Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Amway Will Ruin Your Life

People are finding their way to this blog after searching for “Amway will ruin your life”.

I’ve seen a lot of people leave comments on the Internet and even on this blog about the financial and emotional devastation that Amway inflicted upon them. Over 99% of IBO’s who sign up to be commissioned sales agents with Amway will lose money. That’s just the way the system is designed and part of the reason that Amway is known as a scam, a pyramid scheme, and Scamway.

The minimum monthly amount of money an IBO has to spend in purchasing Amway products is about $300 to reach 100PV that magical number at which Amway will send out a commission check of about $10. But it don’t stop there. $50/month for premier membership to WWDB (World Wide Destructive Bastards) another $35 for monthly Communikate services, say at least $50/month buying useless “motivational” CDs and books, paying to go to Amway meetings, paying even more dollars to attend out of town Amway functions because then you have ticket costs plus transportation, food, hotel, etc. Call it an average of $700/month if you even out the costs of the functions over a year. That is the bare minimum if you don’t want your sack of shit Platinum ridiculing you at Amway meetings for not coughing up the cash to meet these requirements. CORE ambots or at least those who want to impress their upline will probably spend much more than $300/month on useless shitty overpriced Amway products and more on the tool scam.

How much money you lose depends on how long you stick it out in the Amway cult. Could only be a few hundred bucks to several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars in losses. Much of those losses come from savings, selling the house and using the equity to “invest” in your Amway business, or going into credit card debt or taking out bank loans.

Some people can bounce back from the financial losses. A lot depends on how much they lost and how much income they currently earn. A person in their 20’s who loses $50,000 is more likely to recover than a senior citizen who wiped out their entire savings to chase the Amway nightmare. In many cases even though an IBO may have been involved in Scamway for only a year or two it takes many years to recover financially. Some ambots take harder hits than others and have to declare bankruptcy. Other ambots lose their houses because their upline counselled with them to skip a few mortgage payments in order to afford to go to the next Scamway function and the bank foreclosed on them.

Here’s a tip. If you’re planning to skip a mortgage payment talk to your bank first. Many banks allow their customers to skip a month due to temporary financial setbacks. Other banks let their customers skip a few payments but require them to make up the payments over the next few months adding on extra amounts to the mortgage payment until they’re caught up. If you skip a mortgage payment because you need to money to fund your Amway upline’s goals and stiff the bank without first discussing it with the manager they’re not going to be very happy. Banks don’t want to foreclose. They don’t really want to deal with someone’s house. They just want their money.

Its like the Amway cult leaders. They don’t really want to deal with their downline - they just want their money.

Another way Amway ruins people’s lives is by destroying relationships. The Amway cult leaders start out by separating the ambots from anyone in their lives who are not in Amway. That takes care of a lot of friends and family. If the ambot’s wife has no interest in Amway and can’t stand the fucking Amway assholes then they work hard at convincing the ambot to leave the relationship because the Amway asshole cult leaders know that the spouse can get control of the finances and stop the flow of money to Amway. But sometimes the brainwashed ambot chooses the Amway assholes over their spouse. There’s another marriage ending in divorce thanks to Scamway.

Amway ruins many lives and people take to the Internet to share their Amway horror stories. Thats why at Amway meetings the Amway cult leaders order the ambots not to look for “negative” information on the Internet about Amway. According to Amway assholes the Internet is a bathroom wall polluted by losers and quitters.

And of course everyone finds their way to Anna Banana’s chamber of Amway horrors telling about the treatment you’ll receive from Amway assholes and this is the hell you have to look forward to if you stay in Scamway - being abused by your upline.

So one more time I send out a big old FUCK YOU to two of the biggest bastards who tried to ruin our lives - the fucking asshole that sponsored us into Amway and our sack of shit Platinum!



  1. Where's your fucking Amway sponsor now?

    1. Jerry - he defected to Monavie with our sack of shit Platinum who convinced his followers to well follow him to a company (in his lying words) is much better than Amway with a much better training program and compensation. Same asshole different shit.

  2. I still remember my sponsor posting instagram holding packs of xs protein bars.

    1. Anonymous - talk about embarrassing if anyone sees that picture and knows he's an Amway loser.

  3. They switched to Monavie? And what about all the thousands of dollars they lost in Amway? Monavie has shut down, so they lost even more money on that failed venture as well. Where are those assholes now that they've failed in both Amway AND Monavie?

    1. I didn't know they closed down. Our sack of shit Platinum for fired from Amway 3 or 4 years ago. He was already signed up with Monavie because one time we were at his house and he served us some but he made the switch when Amway gave him the heave ho and took a bunch of his downline with him. I have no idea what the next step was. Did a bunch of Monaviers find a new MLM scam to join? If so that's where they'd be!

  4. Telling the truth hurts an ambot
    Telling something negative hurts an ambot.

    Therefore, telling the truth is negative to an ambot.

    1. Ain't that the truth! Or in an Ambot's mind - the negative!

  5. In terms of business, Amway is a lousy opportunity- Invest hundreds of dollars just to earn 10 dollars in commission.

    In terms of employment Amway is the worst employment opportunity- You have to pay money to get a "job" selling Amway stuffs for that pathetic "commission" and you have to pay for your own "training".

    In terms of shopping Amway isn't a good deal too. Nowadays with so much competition within the industry supermarkets have devised various strategies to attract and retain customers. For example, most chains team up with credit card companies to give rebates to customers. This might not be a lot (say 10 bucks rebate for every 500 bucks spent), but at least you do not need to spend on "training" or whatever just to get your products, and 500 bucks can buy way more stuff in Costco or Walmart than in Amway. Furthermore, many chains now provide free membership in order to retain customers, and free membership usually comes with it perks such as ability to accumulate points to be redeemed for discounts later.

    In terms of online shopping, Amway isn't the best out there too! Many supermarkets now provide online shopping service, and you can choose for your groceries to be delivered to you or you can collect from your nearest store. Some of the larger chains even provide same-day delivery service- you place your order in the morning and delivery will be made in the afternoon. There are even specialised sites where you place order online and they will send a team of people to a store of your choice, help you buy those groceries and have them delivered to you, all for a very nominal charge.

    Conclusion: Amway is not a good opportunity.

    - Gene

    1. Thats very true Gene but a brainwashed Ambot will never buy it. Amway is the shittiest opportunity out there because all it really is is an expensive buying club.

    2. Amway is a lot worse than "not a good opportunity." Amway is a spider web -- once you get tangled in it, you'll be bled dry.

    3. Anonymous - that is very true of the people who get sucked into Amway and stay there until they're bled dry.


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