Wednesday, April 29, 2015

IBO’s Getting Fired Up For Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Already getting sooooooo many Amway IBO’s doing Google searches looking for information on World Wide Dream Builders Amway Family Reunion 2015 after they just got home from Amway Spring Leadership so I thought I’d better get a post up stat!


Before Amway IBO’s even leave WWDB Amway Spring Leadership the assholes in their Amway upline have their hands out demanding they pay up NOW for Family Reunion 2015. The reason for that is to take advantage that the ambots are FIRED UP after listening to the Amway cult leaders gushing on stage all weekend about how rich they are and if they can do it then so can any other Amway asshole out there. So now that the IBO’s are sure they’re gonna be RICH in 2 to 5 years and part of the agenda to getting rich in two to five years is to attend all Amway functions and the next one is coming up in 4 months so you fucking little Amway assholes better pay up NOW.


Translation: hand over a few hundred bucks for the next Amway conference now before you come down from the Amway WWDB Spring Leadership high and change your mind about going to WWDB Amway Family Reunion or quit so its better to have your money in the Amway cult leaders pockets now.


And if you don’t hand over that money be prepared for the hell the assholes in your Amway upline will put you through until you do pay up. Threatening phone calls and texts and being humiliated in front of everyone at upcoming Amway cult meetings.


Duncan Family Reunion is being held in Portland Oregon on July 17 to 19, 2015 at the Oregon Convention Center.  This is one of the functions that WWDB World Wide Dream Builders and Amway put on in a year. The others are Spring Leadership, FED Free Enterprise Days and Dream Night. Last year was probably a bit of a scheduling conflict cause something called OSCON 2014 also took place same time, same building but different meeting room. And look what I’ve just done. Created all sorts of keywords and probably gonna drag some visitors to this blog who don’t want piss all to do with Amway. Well join the club. Most people don’t want piss all to do with the Amway pyramid scheme.


Now the Osconers must have learned their lesson real fast after their people got sniped by Amway ambots so this year they didn’t fuck up and hold it same time same place, but rather they’re holding it the week after Scamway clears out. The people in charge of Oscon must have put up with tons of complaints on that one!


But if any of you Oscon people who got chased around by Amway ambots wanting to sign you up to their cult show up here, feel free to leave a comment telling people in Amway to fuck off. And hope those Amway bastards don’t hang around a few extra days trying to sell you their overpriced shitty products.


Can you just imagine the confrontation between Amway Ambots and the Oscons last year when they met in the hallways. The Amway ambots would be sneering at the Oscons and saying why are you wasting all your money at Oscon instead of spending it at the Amway WWDB Family Reunion. Amway cult leaders say that education is a waste of time and money. Amway is the only thing out there so why are you losers going to Oscon.


An upcoming post will detail more about what WWDB Amway Duncan Family Reunion is all about. To sum it up, its how the Diamonds make the bulk of their income by selling tickets to this conference. One Ken and Barbie Ambot after another will stomp across the stage bragging about how rich they are thanks to Amway and the Amway tool scam. They’ll lead the audience in some cult chants and do some brainwashing damage and the next scammers will be up on stage.


Time for more keywords.


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Duncan Amway Family Reunion 2015


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Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2014


Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership 2015


WWDB Amway Spring leadership 2015



  1. Hahaha...I was thinking the exact same thing this morning when I heard the "KATE" from my girl's upline. She just got back and already they are badgering her......unreal!!! When are the all these IBO's going to figure out they are customers not business owners. If you own a business you draw a wage from the business. Otherwise your a just a consumer of the over priced crap. You pay yourself first then your creditors. When you are a distributor of something the manufacturer gives you a discount off of list price and you mark product back up to sell it to customers thus making a profit and paying your salary. If you can't draw a wage from you business then you shouldn't be in business. Oh but one day you will be rich so don't worry about having to live right now. Just buy some more books and Vitamins never mind about the paying the power bill LOL.

    Anna - I would love to hear your thoughts on all these "partner" stores. I love how they use the word partner. Like NIKE is partnering with the IBO's to sell there products. It is fucking amway getting a percentage of every sale to the AMBOTS. Doesn't sound like a partnership to me but just another scam upon the poor souls trapped in the cult. is a way for you to stop buying AMWAY shit that you hate (deep down inside but are too scared to admit) and get stuff you need or might actually want. OH and you'll get a discount on it of maybe a couple percent while AMWAY gets to skim 20% off you. The AMbot's are used to over paying so I would not be surprised if it is actually more expensive to buy Nike from AMWAY than it is to go to the store and get it on sale..

    1. Everything through Amway is more expensive. The consumer likes deals. If Ambots really did sell Nikes for less than the stores did, word would get out and they'd be inundated. But when they quote a price that is higher than one can buy these products in the store, then everyone says "uh, thanks but no thanks". And for Nikes, it's not like the Ambot can say "uh... our Nikes are more concentrated, that's why they are more costly.... no, wait... er, it's because they have more vitamins in them... no, that's not right... uhhh".

    2. Anonymous - the assholes in the Amway upline are Constantly badgering you! The second you get back from Spring Leadership they want money NOW for Family Reunion in July. Ask her if her boss at work bugs her this much on her free time. Because when you're inside the Amway cult you are always at the command and demand of the asshole in the upline those fucking cult leaders.

      Those Amway bastards throw around partner like its some kind of badge of honor. Many websites offer links to another company's website where they hope a viewer will click the link and maybe by something there. It brings the website owners a little extra money. Only Amway Ambots would pay more money for products.

    3. Anonymous - you're right. Most people like deals and might shop around online looking for the best price. Not Amway Ambots though. They shop wherever the assholes in their Amway upline tell them to, no matter how expensive it is.

    4. So sorry that you specifically did not have any luck with them... I love however that because you failed it is all the sudden a cult or impossible to be successful at.. you probably just don't have the right attitude, or even skills to do well there. So why tell everyone else they cant do something just because you couldn't do it? I know a lot of people that are actually pretty successful in that business.

    5. Anonymous - seeing as how you're so "smart" LOL why don't you explain how this blog is a magnet for dumb fucks like you?

      I am the owner of a business that is successful. A real business. NOT a pretend Amway business. Seeing as how my income is about the same as Amway publishes a Diamond's income and I don't have the right attitude or skills to do well as a business owner, then you're saying the same thing about those dumb shit Amway Diamonds.

      But thanks for showing up here to prove that Amway is a blame the victim scam.

  2. Your going to delete comments that are gossip with no purpose? This whole blog has no purpose only to feed your negative soul. God have mercy on your negative attitude..Sad you have nothing else better to do than bitch! HAHAHA

    1. Vita - we publish almost all comments. We have to draw the line when someone leaves a post and talks about a Diamond having an affair and names names. First off we have no way to contact the people involved and verify that. Second why would we want to. Its none of our business who's fucking who. To let a comment like that go would be embarrassing to the fucker, the girlfriend (or boyfriend) and the family especially if the fucking Diamond is still married. Do you know how many people show up here after doing searches looking for information on Diamond's girlfriends and boyfriends? I've been in Amway. I know IBOs are a bunch of nosy bastards who can't mind their own business so they love this stuff. If you think we're being "negative" because we won't publish comments that name who's fucking who, then that just goes to show the level of brainwashing Amway has done to you. The rest of the world its none of our fucking business but you fucking Amway assholes make everyone's private lives your business even though it really ain't none of your fucking business. And I'm the one who has a negative attitude because I want to prevent people from being subjected to embarrassment and ridicule? And you've got nothing better to do than show up here and bitch that we won't post that kind of gossip. Fuck you.

    2. Vita,
      Did you really expected Anna to do the exact opposite, telling everyone who is fucking who, possibly resulting in legal action or promoting everyone to use shitty, overpriced Amway products, then? Like me, she has every reason in the world on attacking Amway and the likes of you. If that doesn't somehow fit your standards, you could have easily dismissed it as an opinion of a single individual, close the tab on your browser and carry on. That's what a normal person would have done. But then again... A "normal person" and Amway cancels each one out and thus can't be used in a same sentence.

      I can't stress enough my amazement that you showed some glimpse of independent thought, which is not only forbidden in Amway, but abhorred. By using the Internet, which by my knowledge is a very same no-no as TV or radio by Amway's standards, you are in direct violation of your Upline's moral guidelines because they have a negative impact of your forcefully positive-slanted mindset.

      It is also possible that you are a designated troll sanctioned by your upline for this one time-only attack, but I have my doubts. Trolling requires skills that you clearly lack. When you started writing your comments, you first saw the moderation rules and still decided to comment about the moderation guidelines? Did you dismissed them on purpose or are you only showing us you're not the brightest crayon in the box?

      Emeralds and Diamonds have mercy on your ass for overstepping your authority and showing independent thoughts. If they recognize you, prepare to have a very bad time on your next big Event.

    3. Ha ha. Well I'm really not interested in who's fucking who and this isn't the place for that kind of gossip that could potentially be embarrassing to all involved and their families. But its the type of stuff Amway Ambots LOVE! I get tons of searches looking for that kind of shit. This Diamond and that Diamond (or former ones) and who's sticking it to who. And yes sometimes commenters have left the names of the boyfriend or girlfriend and we have no way to verify that and why would we want to. We all get the general picture. People in Amway are a bunch of fucking assholes in more ways than one! LOL!

      Yeah its definitely a no no for Amway Ambots to come to blogs like this and their cult leaders tell them not to leave comments because it just drives that blog higher up in the search engines. Most Ambots don't listen to their cult leaders and do their own thing anyway. But this Vita is the first one outraged that we won't share the kind of gossip that is being seeked by publishing a post chatting about who's fucking who in the Amway world.

    4. "God have mercy on your negative attitude"

      So God doesn't like the truth about a scam to be talked about because it's "negative" but he likes a scam that has destroyed many people's finances and relationships? Man, that is one messed up god you believe in, Vita

    5. That would be The Great Amway God. LOL!

    6. Wow thanks for getting me EVEN MORE FIRED UP abut the Amway opportunity!!! If I can put I half as much time into a positive environment and a legit business than some borderline psychopath does hiding behind a computer screen spewing garbage and nonsense the world will definitely be a better place! Thank God for World Wide! Thank God for Amway! !!!

    7. Anonymous if you're all FIRED UP over a "opportunity" where less than 1% of participants make money - see the small print on your Amway literature - then you'll need all the help you can get from God or otherwise! LOL! You ain't got a snowball's chance in hell because you can't even help yourself from saying negative. The carnal Amway sin.

    8. Hahahaha... Anonymous saying "well, I'll show you! I'll get myself involved with a money-losing, family-losing cult! So there! Nyaah!" Like any of us give a flying shit. It's YOUR life and finances you're fucking up, not any of ours.

      The brainwashing is strong with this one. Using their mindless code phrase "fired up!" which just means glazed eyes feeling all the "positive" lovebombing while their pocket is emptying into the scam (hardly a "legit" opportunity when 99% of those sucked into the pyramid lose money).

      And I love their definition of "positive"... it's to blindly believe all the bullshit spoon fed to them by folks making money off of them while pretending to love them and claiming that asking questions and doing the math involved to figure out how many people they would need to have in their downline to break even (clue, we're talking hundreds). Like any brainwashing cult "what we say reality is, is positive, what reality actually is, is negative". Why do you think they push "dreaming". Because that disconnects from reality.

      But go ahead. Teach us all a lesson. While you are waiting year after year for that "success just around the corner", all the rest of us are making money and enjoying life and family and friends. And I mean real friends, not the Amway ones you've replaced your old ones with. Amway friends = they love you until you aren't a cult member anymore and they aren't making money from you so will drop you like a hot potato.

      But glad you're "fired up!!" to blindly keep losing money to the scam.

    9. Anonymous - that's pretty funny. And speaking of funny at Amway meetings the cult leaders teach the Ambots they'll be laughing at everyone who didn't believe them when in 2 to 5 years they'll have bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in from Amway every month. So far no one who's left snide comments has come back bragging about how rich they are and laughing at us.

    10. I do laugh at you naysayers... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just because you suck at something doesn't make it a scam or cult

    11. Anonymous - of course you laugh at anyone who isn't in Amway. That's the arrogant bastard attitude that everyone in Amway must have. And that's why this blog exists because of fucking Amway assholes like you. Around this blog we treat you Amway fuckers the way you treat the rest of the world.

      Now run along and go find someone in your Amway upline who wants his dick sucked off and take care of that for him.

  3. Anna- I'm not an Amway IBO, but I have family that is, and I have done some extensive research on Worldwide and Amway. I am a business owner so I don't see the point in me personally doing the opportunity but I just have one question for you: how do you explain the growth that has happened in the last 10 years in Worldwide. Just in the last year my family member has made 60k and I saw the bank statements. Also in the last year there has been over 30 new Rubies which make roughly 80k-125k a year. I'm not here to say you are a quitter or say anything you say is wrong, but these blatant facts are something that should be addressed.

    1. Anonymous - yeah right you're not an IBO but your family is all in Amway. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? When their mouth is moving! Or on the Internet - when they're typing. In case you try to pull this off again, let me give you a hint. People who have relatives in Amway are doing searches for how do I get my loved one out of the Amway cult. They're not doing searches for Amway functions. And if they leave a comment its all about their horror story of their loved ones losing money and being brainwashed.

      Now how the hell do I know how many rubies or masturbators or any other Amway level is being made? And why would I care? That would mean looking at Amway sites to find this information and I'd have to be a dumb fuck to look at web sites that don't interest me right. I'm guessing you're no more a financial analyst than I am unless you went to Amway University which means you have an automatic degree in everything and that's why you stopped by to ask a dumb fuck question. Its no different than me asking you in the past 2 years how come Amway's sales have steadily dropped by a billion each year?

      As for bank statements, you have no idea where the money is coming from. Perhaps they're selling heroin and cocaine to help up their account balance. People in Amway have all kinds of scams like buying a bunch of Amway shit and then getting a refund, photocopying the check, and then passing it around for years as proof of all the money they make in Scamway.

      You want those blatant facts addressed go find someone who gives a fuck and ask them. This blog is all about making people in Amway look like a bunch of fucking assholes and its just easy on me when Ambots show up here and prove they're fucking assholes.

  4. Well you don't have to believe me on me not being an IBO. I know the truth so you can say what you want, however I know how to use the Internet correctly. I just like learning and my family is important so I did my due diligence on the opportunity. Is there crazy people in Worldwide? Yes. Do they have over priced products? Sure. Do they get people drooling over hope they more than likely won't get? Yep. Let's leave Worldwide alone for a second. Sounds like your guff has been with people - your "asshole motherfucking douche lord nazi stalker bitches" (hint using profanity doesn't make this blog credible) let's leave them a lone for one topic: Amway. Amway along is a legitimate company. You can't argue that at all based on numbers and well the law. If Amway was a scam then it would of been shut down a long time ago. One of the owners of amway sits on the chamber of commerce. The federal trade commission? Thumbs up. Better business bureau? Thumbs up. Over 100 other countries governments? Thumbs up. Amways sales have not dropped a billion a year the last few years. That's fact. Yes only 1% make it in Amway. But that's actually true on every small business ever started. Also the bank statements were deposits from Amway. They didn't return over $2000 worth of stuff every month last years, thanks for that laugh though.

    1. Anonymous - this blog is about making fun of people in Amway and cursing out the assholes in the upline. If this makes Amway the company look like a bunch of assholes then so be it. Amway does piss all about controlling their commissioned salesforce. And if your last name ain't DeVos or VanAndel then you don't own an Amway business. You're a commissioned salesperson for the owners. There's no point in comparing success rate of commissioned sales people versus real business owners. Its like comparing apples and oranges. And there are other blogs that talk about why Amway is a bad opportunity. This blog is about cursing out Amway Ambots so you might find what you're seeking on one of the blog links on the upper right of this page.

  5. Why would anyone who is not in Amway be defending this scam? If it's such a success, why don't you join, Anon? Ambots scorn business owners like you claim to be, for not being in Amway, because, according to Ambots, you are a slave to your business all your waking hours for the rest of your life and 'your business owns you', as they like to say. Anyone with half a brain can see the irony in Ambots saying that bullshit. Ambots believe you're a loser!

    1. Jerry - people who aren't in Scamway aren't defending the scam. Only brainwashed Ambots do that. But part of being in Amway is lying that you're in Amway. Ambots say they're with WWDB or they're affiliated with Benny the Bastard Enterprises or whatever lie they're using.

  6. That jerk says that Amway "is a legitimate company." Well, organized crime was a legitimate operation in Chicago in the 1920s. Why so? Because the mobsters had corrupted and paid off nearly every public official and policeman in the city.

    Amway has bribed and corrupted dozens of government officials to ignore their pyramid scheme scam. That's why they can brag that they are "legitimate."

    1. Anonymous - you got it. But you'll never convinced a brainwashed Ambot.


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