Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Qualifications To Get Job At Amway

This blog gets searches from people in the Grand Rapids area looking for how to get a job at Amway Alticor.

The first thought is what kind of scum sucking low life son of a bitch wants to work for a company that is responsible for destroying lives, causing financial distress, bankruptcies, debt, divorces, etc, etc. Then I remember I was watching the news and there was a segment about people who got laid off from their jobs two years ago, three years ago and some of them are desperate to accept any kind of job. So I shouldn’t judge some poor unfortunate soul who is so desperate to get a job that they’d apply to Scamway. Desperation causes people to lower themselves to accept shitty jobs with shitty companies just to get a paycheck.

Here’s a comment left by an Amway employee. A shining example that shows exactly the type of attitude one must have if they want to work for Amway. This is one of Amway’s top employees. This is the best of the best from Amway’s workforce. This is as high up as they get in Amway, employee of the month every month! This is the type of high quality employee that Amway is looking for and the attitude that all Amway employees must have to work there. This top quality Amway employee is the measure of success that all Amway employees must duplicate.

Lmao yu are very pathetic I'm a customer service represative from Amway and yes honey straight from ADA mi while yu failed in our business theirs others reaching diamond platinum level don't blame others for yur failure I help every single day these ibo' s get to the level their at quite frankly I'm happy yur sorryass is not with amway anymore yu were prolly the people who would call in constantly to report they did not recieve orders, items we will never doubt yu and always process replacements were not dumb we no half of these reports are bs but hey were Amway we can do that shit and honey yu want to talk about high prices quality cost my love if yu can't afford it don't join then yu make me laugh with yur dumb posts I did not know ver brainwash people lmao well while u sit here and stress over Amway we will keep doing our thing if yu ever want to chat give us a call yu have our number if yu don't its public honey make sure yu speak with one of us in ADA mi and I really do hope u yu accept my post time to here it from an actual

If you too want to work at the same place as the above poster, here are the qualifications to get a job at Amway:

  1. Ability to be nasty to others
  2. Good at lying
  3. Poor communication skills
  4. Inability to string a sentence together
  5. Don’t give a shit about helping others
  6. Poor problem solving ability
  7. Argumentative
  8. Not looking for long term employment
  9. Arrogant
  10. Must refer to everyone who is not an Amway employee as a loser
  11. Hate talking to people
  12. Inability to use every punctuation key on the keyboard
  13. Spelling skills not needed
  14. No experience necessary and Amway don’t train
  15. Have a rotten personality
  16. Be discourteous to customers (aka IBO’s)
  17. Hate holding down a job
  18. Unhelpful
  19. Enjoy swearing at customers
  20. Inappropriate time management skills
  21. Inability to complete tasks
  22. Ineffective customer follow up
  23. Clock watchers
  24. Rudeness to callers is an asset
  25. No particular desire to move up in the company
  26. Refuse to do anything that requires immediate attention
  27. Following company procedures optional
  28. Strong superiority complex
  29. Not flexible
  30. Ability to effectively convey to the customer how bored you are with them
  31. No sense of humor
  32. Able to push buttons and cause anger and rage in clients
  33. Ability to make people hate you and hate the company

No happy, helpful personality types who actually love their jobs need apply to Amway!!! Lazy ass condescending bastards are absolutely encouraged to apply to Amway. This is your dream job come true!!!



  1. If Amway's so great, why are they working there instead of building the business?

    1. Maybe they're desperate enough to accept a job with a shitty employer but not desperate enough to throw their money away on a scam!

  2. That was the most painful I have ever read.

    1. Anonymous - makes you wonder what Amway's most illiterate employee could come up with!

    2. That's even more pathetic than my English. Very least I have a excuse of being born & raised in China. I wouldn't mind working at Ada. Only if I work in the dept where I can see ibo diamond cheque print outs and see who isn't qualified.

    3. I think Amway recruiters hang around fast food restaurants and hire people who got rejected to clean out the fast food's toilets!

      Due to all the lies and secrecy its hard to know who's a Diamond and who isn't due to Amway's policy they can staill call themselves Diamond if they fall out of qualification for 2 years. Then they just kind of disappear.... Or not. We met a "diamond" couple only to find out it'd been several years since they'd been at that level but they were still pretending and calling themselves "diamonds". Amway reeks of desperation making it attractive to losers.

    4. I sometimes look at the Amway YouTube channel. Where they have diamond club parties on their videos for only qualified diamonds. Its always the same few old faces and occasionally a new face showing up. Only thought was this isn't a big party with many members. Sad to see the same old geezers there

    5. Anonymous - you don't want to do that and get brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders!

      As you've pointed out its the same old faces. Rarely are there new Diamonds and they usually drop out of sight after a couple of years anyway. The old established ones who formed their own cult sects are still around.

      The only Amway videos I watch on Youtube is when I get a link that makes Ambots look like even bigger assholes than they are. Now those ones are worth watching!

    6. Actually the new diamonds seem to drop out of sight at the diamond club videos the very next year lol. The same old geezers are qualified 20 yrs ago.

    7. Yeah that sounds about right. The diamonds at the top of the pyramid can pretty much dictate who goes to their exclusive "club" and blacklist the ones they don't want to have to share in the tool scam money.

    8. They also force or intimidate their downline. To load up on water filters and expensive items if they are close to diamond. This sort of thing usually works only short term. Then they wear the diamond pin for the next 10+ yrs.

    9. Anonymous - they're probably buried in that pin too! LOL!


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