Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Holy shit! I've been Amwayed!

Here's a fun ditty about Dick Devos, Amway,and some of the scams and scandals surrounding the Amway cult. Its one of these things that you have to listen to twice because the first time around you're reading about the scams and missing the lyrics. Second time listen to the words! Its pretty funny. And the scandals some of these IBO's - most I think were Diamonds - have been involved in. Like we need any further proof that the only people who do well in Amway are the IBO's who already have a mindset to be swindlers and scam others!


  1. That Quickstar prune in handcuffs and chains at 2:13 of the video looks like she just took a swig of Amway XS cat piss water. Makes me feel a little better about paying my taxes for jails and such.

    1. LOL! Maybe she did. Maybe she brought in a few cases to sell to other prisoners. As far as I'm concerned all Amway crminals belong in jail. Maybe knock the brainwashing out of them.

  2. I admit I have too much time on my hands right now but I just looked up this Amway/Quixtar diamond Harriet Lyons and after bilking people out of at least two million dollars in 2004 including her friends of all people, she was arrested again in 2012 for bilking a neighbor out of $3600 after she lied and told him she had cancer and needed the money for treatment. Seems she just can't help herself and like you said Anna Banana these are just the kind of people who make it in a scam like Amway. What really gets me is those videos where these phony clowns pray on stage. "Oh Lord, we ask thee..." OMG!!!

    1. Anonymous - it sounds like the once a scammer always a scammer shoe fits here! To succeed in Amway you got to get a good liar and scammer. Most people their morals take over and they can't in good conscience scam others. Ambots flog Amway snake oil with promises that it will cure terminal illnesses. An Ambot claiming to have cancer just to screw a neighbor out of money doesn't surprise me. She should have just drank more Perfect Water. Heard it all the time from lying scamming Amway assholes that it cures cancer.

  3. is this song pro amway? haha i cant tell


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