Monday, April 18, 2016

The Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck

Saw this book The Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck on Amazon with a tagline I thought PERFECT perfectly describes how I feel about Amway and the fucking assholes in the Amway upline! “How to stop spending time you don’t have with people you don’t like doing things you don’t want to do”.

Sounds like my time in Amway!

What’s the most underdeveloped social skill at Amway meetings? Telling Ambots to fuck off.

Around this blog that is NOT an underdeveloped skill. We tell Amway Ambots to fuck off all the time. The magic of not giving a fuck and telling Amway assholes to fuck off is what drives this blog.

Getting back to the book The Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck again I can’t get over how the description on the cover is so appropriate: How to stop spending time you don’t have with people you don’t like doing things you don’t want to do.

Getting involved with Amway I knew what it would be like. Spending time with a bunch of Amway assholes who sit around talking about how they’re all going to be rich and they have no other interests outside of Amway. How could these Amway losers possibly be people I’d like? And when you spend time with people you don’t like, no let’s rephrase that to when you waste time with people you don’t like, that only makes you dislike them even more. It’s like you motherfuckers who have no life outside of Amway aren’t my kind of people to hang out with. The things you like to do I don’t like to do. I’m not all about tithing and worshipping the Great Amway God the way you Ambots make it your life’s mission. You Ambots like bragging about how “the business” is going great. I don’t, when it comes to the Amway “business” that is because if you say business is going good you’re a fucking liar. Business is only going good for a fraction of 1% of all Scambots. You Ambots like going to Amway meetings. I do not. Amway meetings are a waste of time. The sack of shit Amway cult leader preaches the same bullshit at the last meeting I went to and the meeting before that, hell the fucktard says the same thing at every Scamway meeting. I don’t like eating Amway food bars or drinking Amway beverages. You Ambots might like drinking piss and eating shit but everyone who’s not a brainwashed Amway Ambots doesn’t like that.

To put it simply I don’t give a fuck about Amway and I don’t give a fuck about the Amway cult followers. But speaking of fuck when you get fucked out of your time, money and brain cells you want to get on the Internet and share your story so others don’t fall into the same trap and to help others know Amway will only bring them financial and emotional distress so STAY AWAY FROM AMWAY!

There are brainwashed Ambots out there who actually do give a fuck about Amway. Actually that’s the only thing in life they give a fuck about. Sometimes Ambots stop by this blog and leave a comment bitching at us. Why do they give a fuck about people who don’t give a fuck about Amway? Sounds like these Ambots would be good customers for reading the book about the magic of not giving a fuck. I got it down. Amway Ambots don’t.

This is one book you’ll never see this book on the Amway tool scam’s reading list. It says fuck all over the place. Those Amway prudes will steer clear. And just to be up front if you click on the Amazon link and you decide to buy it, I don’t make a commission off you. I’m not an affiliate or an associate or whatever they call people who put up links so if someone clicks they can make some money.

I love the chapter titles like cleaning up your fuck drawer. That would be the equivalent to housecleaning and hunting down all the Amway products in the house and throwing that shit in the garbage. FUCK AMWAY!!!!

What about on giving and not giving a fuck. Well I kind of covered that a couple of paragraphs above about the bitching Ambots who show up here. Why should Amway Ambots give a fuck about what we’re doing here because we don’t give a fuck about what Ambots are doing somewhere else.

Who are these mythical people who don’t give a fuck? LOL! All those do-good arrogant fucking Amway asshole prudes who think they’re mythical people just by virtue of being an Amway cult follower LOL!

Making a fuck budget. I think Amway Ambots already do that! LOL! Judging by all the searches I get from horny Amway bastards. Where is the Amway sex power medicine? LOL!

What about people who can’t stop giving a fuck about you not giving a fuck. Yup that chapter should have pictures of Amway Ambots attached to it! LOL! Describes those fuckers pretty good!

Oh and then there’s the work category not to give a fuck about broken down into: meetings, conference calls, and dress code. Can anyone say Amway! Those are high on the list of things that Ambots give a fuck about. Normal people not so much.

The holy fucking trinity: time, energy, and money. Holy fuck that sounds like the bullshit spewed forth at Amway cult meetings!

Fuck the haters. That sounds like one of those juvenile lines that Amway Ambots use when they show up here to leave negative comments.

Let’s make it easy. Everything I learned about not giving a fuck I learned from Anna Banana!

Time for another big old shut out: FUCK AMWAY!


  1. If you're in Amway, you have to pretend that you like sitting at those stupid meetings and night owls and functions. You have to wear a fake smile, and keep saying that everything is going great with your business, even though you are hemorrhaging funds to your bloodsucking up-line.

    This is all part of that "positive thinking" crap. You are required to be upbeat and cheery about EVERYTHING! It's sickening.

    And yes -- the persons you have to associate with are the stupidest, dullest, least educated buffoons that can be imagined. No interest in ANYTHING outside of Amway! Nothing at all! They don't give a shit about music, or art, or literature, or fine dining, or anything at all that isn't connected with Amway.

    Ask yourself -- do you really want to spend years of your life hanging out with philistine assholes of this type? With small-town dorks in cheap business suits? With people whose mental horizon is limited to their monthly PV?

    An Ambot becomes free when he finally says to himself "I don't give a fuck about these stupid people and this stupid business plan. I'm outta here!"

    1. Anonymous - yup you've described an Amway Ambot. Wearing a stupid suit and a stupid smile during stupid Amway meetings.

      Therefore the term - AMBOTS!

  2. I still wonder why my cousin joined Amway back in 1971. He was such a nice guy -- so kind, so perceptive, so willing to learn. And as I have mentioned in past posts here, he had a love of art and culture and music and fine literature back then.

    So what the hell happened?

    As I ponder it, it occurs to me that he came from a working-class family that was rising up to comfortable middle-class status. His neighborhood was nice, but not fancy. He was the first in his family to go to college.

    And then it hit me -- the older men around him! The men in his neighborhood were self-employed, working to middle class types. They ran small garages, or maybe grocery stores. One had a laundromat. Another had a motor vehicle franchise. Some were civil servants like police or firemen. One guy had a hardware store, another a delicatessen. None of them had desk jobs in offices.

    These men shaped my cousin's worldview. He looked up to guys like this. They were independent, hard-working, hard-as-nails guys who knew the value of a dollar and the importance of labor. They were shrewd and tough. I remember how my cousin would talk with these men, in a tone of deep respect and reverence for their skill and tenacity.

    So what happens -- a tragedy. Some fucking Amway schmuck comes along and tells my poor cousin (he was only 23 at the time) that he too could become an "independent" and "profit-making" man just like all of these guys around him. Hard work and persistence and devotion to a goal was all he needed! And my cousin swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker.

    I wonder if this is a common pattern in the recruitment of young male IBOs. Are they trying to emulate the successful men around them, by taking a fake shortcut to success?

    1. Anonymous - I'd say most family of people recruited by a cult wonder how the hell it could have happened. Hundreds of people moved to Jonestown Guyana to become jungle slave laborers. Why would people do that? Why do people worship the Great Amway God. If there was an answer or a way to stop people from getting scammed by these evil cult leaders that would be as great an invention as sliced bread!

  3. What's really funny is that my cousin, as soon as he signed up in Amway, tried to recruit all of those men around him who had garages and delicatessens and grocery stores and motor vehicle franchises to join Amway too.

    They didn't laugh in his face, but politely declined.

    1. Anonymous - at least it was nice they didn't laugh in his face the way most people do when they hear someone is in Amway.


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