Monday, July 28, 2014

High Price Tag on Laundry Soap Does Not = High Quality!

An Amway ambot dropped by to leave a comment that is typical of any Amway IBO – lies. In this case the ambot claims that consumer reports say that Amway’s laundry soap SA8 is the best out there. I asked him – and yeah I’m pretty sure it’s a him, all women know SA8 is not as great as Amway ambots claim it is, which consumer reports that would be and that’s the last I heard from that Amway asshole.


That’s the thing with people in Amway and their constant spouting off lies and bullshit. Once they’re asked where this information is available their reaction is to lie, deny, distract, defend, and disappear. This Amway ambot is just repeating/duplicating the lies he heard from other Amway assholes. They lie about the quality of Amway products and their rating in consumer reports and because none of it is true they can’t back it up with magazine name and date or a web link where a consumer panel group study was contracted by a reputable company such as a national magazine or TV station. Not talking a web page where someone lists their personal preferences as opposed to a website with actual case studies and real people – not Amway ambots – participated in a test market.


Anyone can have an opionion. An Amway ambot’s opinion on Amway products is that they’re the best out there. The rest of the world who aren’t brainwashed Amway IBO’s sees the truth about Amway products – overpriced, substandard , shitty products. There are similar products that can be purchased for much less money at grocery and big box stores. So just because some Amway cult leader is yapping from the stage that Amway’s SA8 laundry detergent is the best out there and rated the best with consumer reports doesn’t mean its true. Ask which reporting company and the Amway cult leader will screech at you to never question upline. The reason you can’t question upline is because they’re full of shit.


Occasionally some Amway asshole will show up here and point to a blog where someone has listed their top 10 products – lets just say laundry soap – and Amway is at the top. Lets think about this you dumb fuck. Someone who is an Amway IBO wrote that top 10 list and they can put anything they want on it.


No different than if I posted the top 10 ice creams in the USA. Those would be my opinion and my personal preferences. Just cause I like a certain brand or maybe I work for them  and want to support them doesn’t mean the next guy who reads the list is going to agree. Probably has different order of their favorite ice creams. Also doesn’t mean my list is going to match consumer magazines lists or a list put together by a reputable company after doing consumer panel testing.


As we all know Amway ain’t a reputable company and Amway IBO’s are not reputable.


When ambots leave the cult, all of a sudden Amway products aren’t the best of the best anymore or they would keep buying them.


So what do people really think about SA8 legacy of clean laundry soap? Its laundry soap. Does the same job as any regular laundry soap. Go to Walmart. Laundry soap under $10. Amway’s prices? $40 to $50 depends on whether you buy powder or liquid soap. Legacy of clean? Its gets clothes no cleaner than laundry soap that can be bought for a quarter or a fifth of the price that are sold everywhere else. It doesn’t do some super spectacular job of clean.


I’ve used Amway’s laundry soap and then I went back to Tide when we got out of the Amway cult. Tide does a better job at getting clothes clean at a fraction of Amway’s cost. A Google search shows links to Good Housekeeping. Now who would know better than what’s the best anything that needs to be cleaned inside a house than this magazine! And ABC news that refers to Consumer Reports, and the hands down winner is Tide. I usually use Tide but I’m not against buying other detergent when its on sale.


An Amway employee told me she gets free SA8, one of the perks of working here. Does she use it? Nope. She buys Tide. She wants to get her clothes clean! A woman stopped by to say she’s washed her daughter’s bedding numerous times in SA8 and still can’t get the urine smell out. Apparently the kid is a bed wetter, thanks for sharing mom. What do I look like? Advice columnist for bed wetters? I suggested she try Tide to get it clean and if that didn’t work try Gain because its scented and maybe that’ll help cover the pee odor. She could also try Febreeze, new sheets, having her kid wear night diapers. But I mean really how many times is she going to try SA8 before realizing it don’t work.




No matter how much Amway ambots will try to bullshit you into believing that anything from Amway is superior and consumer reports prove it. Which reports is that? That company over in Europe whose name escapes me that Amway pays to have them put their Artistry cosmetics 2nd as the world best prestigious cosmetics. I wonder how much the company who got the number 1 spot paid for that?


Amway = liars and bullshitters.


Step away from those lying Amway assholes!



  1. hi anna, my 4year then-boyfriend broke up with me after our quarrels became more frequent because of amway. finally he said we had different beliefs and we broke up over his amway business. he was also facing some financial issues with his family then.
    7 months later he came back to look for me, said he's made a mistake and that he's quit. he wants to reconcile.
    from the 4 years that we've been together, i know that he is a good person but amway brought out the darkest side to him i've seen. from your experience, do you think that the fact that he could have broken up with me in the first place shows something about his personality or are these people victims of brainwashing? should this be a red flag that i should avoid, or are those who quit able to change and learn from this mistake?

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. As you witnessed first hand when a person joins the Amway cult their dark evil side comes out. They become hateful people insulting everyone who doesn't support their "business" making snide remarks and generally alienating everyone in their life. Its just horrifying the people they turn into from the brainwashing under the Amway cult leaders. Once a person stops going to Amway meetings, stops listening to CD's, stops buying overpriced shitty products, and stops hanging out with Amway cult members, they deprogram themselves from the brainwashing and basically turn back into the person they were before.

      You did what you had to do to protect yourself emotionally and financially from this evil cult of greed. Amway is all about destroying relationships. There's nothing that gives those sick bastards more happiness than destroying other peoples lives.

      If he's apologized to you, seems to be back to normal, and has cut himself off from everything Amway and you're interested in pursing a relationship with him again, sure start seeing him and see where it goes and see if you can get it back again.

      Amway might be all about destroying relationships but I'm not. Good luck to you!

  2. Anna, did your hubby pay to have his own personalized Amway website? Been noticing ambots and their shitty site. Mainly seen the wwdb ibos. First time seeing it I thought holy fuck this is amateur hour. Can make a better website free online.

    1. Hi Anonymous. We had to pay $50 a month to belong to Amway's cult sect WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards. Part of that $50 included an Amway website that we could personalize ourselves. We didn't do it but yeah I saw the websites that others did and some of them did look pretty shitty. But then again look what they have to work with - Amway products! How could it not look anything but shitty! Ha ha ha!!!

  3. Anna Banana = un-credible anonymous blogger committing defamation of a multi-billion dollar corporation that has helped thousands of people and has donated millions of dollars to charities and causes around the world.

    Yeah...let’s all take this blog seriously. Because that makes sense.

    1. Many business donate to charities. One would like to think its a making a donation to a worthy cause but bottom line is its a good tax write off. Are you trying to bullshit us that Amway is the only company in the world that donates to charities.

      Amway would better off trying to fix it's shitty reputation and taking those millions of dollars and donating them to the people its hurt financially and emotionally. You know divorces, foreclosures, bankruptcy. If Amway actually helped these people out whose lives have been destroyed by Amway or at least by following the bad advice of the fucking assholes in their Amway upline that would do wonders for fixing their bad reputation as a cult and flogger of overpriced shitty products. I'm talking Amway paying for marriage and finance counselling by professionals of the recipient's choosing, and a hard luck fund to help these people get back on their feet after losing all their money to the Amway scam. I'd look more favorably at a company taking this road instead of donating huge chunks of money to organizations who promote what they perceive to be traditional families.

      This blog is just one little piece on the Internet where people come together to talk about how they got fucked over by Amway and the abuse they took from the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. There are stories just like this all over the Internet. Don't like what you're reading? Then hop on the Amway truck and take a one way trip out of here.

      • ──────▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▌
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    2. Umm ever notice there aren't any new diamonds in your group? Maybe they take incredible people like us seriously lol. Only notice over weight dean Whalen as new diamonds in north america in 5+ yrs. Only growth happening is outside of north America. Till these other countries catch on with how much a scam Amway and these groups are. Maybe if you're a brown east Indian in bww you might make diamond and pull in some temporary decent income.

    3. They'll never notice there are no new diamonds in their group but that doesn't stop them from bragging about the hundreds of new diamonds every year!

    4. I noticed Leonard Kim and Esther Kim claiming on stage and their success stories. They never knew the business side of any of this and they where just customers for 10+ yrs. I say they bullshitted but for years didn't build anything in north america. But once Korea opened up. They found out about the business end and goes over there building a crown ambassador business. Unless you're opening up a new market and have connections. There's little chance you'll ever make it. Just look at the low amount of new diamonds in wwdb.

    5. Hi Anonymous. Not if you listened to all the brainwashed ambots who show up here bragging wwdb is breaking hundreds of diamonds every week! Ha ha ha ha!!!!

    6. Anna, heard wwdb are changing their tune. Emerald is where this business is really at. People even tell me platinums get to speak on some events. Before the internet came along. The platinums never had any voice at events. Back in the early 90s u gotta be ruby just to work the doors. Also emerald wasn't thought as highly as it Is today.

    7. I have no idea what bullshit they're slinging at Amway meetings these days. The Platinums spoke at some events when we were inside the Amway cult. But you never heard any of them saying they were going Emerald. They were all going Diamond! Skip that one step! I've never thought very highly of an Emerald. Just another lying scamming Amway asshole. Who only makes about $2 - $3k/month according to reports from former Emeralds who left Scamway.

  4. TJ investments DBA Amway of LakemoorJuly 30, 2014 at 11:33 PM

    Everyone knows the products are poor Anna. (Except xs energy. I think that might have cocaine or something in it... Works so well) If you were trying to sell the products no wonder you were blown out. Sell the hope not the soap!

    1. TJ - thanks for admitting that Amway products are poor. Most ambots won't be that truthful. Amway ambots brag about how their high quality in their minds only. And aren't you supposed to have a certain amount of customers in order to be eligible for a commission check from Amway? There's all kinds of criteria to be eligible but the upline just says fake it till you make it. Someone who actually knows the Amway business will probably chime in. I'm more about cursing out the assholes in the Amway upline.

      Yup. Sell the hope not the soap!

    2. TJ investments DBA Amway of LakemoorAugust 3, 2014 at 1:45 AM

      Eh, the rules about customers are enforced as aggressively as aggravated jaywalking laws.

    3. TJ investments DBA Amway of LakemoorJuly 30, 2014 at 11:33 PM

      WOW, you’re admitting Amway products are low-quality! You know, you should be careful, as being an Amway Independent Business Owner means defaming Amway products might get you canned. You might want to take that back while you still can, that’s if they’re not aware of your postings here.
      You know, being completely honest, if Amway was just another Avon, I might not have too much of an issue with its business practices. I remember buying from the Avon catalog a good while back and it seemed a hassle-free industry, at least to me. However, Amway is just too overbearing in its business structure. Most of the time their purpose isn’t really clear, the company is marketed poorly, and they can’t seem to shake away their past dealings with the law. Most if not all of the IBO’s I come into contact with are not trained to accommodate a professional business experience. Their products are not evaluated properly into an appropriate market value.

      I have a few friends in this Amway system, and they seem to sell some of the products at some point, but rapidly recruit their few customers in order to sell them the convention tickets, charge hotel-fees & bus fees, meeting fees…ect. Most of the products everyone tries to sell at some point but eventually all they end up selling them at the end is the system itself. How is this a company if all you’re selling is someone’s point of view about the business world? It’s like selling me a news paper I can view on the internet for free! I just can’t understand why Amway can’t become another Avon, at least then it would be a bit more accepted by many, and less of an eye-sore.

      Corbin Fisher

      P.S. You know, I kind-of love your blog here Anna! It sort-of lets many vent, and others get informed through past experiences. It is very entertaining to say the least. I find myself having a great experience when dropping by. Thank you for your dedication to this blog, not that I would ever be in such a predicament (at least not of this nature), but it shows you what can happen when some uninformed fool just takes a step too far without examining the path carefully.

    4. TJ - you're correct. Amway and their employees don't enforce their own rules. Nobody cares. Fake it till you make it!

    5. Hi Corbin - thanks for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying the blog. We're a small group of bananas who keep things up and running. And yup entertaining while teaching is the way to go. Keeps people coming back and enjoying the experience of reading this blog, cursing out Amway assholes, and hearing how so many have been hurt by the Amway scam.

      Avon is a whole different story. They say good products at good prices. Something that Amway will never be able to say about themselves! The salespeople, and without being chauvinistic, I'll say most of those people are women, are mostly in it to buy Avon products themselves and then because they're placing an order they'll let their friends, family, coworkers know they have an Avon order going in. They don't make much money but they probably make at least as much as an Amway Ambot makes ($10/month commission) but Avon salespeople don't have the huge overhead that Amway ambots have. They don't have to buy a minimum amount of products. They don't have to attend seminars and meetings, etc etc.

      Ambots have to spend at least $500 - $700 month to belong to the Amway's expensive social club. That includes buying at least 100PV of products each month, membership to whichever cult sect they belong to, Communikate, books and CD's, tickets to meetings and functions, and related expenses.

      As you noted, there is no training in Amway on how to run a real business, but then Amway is a pretend business and they circumnavigate all the steps that professional business owners have to take when setting up shop. Amway makes the ambots believe that they are "business owners" and its all about make belief. In the real world these "business owners" don't have what it takes to run a real business and that might be due to lack of start up money, smarts, ambition, physical or mental handicaps, etc etc. But in Amway they can play pretend business owner and it makes them feel all big and important.

    6. TJ investments DBA Amway of LakemoorAugust 4, 2014 at 9:58 PM

      Anna we seem to agree a lot. Why didn't you make it in the buissness if you seem to have such a good grasp on how it actually works? Knowledge is half the battle. Once you start treating it like a motivational buissness with a product add on to make it legal, you can make a whole bunch of cash.

    7. Come back when you agree that Amway is a shitty business opportunity and the Amway upline are a bunch of fucking assholes.

  5. Just bought laundry detergent for $3 for 32 loads. America's Choice? Everyday Essentials? Whatever the generic brand name, it worked last time. I feel free.


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