein Powder ($30) which may have already been purchased if you followed the above rules and stocked up.

Snack: 1 bag Trim Advantage Crunch Zone Snack Chips. Can’t find it on their web page but if I recall correctly it came in a box and had 2 different flavors and cost around $60 and this was for like 10 bags of chips in each flavor. At this snack time you also get a cup of vegetable juice. Horror of horrors. You need to go to the grocery store for that one because they’re not slinging an Amway product.

Lunch: Apple and cheddar salad. There’s a recipe. No Amway products. Sucks to have to go to the grocery store again!

Snack - Trim Advantage Meal Replacement Bar - $25 for a box.

Dinner - Beef Stir Fry - there’s a recipe, no Amway products. 2/3 cup Uncle Ben’s instant whole grain brown rice,  1 cup skim milk.

That’s over $100 of Amway products to have on hand just for Day 1. I won’t bore you with the rest of the week. Does anyone wonder if Uncle Ben is getting a kick back from Uncle Dickie?

Does anyone else see a problem here besides the cost? What about at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day? Let’s throw that out the window, though there is about 3 servings in their recipes for lunch and dinner. Oh wait. What the hell do you need to eat fruit and vegetables for? Amway has a vitamin for that. $40.

Obviously this is a ploy by Amway to sell more overpriced products to IBO’s who feel they need to lose weight.

Amway is hardly the only company out there to flog a diet system using their products.

There are lots of diet programs out there ranging from fees to use the program to purchasing the program’s meals and supplements. It looks like Amway’s plan is the most expensive for what you get. It offers no support, no individual counselling (ha ha counsel with upline!), no discussion forums, nothing. Just pay your money, buy the overpriced shit, and hope for the best.


Yup just another scam diet program run by scammers.


  1. I would have complained to my credit card company about the 600 extra unauthorized charge. I got a deal at YMCA and cost me only 20/month for a yr. Being charged 600 by Amway would make me sick to my stomach

    1. Then she would have lost out on that whopping $20 commission! Unlike Amway the Y isn't trying to scam you!

  2. Hey there Anna, Osuwariboy here,

    I must admit I was very happy last tuesday when my girlfriend chose NOT to attend one of Amway's functions. It was blazing hot and none of the people she knew were going anyway so she said "Fuck that, I'm staying home". So yeah, the almighty Amway defeated by the weather lol!!!

    Also, out of morbid curiosity, I took the plan and decomposed it to see how many people actually made money out of this whole venture. Our variant is the 9-6-3, so here we go:

    Level 1: 1 * 1 = 1
    Level 2: 9 * 1 = 9
    Level 3: 6 * 9 * 1 = 54
    Level 4: 3 * 6 * 9 = 162
    Total number of people: 162+54+9+1 = 226

    Now let's assume the (totally unrealistic) scenario where everyone makes 100PV (i.e. spends 300$). Here's how the money will flow:

    Level 1: (0.25 * 67800$) -12150 = 4800$
    Level 2: (0.18 * 7500$) - 432 = 918$
    Level 3: (0.06 * 1200$) - 27 = 45$
    Level 4: (0.03 * 300) - 0 = 9$

    This essentially means that 216 people out of 226 OPERATE AT A NET LOSS!!!! That's 95% of the entire organization!!! Also, if you total all of the losses from the bottom two levels, you end up with a loss of 60912$. That's A LOT of money burned in order to allow 10 people to make 10062$.

    So yeah, Amway = designed for failure.

    Have a nice day everyone.


    1. Hi Osuwariboy. I hope she misses a few more functions and can escape completely. Stop confusing me with all those numbers. Thats why the great Amway god created ambots - to confuse everyone throwing numbers around. But you're right most will lose money except for those at the top of the pyramid.

    2. Hey there Anna,

      Sorry about the number things, didn't really mean to actually confuse anyone as I tried my hardest to make things clear ;). But hey, I just found another enemy of the almighty Amway to add to insufferable weather: basic maths lol.


    3. Add in the cost of functions, voicemail and standing orders and they all lose money except for maybe the one platinum,

    4. No matter which way the numbers are tossed around the IBO is always losing money.

    5. Osuwariboy, you are a GENIUS. Thank you.

  3. There's lots of online diet assistance with meal plans and support forums that are free. People in Amway won't promote those because the commission they got off free is ----- ZERO!

    1. Better advice for free beats shelling out the big bucks for shitty advice from Amway!

  4. Had a distributor from lifestyles Intl a Mlm years ago try to recruit me. The bars and cookies where 3-4.00 each for weight loss. They also had this herbal intra which tasted like maple syrup which cost 40.00 a bottle. I found similar bars at Costco for 1.00 each. Heard many of there distributors had garage full of cookies,bars,shakes and drinks. These same people where also in Amway. They now jump program to program.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I think just about every MLM person who is a "serious business builder" loads up on inventory and stores the shit in their garage. Its an MLM violation to do that but of course people in Amway have no problem lying and breaking the rules. There were assholes in our upline had so much Amway shit in their garage they couldn't get a car in there and others who had a room stacked high with Amway boxes stored in there. In Amway you're forced to buy at least $300/month in overpriced shitty Amway products to be eligible for a commission check. But usually they'll buy more than that if their credit card has room because some asshole further up the Amway upline needs to meet a goal and all the little ambot slaves must purchase more shitty overpriced Amway products they'll never use so they have to cram them into any available spot in their house. Agree you can buy similar products at Costco for way cheaper and they're better quality and taste better too.

  5. I'm not going to say that you're a quitter or anything but the fact that you're going to go and bag out a company that has been around of over 50 years (clearly making it not an MLM or pyramid scheme - because they can never last that long due to government stuff) shows to me that you really have not done your research. First of all, Health Pointe was created and developed by the Lindora Clinic in California; Amway has just acquired this to their system in the actual want to help those looking for a program that actually works. It's been proven to be the best 'Health and Lifestyle Changing programme' on the market and the only reason Amway adds in the Nutrilite products to this is because of how nutrient filled they are, if you would actually go to the places were they make the vitamins and to their farms which are completely organic; you would see just how much attention is paid to making them extremely good for you. Nutrilite (Nutriway) actually takes you through and shows you just how they make the vitamins (no other company would do this) also, Nutrilite has been around for over 80 years being developed by a man who realised that by combining the iron from a rusty nail and the green leaves outside his jail cell, he was able to keep himself along with his fellow jailed people healthy and strong. Clearly you haven't done thorough research because if you had you would know all this and wouldn't bag out a company focused on health and wellness... also you don't need to buy the protein bars or any of the amway products, you can go to the store and buy from a supermarket if thats what you prefer (so many do this and the program still works for them) the option to buy the protein bars are there for people who actually want to save money or get money back (a supermarket doesn' t do that). Also if you would read the contents of the protein bars that Amway provide you would realise just how full of nutrients and protein they are, where as the ones at the supermarket will generally be full of chemicals and all or more carbs than protein, that yes can still help but aren't exactly as good for your body. Because Amway products and Nutrilite products are so full of so much nutrients and organic fruits and vegetables and herbs and flowers and all, this is the reason that they are a bit more expensive than a bar or vitamin at the supermarket or pharmacy. My point is only that you have obviously not done your research; because if you had, this page would not exist.

    I don't care nor mind if you do not publish this, as long as you actually take the time to read through it and maybe even research what i've been talking about. Just have a look around at the actual facts! Not what other people have said or have 'experienced'.

    I hope that you took something good away from this. I am extremely passionate about health and well being and Nutrilite is especially a part of this passion. It saved me from having multiple operations.

    also, sorry if I ever offended you, as that was not my intention. Thank you for taking your time to read through this, i look forward to hearing you reply.

    1. Anonymous - you don't consider the woman's true experience of being on Amway's Healthpointe and her true life story that the only thing she lost was her money as "research". You don't consider me opening up Amway's binder on the formerly named Trim program, listing out the recipes and Amway purchased ingredients and prices and our own personal experiences as "research"?

      Well FUCK YOU and your narrow minded attitude, you fucking little Amway bastard.

      And then you show up here with your canned Amspeak where you spout off lies and bullshit. Your "research" consists only of repeating the lies the assholes in your Amway upline tells you? Have you even looked at the product list on Amway's Nutrilite products and analyzed them? If so you wouldn't be here making an asshole out of yourself because there are synthetic products in there! Kind of blows your whole "grown on organic farms" bullshit down the toilet, don't it?@! LOL!!!

      An Amway Nutrilite employee who was really fucking pissed off at his boss showed up here to dish the dirt on their "organic" vitamins. On another blog a scientist was dissecting the synthetic products on Amway's so called "organic" Nutrilite vitamins. An employee from Amway Nutrilite who was not pissed off at his employee joined in the discussion and basically said you got it right. We use those synthetic products and then the whole discussion turned scientific and boring.

      So what you believe those fucking assholes in your Amway upline when they brainwash you to believe their lies about how all Amway Nutrilite products are organically grown on farms in remote locations that the general public has never heard of or would have any reason to travel to like the middle of the Mongolian dessert or the darkest part of the Amazon jungle. Missing the important part that if they are that would mean the farms are tended to by slave wage laborers! And you know how fucking pissed off slave wage earners are at the big bad American corporations who can't pay them a decent wage? Do you know how they retaliate? By spitting, pissing, and shitty on the crops! That's all they got. This is 3rd world countries where sanitary conditions aren't the same as they are here. And the legal disciplinary system isn't the same. You can be sure if someone caught you pissing on their orange tree in California the cops would be called. People get e coli from contaminated food. And how does that food get contaminated? From unsanitary conditions. Would you eat a melon from another country? Would you drink tap water in Mexico? No? So why the hell would you buy any plant product that originates in a country where sanitary conditions are not the best? Dumb fuck!

      If you actually gave a shit about your health you wouldn't be using Amway products.

      So don't come here with your high and mighty Amway attitude and bitch at us that we didn't do our research. Our research is our personal experiences that we have lived ourselves! Our personal experiences is finding out we were lied to by the fucking assholes in our Amway upline. Our personal experiences are the financial and emotional distress brought on by being inside the Amway cult. So don't you DARE say we didn't do our research when we lived our research!

      And you wonder why Amway has such a bad reputation. Just look around you at the next Amway meeting for that answer.

    2. That Scambot should do his own research instead of showing up here to repeat lies he heard from the last Amway conference he attended. You're coming across as an Amjerk buddy.

    3. Anonymous - he can't help himself. The job description for an Amway ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear. In other words, pretty much the same description as an all round asshole.

    4. My mistake, i didn't intend to offend you or anything, was simply stating facts that i found out myself, i don't have an upline, therefore got no one to tell me whats wrong or right or to 'lie', 'deny, 'distract' and 'defend'. I've never even heard that use of terminology or words like it being used anywhere around Amway.
      Also, my wife was on health pointe, she lost 12kgs and is now in a healthy weight range of 50-55kgs; she has been able to maintain this for a few years now, so i know for myself that it works; mind you we didn't buy all the products that they asked us to buy yet we still found it successful.
      I'm not going to attempt to convince someone like you who is so convinced that its the 'bad' deal or any others who are here, but you can go fuck me all you like chicky babe, i really don't care.
      Yes, the nutrilite products contain a bit of synthetic products in them so that they don't go bad or whatever. But they are like the most legit on the market. Unlike your blackmores shit.
      Also the farms aren't somewhere 3rd world so there is no one to leave shit on it. And these people, have they given proof that they worked there? They could just be an angry little shit head like your self stealing identification, saying they have worked there. Sorry but its fact that lots of people in the world might do that. Identity theft im talking about.
      Also, so where are your fruit and veg coming from then love? The farm next door? That throws pesticides on them? or from Asia or somewhere overseas that still uses pesticides and has the fumes and shit entering them equalling 0 goodness anyways..?
      Last but not least, if Nutrilite saved my life from possible death, operations, asthma, and stops me from getting sick and makes me actually feel great; please explain how theyre full of shit.
      I get that your experience with Amway and Nutrilite has been atrocious and horrible but look around you, a lot of people have found extreme satisfaction with this company, have gone on massive holidays and live in amazing houses and drive sick cars, im just saying everyone finds satisfaction in different things. and i don't see the need for you to have made a website to dedicate to being so negative about it.. but anyways, i appreciate that you took the time to read and respond with such a lengthy message. I hope your life is going well.

    5. Hi Anonymous. Didn't expect to see you again.

      If the program works for your wife then that's great. I'm sure you know that not all weight loss programs work the same for every person, your wife has probably tried many weight loss plans over the years. One person will get great results - like your wife - and another person will only lose their money not pounds, like the woman whose comment was what this article was based on. Also if your wife isn't buying the Amway products then she's not following the Amway diet program is she. There are lots of websites that offer free weight loss plans and people loosely follow them, tweak them to what works for them. But when the Amway diet plan is based mainly around buying Amway products and your wife very wisely isn't - well there's your answer. A loosely based plan is what works for her.

      Obviously where you're being told Amway's farms are located and where the Amway cult leaders preached to us that Amway's farms are located are widely different. Like the difference between 3rd world countries and modern western nations. It comes down to which Amway liar might have been in the right region. They're all making up the shit. Synthetically produced in laboratories in the USA is my guess which is as good a guess as any.

      When visitors come to this blog we can look up their location, shows the ISP, city, country, etc. When someone from Amway comes to this blog it shows as Alticor the parent company, and usually either Ada or Grand Rapids, and very occasionally another Amway location. So when someone leaves a comment and we decide to go and look where they're from - and by the way most of the time we just don't give a shit and don't look! - and it says Alticor then I think we can safely assume its an Amway employee. Or someone spoofing the Alticor info though why anyone would want to do that is beyond sanity. For example someone from Alticor in Ada has already been to this blog this morning. As for your location, very rarely does anyone from your country visit so that's why I remember. One can only hope the lack of your fellow countrymen visiting this blog has to do with Amway doesn't have a good foothold there. Plus the city you live in has a cool name so I sort of remembered that. Do I care? Not really. Just due to one of the bananas on this blog having a stalker that we check locations of angry ambots and record anything suspicious. Sorry to disappoint you but you don't rate that high! I also know the other post you left a comment on a few minutes after you wrote the comment here, and will be going there to respond in a couple of minutes.

      We have some fruit bearing plants in our yard. And no we don't use pesticides. Apparently we don't have produce chomping insects, same as many other locations. Not everywhere has insect infestations and requires pesticides. We buy from markets and sometimes go to a persimmon farm that we like. I'm sure we're no different than others when it comes to buying produce. I very rarely buy produce from other countries due to quality control. Buy American! People wash their fruits and vegetables before using them, wash off the pesticides. Not everyone is freaked out about that stuff.

      Thank you my life is going well, I lead a pretty nice life, and it can go only get better - right. I know it sure got better when we stopped wasting time and money on Amway. So I hope that happens for you too one day and your life will be so much better than it is now.

  6. "but the fact that you're going to go and bag out a company that has been around of over 50 years (clearly making it not an MLM or pyramid scheme - because they can never last that long due to government stuff) "

    What a stupid statement. Amway, like other pyramid schemes, gets around the "legal" definition by having products, but the truth is more sales are to actual Amway salespeople themselves since they are horribly over-priced and thus the general public (except for pity purchases from family) aren't interested. So the Ambots are encouraged to recruit, recruit, recruit others to join in the scheme and they are encouraged to recruit, and so on and so forth. And thus the pyramid consisting of downline self-consuming the products. And since, like all pyramids, the only folks who make money are those at the tippy top of the pyramid, people keep dropping out because they lose too much money to the scam.

    Just because it's been around for 50 years doesn't mean shit. It just means they are good at scamming. The mafia has been around for like 100 years. Does that automatically make them "legit" and "honest"?

    1. Anonymous - you'll never convince an Amway ambot he said something stupid. That's because according to a brainwashed ambot's mind its the rest of the world that's stupid.

      Yup Amway is barely a legal pyramid scheme because they sell actual products. But they only sell them to the ambots who are part of Amway's buying club under the pretend game that they're "business owners" who buy from their own store. LOL!

      Right on about the mafia! They've been around at least twice as long as Amway, make more money, and probably leave as much financial and emotional devastation in their wake as Amway does. Which one has left more dead bodies behind?

  7. I agree with you; this is one of the best weight management resources I have seen in your blog. By the way A Foolproof, Scinence-Based Diet that's 100% Guranteed to Melt Away 12 t0 23 Pounds of Stumbborn Body Fat in Just 21- Days !!! Click Here To Download Book For Weight Loss Program.

    1. Hey songshit. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know that Amway ambots aren't the only ones seriously fucked in the head? Did you even read this post where we make fun of Amway's weight loss system. And then you agree with me like I think this shit works. Dumb fuck. Take your scam somewhere else.

  8. Wow!!! The only thing I've learned from reading these posts is that Amway people seem well educated and speak professionally. It seems that those not in Amway are uneducated, crude speaking, and ill mannered. I think I may check into Amway!!! Thank you

    1. Wow! Check into Amway? LOL! I think you already signed up to Scamway! Sure sign of an Amway loser is they show up here screeching about the rest of us aren't educated. Amway Ambot paranoia over educated and uneducated like only Amway losers are obsessed with that. If you want to see how educated fucking Amway assholes are then read some of the posts titled 100 ways Amway Ambots say negative.

    2. To Anonymous of May 30, 9:37 AM --

      Amway people are "well educated" and "speak professionally"? What planet are you from, pal?

      Nearly every time a pro-Amway asshole shows up at this website, he can barely compose an English sentence. Why don't you read a few of the other threads that are archived here, and see for yourself?

      But oh no -- you're just visiting here to read a two-year-old thread on the Amway diet plan. You just found this blog by chance, and you're not in Amway.

      You're a fucking liar. You know damn well (as we all do) that you are already signed up in Amway. Why else would you be visiting this blog, and leaving pro-Amway comments?

      If you're going to lie, it's best to do it intelligently, not stupidly and clumsily. You're a stupid liar.

      Have a nice day.

    3. LOL. I wonder if that Amway loser will be back to read this. LOL!


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