Thursday, August 20, 2015

Amway Ambots Claim Communikate Is A Personal Assistant

One of the things I remember hearing at Amway meetings is that Communikate is a personal assistant. And its still taught today. Every now and then some fucked up brainwashed Amway ambot stops by to brag that Communikate is his personal assistant.

I realize that Amway ambots have a messed up way of looking at things but to me a personal assistant is a real live living breathing person who is hired by someone to be a, well an assistant. Duties could run a wide range of things so I won’t bother to give examples but generally a personal assistant is paid to take some of the work load or errands off their boss.

What is Communikate? It’s owned by a communications company named Webley and Communikate is basically a voice mail system that Amway ambots pay around $35 or $40 a month to subscribe to.

If you’ve never been a brainwashed Amway ambot you’re probably thinking are you fucking kidding me? $40/month for voicemail!!!!

A Webley employee stopped by to confirm the Diamonds earn commission for every Amway IBO that subscribes to this system so that’s why the assholes in your Amway upline push so hard to get ambots to sign up and pay for it. What else do you expect from something that’s part of the tool scam.

Communikate gives ambots a toll free number so potential clients across the country can phone and leave messages for the ambot, conceivably with their big Amway order is.

Ha! Dream on!

Using Communikate, Amway cult leaders can leave bulk voice messages to their downline. I remember Ambot and a few other Amway assholes gathering around a phone in our living room to listen to some Amway cult leader spout off bullshit: “just calling to let all you fuckers know I just got out of the can and I just fired out and now I am FIRED UP! Can’t believe I just made more money taking a shit than you make in a month at your J.O.B.”

And here I want to say for everyone that’s heard a similar message – don’t you all want to know what kind of job you can get that pays you for taking a shit so you can make more money than an Amway Diamond just by shitting. Not bullshitting!

Our sack of shit Platinum used to leave a message on Communikate telling all the cult followers there’s a last minute meeting and everyone better haul ass to the location NOW!!!!!!

This was a ploy to find out which ambots had signed up for Communikate. The ambots who didn’t show up weren’t serious business builders because they didn’t subscribe to this tool scam would be publicly outed and shamed at the next Amway cult meeting.

This still goes on today. An ambot stopped by this blog to say he doesn’t buy any of the Amway tools. Holy shit talk about a bad little ambot! And that everytime one of those messages goes out on Communikate to summon the cult followers to an immediate meeting somewhere, one of the subscribers lets the others know so they can show up too.

Has anybody figured out yet how any of the above could be referred to as a personal assistant? That’s what getting brainwashed by Amway does for you.

Does anybody else wonder what Communikate does for you that a cell phone doesn’t? Toll free number? Who needs one these days? Many cell phone plans offer country wide calling either as part of the base rate or maybe a few bucks a month extra and its probably unlimited. Smartphones can do conference calling. Like I really want to get stuck on the phone with a bunch of Amway assholes on the same conference call. Text messages can be sent to multiple users that is included in the base rate for most phone plans. With my plan I can send unlimited international texts. I can’t tell you how useful this is for the multiple texts I send to Japan and Russia all the time. And what does a cell phone plan cost? Even with a few extras added on? Probably no more than Communikate. $35 or $40 a month for a cell phone plan that does so much more than Communikate. Kind of a no-brainer for people who aren’t brainwashed Amway ambots.

For brainwashed Amway ambots who truly believe that Communikate is a personal assistant yeah try getting Communikate to bring you coffee. All it is is a way to make the assholes in your Amway upline richer every time you buy into the tool scam. And they sit at the top of the pyramid looking down and laughing at you ambots thinking what a bunch of dumb fucks to subscribe to this piece of shit tool just cause we brainwash you into thinking it’s a personal assistant but thanks for making us richer.


  1. Tool free number? What's that? Hahaha

    About the only time I ever made calls to toll-free numbers was when I was making car rental, hotel and airplane reservations, something I do entirely online now.

    On the rare occasions that I do call a toll-free number, whoop-de-do, I don't care that it's toll-free, it costs me the same to call as it would cost to call a regular number, which is nothing because my family is on an unlimited talk-and-text cell phone plan. 800 numbers still have their place I suppose but between the internet and people using cell phones they've become something of an anomaly. Yet these Amway groups still push you to get one for the huge orders of crummy soap and laundry detergent your customers are going to buy from your vastly profitable business.

    And $40 bucks a month for this service? Are you kidding me? Voicemail is already included in my cell phone, and if I wanted another phone number for my business (i.e. a vanity number to forward calls through to my cell phone), I'm sure I could get that for no more than a few extra bucks a month. Certainly nowhere near $40. Just another gimmick for people at the top of the pyramid to make some extra money from the lemmings below them dumb enough to fall for this crap, I guess.

    1. Hi Charles. You figured it out! With phone plans giving unlimited long distance who needs toll free numbers. $40 was rounded up a bit. I believe it was $36 but the price has probably increased over the years so maybe $40 is about right these days. Either way you're right - are you kidding me is the right response. Cell phones can do more than Communikate can. The only reason Ambots sign up for this service is its part of the Amway tool scam to make more money for those at the top of the pyramid.

  2. Communikate hasn't been used by Amway in years

    1. The test results came in and determined THAT was a lie!

      My now ex-girlfriend used communikate in her wwdb "association". God bless her soul.

    2. Anonymous - who claims Communikate hasn't bean used by Amway in years - how do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they're typing something. Its just really weird what people in Amway lie about starting with their involvement in Amway "Oh no I'm not in Amway." The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend.

    3. Anonymous - of course your ex is using Communikate. Its all part of the Amway tool scam where those at the top of the pyramid make big bucks. Its not going away anytime soon.

    4. Yes it is. It's insanely annoying and pisses me off every time I see that shitty app on my bfs phone with a gazillion " fired up" messages on it. It's feeding my hatred and want for destruction on this business as my sweet, optimistic and trusting man falls deeper into the abyss everyday... This blog helps add fuel to my fire. Thank you.

    5. Anonymous - I feel your pain. I know what its like have someone who loves all this Amway shit more than everything else and being disrespected by all those fucking Amway assholes. Yes I want to see Amway shut down for good so they can stop destroying lives. This blog helps you know that you're not alone in what you're going through and look ahead a few months. Most Ambots quit within a year. The problem is when they get forced to attend the next Amway major function that fills them with false hope that they'll be making bazillions of dollars if they stick it out for a couple more years. So on your behalf I send out a big old FUCK YOU to Amway and all the fucking assholes in the Amway upline!

  3. Yes, they still use communikate, some one recently (still trying technically, started a few months ago) tried to recruit me and one of the things we were told were part of the daily tasks was to check kate.

    1. Anonymous - we were at a Scamway function and there were vendors in the hallway including a man from Communikate though I don't recall if he was there to sign up Ambots or provide more information. He didn't have anyone hanging around so my husband felt he needed to go over and brag about already having Communikate. During the conversation the employee said that Amway was their biggest customer. He also hinted that Amway and or an owner (I'm foggy on which after all this time) had financial interest in Communikate. Don't know if this meant in the way of a loan or an investment or a silent partner. Any way there would be a huge interest on Amway's part to ensure Communikate is successful to regain their loan or make money from this company. And what better way than to make Ambots sign up for the service. And then there's the cult leaders who make commission of Ambots using Communikate. This service is part of the Amway tool scam and a huge cash cow for those at the top of the pyramid. No one at Amway is going to shut it down while the $$$ are rolling in. Every day at least a couple dozen searchers end up on this blog looking for how to cancel Communikate. Who else but Ambots would come here? Or soon to no longer be Ambots! LOL!

  4. Who the heck needs a voicemail system these days with email, facebook, text messaging and twitter? This is just a part of the tools scam that Amway diamonds use to steal money from their downline.

    1. Joecool - I said that years ago when we were wasting money on the Amway tool scam and I say it today! Communikate is a cash cow for those at the top of the pyramid.

  5. LTD was still using "Kate" as recently as a year ago. Not only were you expected to use Kate but LTD also created a smartphone app you were supposed to subscribe to as well. I have no idea how much it cost, I refused to pay for it. I told my ex to let me know if anything important came in on it. You can imagine how well that went over...LOL.

    Funny thing was, LTD did actually admit that the Diamonds made money off of the app. We were told that anyone Platinum or above would get a share of the income. I never did hear what the exact breakdown of the payouts was but if I had to bet I'd say it was 90% for Diamond and above, 5% for Emeralds, and Platinum-Ruby-Sapphire got to split the remaining 5%. If the Diamonds were that generous.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Amway and their various cult sects already have apps out there. You can only sign in to use them on the phone if you're already paying $50/month or whatever the current membership fee is to the cult. But yes I can see how they'd charge extra for the Communikate app and maybe that will eventually replace how Communikate currently works.

      Who knows how the breakdown is on the commission from Communikate sales but yes I'd say Platinum must get a piece of the pie the way our sack of shit Platinum was flogging this Amway tool scam.

  6. CommuniKate is one those items one has to complete on a daily basis when one is beyond devoted to WWDB. They call it being core. I hung in there for about 2 weeks before I realized everyone was the same, and saying the same things over and over again. Topics such as: "We're About to be Replaced by Robots, Upcoming Function A Few Hundred Miles Away at 8pm (Even when one works the following day), I'm Fired Up About Being Fired Up, and Having A Job is for Losers." At $36 a month I cancelled before the 1st month was up. The Upline was not thrilled with my decision to break up with Kate.

    1. Anonymous - you're right. Communikate is part of being CORE. Can't screw up the Amway cult leaders mantra! LOL! Yes every Ambot I knew was beyond devoted in their love and worship to WWDB and Amway. And yes the same thing over and over. Fired up. Losers have J.O.B.s and everyone who isn't in Amway will either be dead or broke by the time they're 65. No the assholes in the Amway upline are never happy with disobedient Ambots who don't buy into the Amway tool scam.


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