Monday, February 9, 2015

My Husband Is Married To Amway

“My husband is married to Amway!” Those could be my words but instead someone found their way to my blog by Googling my husband is married to Amway.


Been there done that. The resulting baby is a blog called Married to an Ambot!


Its a horrible helpless feeling when your husband is married to Amway which also means he’s married to the assholes in his upline. There was a time when your husband vowed to love honor and cherish his wife. Unfortunately when he signed up with the Amway cult he stopped loving honoring and cherishing his wife and he now loves honors and cherishes Amway and the Amway assholes in his upline.


The Amway cult group we were part of WWDB is better referred to as World Wide Destructive Bastards because all the assholes in this cult want to do is destroy other people’s lives.


The first thing the assholes in your husband’s Amway upline want to do is drag the wife into the cult. If the wife is also brainwashed then its easier to convince both of them to spend hundreds of dollars each month buying shitty overpriced Amway products, buy CD’s and books, and attend every Amway meeting and function.


If the wife is like me they probably attend some so they’ve got some idea of the creepy brainwashing worshipping shit that goes on at Amway cult meetings.


If the wife is like me and can’t stand the fucking asshole that sponsored them into Amway she’s not too likely to show up anywhere - whether it be an Amway meeting or a Rolling Stones concert - if that fucking asshole is planning to be there.


If the wife is like me and can’t stand the sack of shit Platinum Amway cult leader then she’s also going to avoid being anywhere that fucker is.


If the wife is like me and doesn’t want overpriced shitty useless substandard Amway products in the house she is going to go out and buy reasonably priced products that she actually needs and wants that taste good or get the cleaning job done and face the wrath of the Amway cult for not supporting their business.


If the wife is like me she’s going to say if the only customers your business has is yourself then you’re a fucking moron!!!!


The wife is not going to be at all impressed by the amount of money that is being sucked out of them thanks to her husband being married to Amway.


The wife is not going to be too happy at all the time her husband is forced to spend with the assholes in his Amway upline thanks to her husband being married to Amway.


The wife is going to hate the personality change that comes over her husband thanks to being brainwashed by the Amway cult and being married to Amway. The nice man she married has now become a condescending sneering Amway asshole who has the attitude that he is better than everyone else simply because he is in Amway and they’re not.


The husband also becomes paranoid of all things that he deems to be “negative”. This would be everyone and anything that has a different opinion than his sack of shit Platinum cult leader. Yup, the wife can thank her husband being married to Amway for the brainwashed demon ambot he has become.


The Amway assholes in her husband’s upline are now brainwashing the ambot that his wife is an unsupportive, negative, unchristian dream stealer and that he would be better off without her. That’s all part of the ulterior motive of WWDB World Wide Destructive Bastards to separate their cult followers from anything that has the potential to cut off the money supply flowing upwards to them. The only thing that brings Amway assholes happiness is destroying other people’s lives. Yet another joy that comes to the wife thanks to her husband being married to Amway.


The husband has now become a bigamist because he is also married to Amway. Cult brainwashing complete: Amway is the only thing that all ambots must truly love over and above everything else.


In this day and age most women will not tolerate a husband who has a love interest relationship outside their marriage. Some women might try to hold their marriage together and give the husband an ultimatim - your mistress or me - forgive him, go for counselling, and rebuild their marriage. Other women will kick the bastard to the curb and file for divorce. And I’m talking about Amway here not a real live woman girlfriend. Hard to tell the difference isn’t it?


Most women who say “my husband is married to Amway” - one way or another won’t be saying it for a whole lot longer.


On behalf of all women whose husbands are married to Amway I want to send a big old fuck you to the Amway assholes in the upline!



  1. Amway is the backbone of the American Economy.

    1. I can only guess that this poster is either deeply brainwashed by Amway or his tongue is firmly implanted in cheek saying that obviously false statement.

    2. Agreed. You got to be pretty fucked in the head to spout off that kind of bullshit = Amway Ambot.

  2. If you actually believe that, you really are an Amway Robot. I guess you also think that Ada, Michigan, is the center of the universe.

    1. LOL. I think the Amway Masturbator managed to sneak in a post. Fucking troll that he and all other Ambots love to be. Guess business isn't going as great as they're bullshitting about or they wouldn't have time to hang out here.

  3. Amway's business in English-speaking countries is slowly going down the tubes, largely because of the many courageous and feisty blogs and websites like this one. The company is finding it harder and harder to hook new IBOs.

    This is why they are so desperate to spread out into non-English-speaking countries, where the populace hasn't heard about what a bloodsucking fraud Amway is.

    1. Anonymous - that's true. We're getting the word out about the emotional and financial distress thanks to Amway and with the Internet people are checking out Amway before getting involved. When we were in the scam the assholes in our upline wanted to know if we had connections in Asia because they said that was where they wanted to expand. Yup.

  4. "Amway is the backbone of the American Economy"? Huh? The guy who posted that isn't an "Economist." He must be a witch doctor.

  5. I did meet Dexter and Birdie Yager at an Amway Convention.They had a 90 piece classic car collection and a horse farm. I went to the house of one of their down-lines, They had 3 boats and a swimming pool.They sold lots of Amway products.

    1. "They sold lots of Amway products". To who? Other Ambots? Because with Amway, the vast majority of sales goes to brainwashed Ambots themselves. The products are generic at best and HORRIBLY over-priced. Hardly anyone outside of the cult, apart from family or friends guilted into making a pity purchase, buys the crap.

      Did the downline's house you visited also have a Trump Tower built in the backyard with unicorns kept in a stable?

      Something else people don't also take into account when being "shown" the supposed wealth of Ambots, that often it was paid for with their REAL job and not the expensive Amway hobby they got involved with. There's a lot of bait and switch and smoke and mirrors involved with Amway in showing the "you too can own this stuff if you buy into Amway". As for the Diamonds, the majority of their money comes from books and CD's and the conventions.

    2. Anonymous - yeah right. I even wondered why JB wasted him time posting that here. Did he actually see these things in person or did he believe a lying scamming Amway asshole or a staged photo shoot he saw pictures of. Though these Amway cult leaders were in at the beginning of the Amway tool scam. Maybe even the inventors to the tool scam.

  6. Dexter gave a good speech about his start in Amway,He was working in New York driving a beer delivery truck for about 60$ / week ,This is sixties now but still a low wage . A friend delivered him from the delivery truck into the Amway plan , He was saved from then it was all uphill.Moving on up.

    1. Yeah, moving on up. By stepping on the faces of everyone in his down-line, and bleeding them dry.


    2. James - all those fucking Away cult leaders tell similar stories about how they were working minimum wage jobs and then they figured out they could join Amway and lie and scam others and now loom how rich they are. Only ambots give a fuck about that kind of bullshit they're slinging from the stage.

    3. You got it Anonymous. That's how they get rich in Scamway by bullying others to buy useless shitty overpriced Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam.


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