Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Amway Employees Treated Like Shit

Occasionally I get past and current Amway employees showing up here to talk about what its like working there. Based on employee’s views Amway treats its employees like shit. Even the customer service rep who can’t string a sentence together or spell to save her (his?) life and showed up to curse out ambots who phone their I-don’t-give-a-shit line to lie about not receiving products gave us insight on what its like working there. And one could argue that Amway’s hiring department dredges the bottom of the sewer and has low quality requirements for hiring staff and just hires anyone they’re so desperate but that still doesn’t make it right for them to treat their employees like shit just because they can’t get good employees. Here’s another employee story.

I work at the plant as a temp and I hate it. I Hate the overhead, the treatment, and working on cheap/shitty products while the suits just comes down like pigeons to shit on everything. I don't even make three hundred bucks a week because Amway slaves out the temp services while the full time employees do jack shit and make triple the amount of pay. It is a wretched place to work or even assosciate with. I'm sorry that is is as horrible on the business end of the deal as well.

Some people are so desperate for a job and make money to pay the bills that they will take a job that comes along even with a shitty employer who treats their employees like shit. I remember going to Amway cult meetings and the Diamonds would be gloating about all the plants and warehouses were Amway produces their “fine quality” products. Ha ha! Make that shitty overpriced products! But really according to this Amway employee who is treated like a slave these Amway plants are no different than sweat shops in 3rd world countries. I’m sure I’m not the only one who checks the labels before I buy things. If I see something is made in Bangladesh home of many warehouse fires and deaths in sweat shop factories I ain’t gonna buy it. Just like I don’t buy no shit that says Amway Alticor or whatever other names they use to disguise who they are. Forget the fact that its an overpriced shitty product and I can buy similar way cheaper from reputable companies. If it comes from an Amway sweat shop where employees are treated like shit that’s just as good a reason not to buy.

So why stay in a shithole job and put up with shitty employers? Like I said desperate to take any job to pay the bills. Eventually another job will come along and people quit and move on. And I get it that Amway’s not the only employer out there that treats employees like shit but we’re not talking about other shitty employers because I don’t get employees from other companies showing up here to bitch about their jobs and out their employer. Instead I’ve had 20 year Amway employees complain to me that they still don’t get benefits after putting in all that time. Shitty employers like Amway know employment loopholes and how to get around giving benefits and good pay. They keep employees rated as temporary or part time and go through temp agencies to bring in staff. 

What about all those fucking Amway ambots that show up here and leave comments gloating about how Amway made 12 billion dollars last year. A company that makes that much money can’t pay its employees better and give them benefits? Like fuck you! There are tons of companies out there that don’t bring that much money and pay their employees well and have benefits and pension plan. It takes a low class greedy employer bringing in that kind of money to treat its employees like shit just so there’s more money in the owners bank accounts. 

OK wretched Amway employee I’m sorry things are so tough for you but really there are jobs out there that pay better and where you get treated better. Walmart and McDonalds come to mind that seem to be easy to get jobs at because there’s a high turnover. Same as other food and restaurant businesses. High turnover always looking for new hires. I get it that these are the kind of places that Amway cult leaders make fun of in their cult meetings but who gives a flying fuck what those Amway assholes think. Putting other people down and putting their jobs down is something that brings happiness to those Amway assholes. Do some research and find out which employers offer benefits to employees and apply there. Even Starbucks the butt of many jokes from the assholes in the Amway upline “big bucks, hua hua hua I’m so fucking clever” offers benefits to part time employees. 

Bottom line is many of these places pay better than Amway does. Maybe benefits too. And treat their employees better too.

Here’s the thing people if your employer is Amway or someone else and is treating the staff like shit there are regulating agencies in your state where you can file a complaint. Sure it’ll probably end up that you’ll get fired from your job because that’s what shitty employers do rather than buckle and treat their employees better but at least you’ve filed a complaint and your shithole employer will be investigated and maybe fined. Nobody files frivolous complaints when they know they’ll get retaliated by their employer. They’re doing it cause it’s the right thing to do. Out the fucking bastards they work for!

And of course the right thing to do is not work for shitty employers like Amway who treat their employees like shit. Where making a buck is more important than treating employees well. 


  1. Here's the key to understanding the whole thing: Amway believes that ANYONE who has a "J.O.B." (even their own employees at the warehouses and factories) is a contemptible and worthless loser.

    Therefore they have no compunction about treating their employees as shit. If anyone complains, the Amways freaks will say "Let them join up as IBOs! That's the only way to be successful!"

    Amway is also opposed, on principle, to benefits and pensions. The troglodyte vermin who are the heart of the company have always been ruthless, winner-take-all capitalists. The idea of paying an employee for his health care costs or giving him a reasonable pension is unthinkable. What would we say on "Free Enterprise Day"?

    1. Anonymous - I think you hit the nail on the head: Amway believes that ANYONE who has a "J.O.B." (even their own employees at the warehouses and factories) is a contemptible and worthless loser.

      Yeah I dare any Amway Ambot to bring up health care and pension questions during Free Enterprise Days. Or any Scamway meeting!

  2. At least working a job at Amway you probably don't have to worry about Amway assholes pestering you to "show the plan". They know it takes a decent paying job to afford to take on the financial burden of supporting an Amway habit oops, I mean being an Amway IBO.

    1. Ray - I'm not so sure about that. Another Amway employee showed up to say they had to attend Amway board meetings. I don't remember if he said they got paid to do that, like it was during business hours when they'd normally be paid. But yeah he saw it as a bunch of brainwashed bullshit. I think he was looking for another job LOL!

  3. I remember reading a book about Amway some time ago - don't remember which one - that says the Amway/Alticor corporate headquarters and the factories that they still have in US outsource a huge chunk of their staff to temp agencies, and many people have been there for years as "permanent temps" drawing no health benefits, merit bonuses, retirement plans, etc. Amway is perfectly within their rights to do this, of course, but they can't expect they'll get as good a quality workforce out of it as they would if they hired the people as regular employees. Since these people are NOT really Amway employees, you can only imagine how this affects the quality of their work, the already crummy Amway products and any type of services they would perform for the IBOs (who the hell knows what Amway really does for its IBOs anyway other than take money from them). Amway really has figured it out, with a huge workforce of temps and independent contractors (IBOs) doing all the work while management just counts the money rolling in. They really are rotten to the core.

    1. Charles - that sounds about right. Every now and then someone comes here and leaves a link to this magazine in Michigan that published an article where companies get a cash bonus based on hiring a set amount of people within a time frame and Amway had signed up. However they didn't meet the requirements by the end. And as you pointed out because they get around tax laws and employee benefits and whatever by hiring temps and outsourcing. Amway is hardly the only shady company around pulling off this shit but it doesn't surprise me that their shittiness was covered in a book. And Amway is right up there when it comes to employers who need to learn how to treat their staff better and focus on employee retention. It's probably cheaper to go in the other direction and being in a constant hiring cycle and outsourcing. Knowing how Amway employees are treated and who knows what they're doing to the products to get even with their employer, buying Amway shit should be avoided. And pretty much is by everyone who isn't an IBO.

  4. That JOB thing, who do you think an ambot is gonna call if they get sick, if they are robbed or their house is on fire? Another Ambot, or an idiot with a JOB? I don't know how motivated I would be to help someone who thought I was an idiot for doing my job. Most people in those fields really do care about helping people, even people who despise them. God bless them and may God lay hold of the hearts of all the ambots and show them the depths of their depravity.

    1. Anonymous - an Ambot would always call their Amway upline who are qualified doctors because they went to Amway University and they'd get a prescription of Nutrilite for whatever's making them sick.

  5. It costs you time chasing a dream that will never materialize, you just lose your youthful days by being a brainwashed ambot.

    1. Anonymous - Ambots will never get back the time and money and brain cells they wasted in Amway.


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