Thursday, May 12, 2016

Amway Ambots Sniping Barnes & Noble Customers

“Amway how to strike up conversation in Barnes & Noble” was the criteria an ambot used to search Google and ended up at this blog.

Its a big no no for IBO’s to harrass customers shopping at Barnes & Noble.

The problem is information control from Amway’s upline cult leaders. Memos like this are not sent out to individual IBO’s but rather to the people Amway considers (cult) “leaders”. It is their responsibility to notify their downline but not everyone gets notified.

Especially IBO’s who signed up after this was sent out from head office. Undoubtedly complaints were coming in Barnes & Noble management for a few years. In its typical tradition of Amway employees working at head office not giving a shit what Amway IBO’s are doing likely nothing was done for the longest time. I’m not sure what threats it took from Barnes & Noble to the big shots at Scamway before the letter was sent out to the Amway cult leaders to deal with the annoying ambots.

I can’t say as I go around striking up a conversation with anyone when I’m shopping at Barnes & Noble. Sometimes I can’t find the book I’m looking for which is annoying because when I checked B&N website earlier I saw my location had books in stock so I’ll ask a clerk for assistance and they’ll lead me right to it. Sometimes someone will be in the same section as me looking for a book but I still don’t strike up a conversation with them. If I was going to and I noticed they were holding a book I’d read I might say something like that’s a good book one of my favorite writers or that book sucks save your money. But not usually. People don’t like to be harrassed when they’re shopping. Even more so if they’re flipping through a book and reading passages trying to make a decision on whether or not to buy. They don’t need some fucking Amway ambot sniping them and saying hey I’m a business owner and I sell books too. Yup B&N will want the throw that fucker out of their store for trying to take their business away from them. Competition!

Bottom line is Amway’s head office doesn’t give a flying fuck what the IBOs are doing. I’ve complained about lies I heard from our upline and head office typical lazy ass response is to claim they are not responsible for anything said at Amway meetings and if we have a problem to take it up with the upline who lied to us.

So really what happens if a manager from Barnes & Noble calles Amway’s I-don’t-give-a-shit customer service desk to complain about ambots sniping customers shopping in their stores. The response they’ll get is - find someone who gives a shit and tell them! Its not like anything will happen to the ambot. What are they going to say? You’re fired. And we’ve just lost another income stream. Ha ha. Not likely.

If you’re an Amway asshole - stay out of Barnes & Noble!

If you are an Amway asshole and you see me in Barnes & Noble - don't fuck with me!


  1. Another plain fact if life: People who buy and read books are not the type to join a half-assed scam-racket like Amway.

    1. Anonymous - Amway is an equal opportunity scam. They've sucked in prospects who are well read and educated. Many cults have sucked in professionals. There's a link somewhere around here to an IRS ruling after auditing scamming ambots and the IBO is a doctor or dentist who thinks the road to riches lies in Amwayinstead of his well paid profession.

  2. Can't say it enough times. If the Amway scam were a viable business opportunity there would be no need to hype it up at "business" meetings or send out brainwashed Ambots proselytizing for new cult members to give away their money to sustain the Amway cult leaders. There are plenty of astute business minded people out there who would find IT, not the other way around. Any scam detector pointed at Amway will go ding ding ding ding!

    1. You're right Ray. People looking for a legitimate business opportunity can figure out the way to go about it without having some annoying loser chasing them down in the book or grocery aisles.

    2. Quite true. If Amway were a really good business opportunity, why aren't thousands of people flocking to sign up as IBOs? Why do Ambots have to hang around shopping malls and bookstores to trick people into coming to a recruitment meeting?

      And why is saying the dread word "Amway" forbidden to these recruiters?

      Answer #1: Amway is NOT a good business opportunity, and almost every sentient human being can see that.

      Answer #2: The word "Amway" is now synonymous in most people's minds with cholera, AIDS, SARS, ISIS, and pedophilia.

    3. Anonymous - totally agree with everything you said. And the word Amway is the same as just about every awful disease out there. And Amway is one of those self inflicted diseases.

  3. Amway is distancing itself from IBO's because they are "independent" from the company.

    1. Anonymous - Amway has been distancing themselves from IBO's for a very long time. When we phoned head office to complain they'd say Amway isn't responsible for what is said at Amway meetings. I mean what the fuck? How can Amway NOT be responsible for what is said at Amway meetings? And complaining about specific lying scamming IBO's - Amway's head office says to discuss it with the IBO who told the lie. Again what the fuck! Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees but Amway seems to think their staff can do whatever the fuck they want and Amway won't do anything when the complaints come rolling in. Except maybe in the case of B&N they did a half hearted campaign to tell IBO's to stop going there to pester customers.

    2. Bottom line is that Amway doesn't want their name mentioned because it is so negative. They tell their own Ambot people not to mention the name of the company, telling them to say only "a business opportunity" instead. And they don't want Barnes and Noble making waves over that name in public either so they half heartedly told their people to back off. Even their crummy products don't have that name on them because people would be embarrassed to have it seen in their house. And in the example of their energy drinks they don't want their name associated with the taste of cat piss so the label says "XS" instead.

    3. Ray - Amway must have a whole bunch of names trademarked to pull off the old bait & switch on their products. They say Alticor, Nutrilite, XS, or whatever to trick people its not that slimy Amway shit.

  4. Amway doesn't really give a fuck what its IBOs are doing or saying, as long as the money keeps flowing upwards. They only get concerned if something happens down-line that might cause them legal difficulties, or bad publicity.

    And to tell you the truth, that's exactly the same attitude of organized crime towards its network of criminal underlings. Do what you want, as long as it brings us a good profit, and as long as you're not caught, and don't get us in the papers.

    1. Hi Anonymous - yup we figure out real fast Amway doesn't give a fuck what their staff are doing. When Amway fires IBO's the money stops flowing upwards. And yeah B&N could have made a few threats to Amway about their Ambots and Amway half heartedly told them to stop pestering customers there.

      Organized crime doesn't want to be responsible for nothing as long as they make money. Just like Amway.


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