Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Amway Ambots Piss Poor At Handling Negative Situations

How a person reacts to a negative situation reflects on how they handle their business.

Its kind of like karma in a way. Handle a negative situation correctly and it won’t come back and bite you in the ass.

In business a negative situation usually comes in the form of a customer complaint. How well the business owner responds to the complaint is a reflection on how they handle their business. Real business owners want to make the situation right. Make the problem go away. That can involve replacing a bad product with a better one, in a service field it might mean coming back to resolve a situation. I mean if you replaced someone’s toilet and they’re telling you it ain’t flushing you want to make that one right! Sometimes it involves giving a refund.

A pissed off customer can hit the Internet with bad reviews or file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Or write a blog.

There are lots of people online who’ve been involved with Amway and are telling their stories of emotional and financial distress. How does Amway handle the situation? Ignores it. That’s the type of arrogance those fucking assholes have. How do Amway Ambots handle it? They screech and bitch at the writer. They call the writer negative. Or a broke loser. Or they didn’t try hard enough. Or their dream wasn’t big enough. Or they’re an unchristian dreamstealer. Etc, etc. That’s how an Amway Ambot handles negative business situations – badly. That’s a reflection on how Amway Ambots handle their business.

But wait. Being an Amway “Independent Business Owner” LOL!!!!! Is a pretend business.

Depending on a company’s professional response to a negative situation, this can bring them more business. Consumers like to see a company reacting professionally when it comes to dealing with a negative situation.

Silence, ignoring the consumer, not responding to the complaint favorably is not a professional response and likely to drive potential customers to take their business elsewhere where they’ll be treated better.

Screeching and bitching that you’re a negative broke loser unchristian dreamstealer is not a professional response. Though the Amway employees who flood the Internet with unprofessional responses to defend their employer speaks tons about their character and professional business presence. And then they don’t want their boss to know about their unprofessional business behavior so they don’t identify themselves, totally understandable because its really fucking embarrassing to admit you’re an Amway employee! LOL! Current or past. I got to say it again. Its really fucking embarrassing to admit you ever had anything to do with a fucking creepy MLM scam.

So what’s worse? A business ignoring customer complaints or their employees flooding the internet with negative unprofessional responses?

Yup. How a person reacts to a negative situation reflects on how they handle their business and shows their true character.


  1. I just listened to the Tape where the guy says "pigs don't know pigs stink". Holy shit. That's some crazy twisted, silver tongue shit. Despite knowing it's a horrible scam where basically everyone loses tons of money, I felt myself encouraged. That truly, truly is psychological poison.

    1. Nick - that's just another dumb fuck thing that Amway cult leaders say. Really how do they know that pigs don't know pigs don't stink. I don't have to be in Amway to know that Amway ambots stink.

      Everything that Ambots say is crazy twisted silver tongue shit!

      And why are you listening to Amway tapes? You don't want to get brainwashed and have to be deprogramed!

    2. I didn't think I would be able to fall for that shit. I knew it was bunk and bullshit going into it, so I figured I'd see through the bull shit. Well, I wasn't right. I had to keep reminding myself that all those people are losing asinine amounts of money. The guy was persuasive as hell. It was unbelievable.

    3. Nick - I'm sure if you asked most people if they thought they could get sucked into a scam or a cult their answer would be no.

      Amway salesman are right up there with the closers on time shares! In addition to being persuasive and make it sound like everything they say is very logical, they generally are very charismatic. Its no different than people who were drawn to Hitler and Jim Jones.

    4. I'm not saying that I'm somehow "too smart". I'm saying that I was going into it with the understanding that it's a cult and a scam. I've read your blog, and I've read " Merchants of deception", I though that I would see straight through the bullshit, not because I'm a "superior human", but because was privy to the scam, and was educated before listening. THAT'S the reason I didn't think it'd effect me.

    5. I did much the same as Nick. I read this blog, Joecool's blog, other blogs, the book Amway: The Cult of Free Enterprise, and much other research before going to my very first board plan. I thought that I was far too educated to fall for any of this insanity, and I think that was my mistake. I was over confident in believing that I couldn't be tricked.

      They're very slick. On the surface everything makes sense. They present the information in such a way that it seems like all of the opposition is just a bunch of jerks with an axe to grind. They even suggest that anti-MLM bloggers get paid by competing MLMs just to make Amway look bad. They also hide all of the truly dangerous information until you've already signed up.

      It wasn't until I got in and started spending gobs of money every month, started really analyzing the audio, and started noticing that people who had been in this system for far longer than I, far longer than the 2-5 years to riches that we were promised, but were still not making any money.

      Even then it took me 6 months and $8000 (I'm still kicking myself for taking that insanely expensive trip to Spokane, WA) that I finally woke up and realized that I already knew the truth about Amway and WWDB before I signed up. I was just somehow talked into ignoring the truth. It's crazy how that can happen.

    6. Nick - you got scammed by some of the most persuasive liars in the Amway business. These guys could probably convince you that snow isn't white, Bob Hope is the president, and California is on the eastern seaboard. They've mastered the art of manipulation and sounding enthusiastic and sincere and that they're your best friend to the point that others believe their lies. That's the only type of training that ambots get inside Amway. Those are qualities that all good scammers must master.

    7. Hi Anonymous. Sometimes people do their research and still think that everyone else is wrong or didn't have what it takes, and they still go ahead and make their mistakes anyway.

      Amway has got some of the best damn liars, scammers, manipulators, and closers out there.

      People who write about their experiences with Amway might have an axe to grind because they got scammed out of their money but mostly we do it because we want to help others avoid making the same mistake we did and prevent others from going through the financial and emotional distress. I can tell you nobody pays me to do this blog and I don't pay any of the other bananas who help out here. We do this as a public service announcement. Help others, bless others, as ambots would say. Its no different that if you were looking for a cure to hiccups and a bunch of people say chug a glass of water and then do a headstand. Over and over again you see the same advice to get rid of hiccups. Why are all these people sharing what worked for them. A bizarre desire to see how many people they can get to do handstands? Someone pays them $1 for every headstander they can get? Probably not. Just sharing their own personal stories of what worked for them. Or didn't work. There will be people out there who couldn't physically do a headstand.

      Losing $8000 sounds about right for when people figure out they got scammed a few months in. So was that insanely expensive trip to Spokane worth it? Not that its on my radar as a hot tourist destination, was it a better choice than say Las Vegas or Miami?

      You hit the nail on the head. The job of Amway cult leaders is to persuade you into ignoring the truth.

    8. The insanely expensive trip to Spokane, WA was for the Family Reunion event, so no it was not worth it at all. Event tickets for me and my wife were $500, travel $800, and I think food and lodging might have been another $200.

      I did take a very beautiful picture of a waterfall. But it turned out it wasn't worth $1500.

      The event itself was crap. They're always just ridiculous and by the end of the weekend I was sleep deprived enough to truly believe that I was going to go diamond. But reality always sets in a week or so later.

    9. Anonymous - all Amway functions are crap. The same stuff at all of them. I guess they got to change the names every 3 months so Ambots think they're getting something different than the last function they went to.

      Sleep deprivation is a common cult tactic. When people are tired they're willing to agree to just about anything. Including going Diamond. And all the big hoopla and rah rah that goes along with those late night meetings. I avoided them because it would just be a bullshit rehash of every Amway meeting. I'm tired I'm going back to the hotel room. Tough shit on any of you assholes in the upline that don't like that.

      I'm sure your wife has already pointed this out to you, but for $1500 you could have gone to Hawaii and taken photos of some really incredible waterfalls. Or gone to Las Vegas and taken photos of some man made ones! And had a lot more fun in either of those places! And the benefit to the wife of course would be not having to put up with Amway wrecking the vacation.

  2. Wow, I can't believe they can still trick people even after they already know it's a scam. That's scary. Then again, I'd kind of like to go to one of their meetings just to see the craziness and maybe troll them a bit. I had a friend who tried to talk to me about it and I said "Let me stop you there. I don't like sales. I don't even really like talking to people. I definitely don't like talking to people about sales. I do not have the personality for it, and I never will." That seemed to shut him up pretty quickly.

    1. Anonymous - I'm surprised your friend didn't have a canned Amspeak response to that. The Amway cult leaders instruct their followers to say bullshit like "our products sell themselves." Or "this isn't sales. Its a leadership training program through mentorship." Yeah it would be kind of fun to go to an Amway meeting, stand up and yell you're a fucking liar. Or hey, weren't you in that gay porno movie I was watching last night? Or otherwise insult and throw them off.


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