Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can I Find It Cheaper

You know what its like listening to the assholes in the Amway upline brag about their overinflated opinion of Amway’s overinflated shitty products. When Amway Ambots are begging people to buy their shit the most common objection they get is that Amway shit costs too much. The standard Ambot response goes something to the tune of don’t you want to pay more for better quality. Or our high prices reflect the high quality of our products.

Lies and bullshit! But what else do you expect from lying Amway bastards.

There’s a line between quality and using quality to justify why you’re spending more money on something. Brainwashed Amway Ambots use that justification about Amway’s products are priced to reflect their quality. If that was really true Amway’s products would be selling for less than a buck!

Most people have some sort of budget they live by. They know how much money they make, how much things cost at the grocery store, price of gas, cost of water and electric, cable, etc. Some things you can’t control the cost of if there are no competitors. Things like phone and cable there are several companies offering these services so you can shop around for those things. Groceries most people know which grocery stores offer the best prices and most people have a rough idea of the cost of items they often purchase.

And when people go shopping for groceries and clothes and looking at an item they’re thinking of purchasing and maybe they think it’s a little higher priced than they want to pay they think – can I find it cheaper.

Let’s say $100 to buy a one month supply of Amway vitamins. Can I find it cheaper? Sure. I can go to Walmart and buy a 2 or 3 month supply of multi vitamins for $10. Maybe less. Quality? About the same. Amway’s quality is probably lower.

Are those $100 vitamins something you really want to splurge on?

How can I find it cheaper?

Well if it’s a Scamway product and I desperately wanted it look for ex-ambots trying to unload the shit on Ebay.

For the rest of the world’s products I could keep my eyes out for a sale. I love buying quality merchandise when its really marked down. Amway can’t win on that front. They don’t sell quality items and they don’t put their stuff on huge mark down sales.

In addition to can I find something cheaper I have to also ask how much quality do I need or want. In Amway’s corner – nothing! Zero! Shove it up your ass ambots!

Remember that $40,000 handbag Oprah tried to buy in Switzerland a couple of years ago and the sales clerk wouldn’t serve her because of her attitude that a colored woman couldn’t afford to buy such an extravagant item and Oprah hit the media saying she was a victim of racism. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know for sure what happened but how many people really need a $40,000 designer purse no matter what kind of quality it is, or can I find a cheaper purse at Sears for $40. That’s kind of my benchmark price for purses but I do keep an eye out when they go on sale so I can get a better quality purse for cheaper. How much quality do I need or want when it comes to buying a purse? Do I need a higher quality $200 purse or will that one on sale for $40 do its purpose for me. I mean really the stuff a woman puts in her purse isn’t going to change that much whether it costs $40, $200 or $40,000. We put our money in there, our cell phone, our keys, tampons, lipstick, a pen, whatever.

Its like going back to Amway’s $100 “quality” vitamins. How much quality does a person want or need when they’re buying vitamins. Why buy them at all if you can eat foods that give you the same benefits. For example I don’t buy a bottle of Vitamin C when I can eat an orange.

How will this purchase affect my finances? If I overpay for vitamins and spend $100 when I could have spent $10 that would be really fucking stupid. I’ve wasted $90 I could have filled the shopping cart with groceries with the money I saved.

It goes back to how will Amway affect a person’s finances? Amway will cause financial distress. An Ambot will easily spend hundreds of dollars on Amway products and Amway tools. A month. Amway will set a person back financially for years if they took out loans and ran up the credit card while they try to pay that back.

Will Amway take me away from my other financial goals? Yes. Absolutely. For one thing you have to ask permission from the assholes in your Amway upline before you buy anything that doesn’t come from Amway or use money to put in a savings account etc when that money could be spent on Amway related items – so counsel the fucking assholes in your Amway upline. Is Amway putting you behind in saving for your retirement or saving up for a down payment on a house or a car. That would be a big YES!

Have you ever had a hobby that you spent more bucks on that you should have only to figure out a few months down the road that you’ve changed your mind? What was it? Taking belly dancing lessons? You pay the dance studio, buy expensive quality outfits etc and when you decide you’re not into it anymore you’re out all that money. Amway’s the same way. You shell out thousands of dollars and a few months later decide to quit. Playing pretend business owner at Amway will be the most expensive hobby you’ll ever have.

Just because you buy a brand name product does not mean that it’s a high quality product. On the other hand you can buy a generic no name brand that might be excellent quality. For example let’s take Walmart’s brand of dishwasher pucks. They’re the cheapest ones on the shelf and they work the best. At a fraction of the price Amway charges for a similar product and Amway’s dish drops dishwasher soap is the SHITS!!!! I had more dishes and silverware coming out of my dishwasher that I had to rewash again by hand in Amway’s shitty dish drops soap. You know the fucking crap they sell where the bubbles don’t outlast the dishes in the sink. Pure Amway shit!

There’s no point in spending more money on quality. Like Amway. But then one can argue that Amway’s “quality” is the shits.

Either way don’t spend money on Amway!




  1. When the Amway or other MLM pitchmen do their schtick with the marker pen on easel board they only deal with the theoretic possibilities that are so far removed from reality as to be meaningless. Sure, I could possibly buy a single ticket in five different lotteries and pick all six winning numbers on all five tickets but it's not likely. At least it only costs me five bucks, not my life.
    They would never ever draw an actual business plan that details business expenses and time versus the number of new IBO suckers that need to be found, fooled and convinced to keep wasting their time and throwing good money after bad that are needed to actually break even let alone make anything. I LOL when I see these Ambots posting that they make two or three hundred a month extra money selling that crap. They might have just unloaded a couple hundred worth on Ebay that they paid a thousand for a couple of years ago. Another reason not to buy any Amway junk. You have no way of knowing how long it might have been sitting in somebody's garage or basement collecting mold or rat droppings, which seems more appropriate.
    And as for trying to actually retail that crap, when you subtract the Ambots from the population you can divide everyone else into two groups: Those who don't know what Amway is (good luck convincing them to pay twice the price to place an order from a limited product line they're unfamiliar with) and those who hate Amway (who wouldn't have that shitty Amway name in their house if you gave it away. Sorry Ambots if you want your garage back you might need to pay the dump fee.

    1. And that's the thing. When they are doing the drawing of circles, like you said, it's only theoretical and has ZERO reality to it. "If you get six people signed up and they each get six people signed up and so on and so forth for infinity see how now you are making 10 gazillion dollars a month!" What those circles don't tell you is how near impossible it is to get ANY body signed up, let alone the hundreds it would take to perhaps make a profit. And even if one does get someone signed up, keeping them brainwashed to continue losing money month after month after month is a job in of itself. A large portion of victims after 6 months or so will say "fuck this! I don't see how I can EVER make a profit at this rate".

      It's all smoke and mirrors, lies and deception, smiling faces and lovebombing. Can you think of any other business (non-MLM) where recruiting other people IS the business and having to get them "plugged in" to the brainwashing tools is the only way to keep them?

    2. Hi Anonymous - spending $5 on different lottery tickets you'd have a higher likelihood of making some money back than you would in Amway spending hundreds of dollars a month buying shitty overpriced Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam.

      Yup throwing good money after bad is all about being in Amway. Just try not to buy anything that month and the assholes in your Amway upline will be all over you insulting you that they thought you were a "serious business builder" and that you're going Diamond and instead you're a loser who will be broke or dead by the time you're 65. And if you try to quit you'll get the same bullshit, but first they try to cajole you into staying in by saying that success is right around the corner, they can feel it that you're about to go big.

      Collecting mold and rat droppings is just about the only use that Amway products have! Filling up the landfill with Amway shit is generally what happens. So much for the Amway ambot cry that Amway is one of the top 2 environmental companies in the world when their shitty products end up in garbage dumps.

  2. The only people (hucksters) making any decent scratch in Amway are the mind control Tool Goons. They can get up there and draw circles that form the shape of a figure getting nailed in the dumper and the IBO's (I'm Bending Over) cheer with glee because of the Ferrari's and golden toilets adorning mansions were flashed on the screens before the presentation. It's pathetic.

    1. Yup the only way to make money in Amway is by selling tools. Its no different than those ads you see that say make money stuffing envelopes. The only person making money is the one selling the information on how you can place ads just like that one and then make money stuffing information inside that envelope to dupe that guy. Amway is no different than other scams. They're all pathetic. Designed to screw people out of their hard earned money with promises of earning big bucks part time.

  3. The funny thing is that most of the vitamins that are in those supplements ends up being pissed out at the end of the day. So in reality, you really are pissing away hundreds of dollars since those vitamins and essential nutrients won't be absorbed into your system. Just like you said, you can actually get a lot more Vitamin C in your system, fully absorbed, if you eat it through an orange or some other produce. Our bodies are meant to process foods for their nutrients, not just have nutrients handed onto them on literal silver platter (at least with the way Nutrilite costs). Truth be told, one should try one of the cheaper One-A-Day vitamins initially and see if they benefit and if they really want the more expensive stuff, go for something like Nutrilite. But honestly, whenever I had that stuff from Nutrilite, it made me sick. On the Indian website, one of the states in India sued and restricted sales of Nutrilite since they found that they overdo the amount of nutrients in their pills which causes health complications in older people. There is just a thing as having an "overqualified" product if these Ambots are going to mewl on and on about how great and awesome the quality of the health products are.

    1. Crimson - you're quite correct. The best way to get those vitamins in you is to eat them at the source so they're better absorbed by the body, not by artificial synthetic means.

  4. Just found out from a friend that his brother (who I know) was in Amway once. I LOL because I could just visualize him at the meetings thinking about all that $$ and getting a hard on over it, not realizing that the real hard one is 180 degrees opposite the direction he is facing no matter which way he turns.
    Don't think he was in it long though because while he might be greedy, he's not stupid and so he went back to his legitimate and successful business. Still I wonder how many of his clients he lost and how stupid he must feel facing his remaining ones that he undoubtedly tried to suck into the scam.
    Not that it's likely but if he ever pins me against the wall and I want to be an asshole I have a secret weapon to pull on him: "You were in that Amway shit, weren't you?" If I had a list of ex-Ambots I could probably make two or three hundred a month in my spare time blackmailing them: "Give me twenty bucks and I won't tell everyone here you were in Amway." Mow that's some guaranteed income.

    1. Anonymous - LOL! Blackmailing ambots, former and present. Give me $20 a week and I won't tell anyone you're in Amway! LOL!

  5. To the Anonymous lady who left a double header comment on the weekend:

    I'm sorry that you've had to go through the Amway hellhole and how the cult ended your relationship.

    Not to sound callous but your story is so similar to many other stories of woman who are hooked up to an Amway Ambot. Small details change but the bulk of the story is always the same.

    Beware of old friends who reappear in your life and want to tell you about "the business". Notice they avoid saying the A word. That's because its really fucking embarrassing to admit any involvement in Amway because the company has such a bad reputation. You tell people you're in Amway and you get laughed at or someone says isn't that the company where you lose friends and lose money or its a pyramid scheme or its a cult.

    Not sure why Amway ambots go all gaga over Robert Kiyosaki. Maybe he sells his book for a discount to Amway cult leaders so they can jack up the price and sell them to the ambots. Like many Amway ambots he filed for bankruptcy.

    WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards. Nothing makes those bastards happier than destroying other people's relationships.

    You're young. You didn't lose much money or brain cells to the Amway cult. You're young enough to bounce back emotionally, financially, and get yourself into a much better relationship than with some dumb fuck who's a brainwashed member of Amway the Cult of Greed where all ambots must tithe and worship the Great Amway God. You deserve a better life than putting up with a broke Amway loser who will never put you first in his life. Your life would be nothing but emotional and financial distress, ending the relationship and probably ending in bankruptcy. You deserve better than to have an ugly sneering sarcastic Amway ambot in your life who will constantly be criticizing you because your views differ from his beloved Amway cult leader.

    If you haven't already done so download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception, there's a link on the right side of this page under More Information About Amway. You will thank your lucky stars that you dodged the bullet on this one!

    Amway survivors unite! We don't need no stinking Amway cult followers in our lives!

    Now what do you want to do about your story? Would you like it in an upcoming post? We can change details, your age, how you met, etc. Everything else is pretty much the same story as every other ambot's wife.

    Just leave a note here that we won't publish. Sign it with the name you used in your comment so we know its you and not the Amway Masturbator or some other Amjerk fucking around.

    And if not, good luck in your life. It can only get better now that you're not putting up with fucking Amway assholes anymore!


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