Monday, May 9, 2016

The Hellish Horror Of Working At An Amway Function

Just in case any ambots show up here freaking out about how they missed Amway World Wide Dream Builders Free Enterprise Days FED this comment was left by a person employed by the arena. So if some fucked up Amway asshole shows up here bitching that WWDB FED was not held last weekend, it was indeed “last weekend” to the writer when this comment was left but not when we’re bringing it up here as a topic. So you ambots don’t have to be dumb fucks anymore than you already are by being all high and mighty that Amway didn’t have a function going on “last weekend” somewhere. I always watched the staff who work at the arenas where Amway functions are being held and wondered what’s going through their minds while they listen to the bullshit being spouted from the assholes up on the stage. And now none of us has to wonder anymore!

I worked as an usher at the Portland FED event this past weekend. I have worked this event for the past several years, and find it an interesting study in human nature. I came to the conclusion this past weekend that it really is a cult. I understand the human desire to be successful and rich. It is nice to have the feeling that someone else can show you the way to these riches. However, when I heard several of the speakers say that if your family and friends try to talk you out of this endeavor, you need new family and friends (i.e. your Amway family). That is so definitely a cult tactic, it's terrifying. There were a lot of things said by these "diamonds" that were excruciating to me, especially saying anyone who has a "job" is living a life of mediocrity. They didn't use the term "loser," but it was most definitely implied. I work two part-time jobs and am the owner of two small businesses (working on a 3rd). I am very happy and fulfilled and love my jobs and businesses. Every day is a joy and I'm doing fine financially. Please don't call my life mediocre, and know that there is no way on earth I would want to live the Amway lifestyle. Good luck to those of you that do.


  1. Well, we have independent confirmation from a neutral observer that Amway is an honest-to-God cult. It is a telltale mark of cults to isolate prospective victims emotionally, cutting them off from their natural human links and resources.

    When you tell vulnerable people that they need to break from their family and friends, you are doing something profoundly evil. Amway has been doing this for decades.

    The bloodsucking leeches in Amway won't take the place of your family and friends. They will just love-bomb you, flatter your vanity, and then slowly turn you into an android, for the purpose of draining you of your funds.

    Let's see if some stupid Amway types show up here to try and defend the practice of cutting persons off from their family. Come on, you fucking Amway cowards! Let's hear your defense. I'm just waiting to rip you a new asshole.

    1. Anonymous - maybe not on this post but Ambots have left so many comments saying their up line isn't like that and their up line are honest ethical people and a bunch of other canned Amspeak lies. Amway is all about destroying lives, whether or not they're in their cult.

  2. Does sex go on at these Amway functions? I've been told that the men and the women are forced to sit separately when gathered for meetings.

    That's kind of cultish too.

    1. Anonymous - I believe the Ambots have to ask permission from the Assholes in their Amway up line if they can have sex. And yes at many Scamway meetings boys are on one side of the room and girls on the other. It's all part of the male chauvinist teachings that are part of belonging to the Amway cult.

    2. You have to ask up-line's permission to have sex with YOUR OWN WIFE? Good grief.

      Now that is an absolute proof of Amway's cult status. I've heard of this happening in Scientology, in Jim Jones' sicko cult in Guiana, in the crackpot Synanon cult from the 1950s and 60s, and among those bizarre Sullivanians in Manhattan.

      Interfering in someone's personal and intimate life is a sure sign of a cult. What the hell it has to do with the retail sale of soap products is utterly beyond me.

    3. Anonymous - one time our sack of shit Platinum went off on a one hour rant about one of the cult followers who got his wife pregnant after being specifically told by the Amway cult leader not to have children. Like other people's lives are any of his fucking business. Well maybe if he wasn't in the Amway cult.

      When you're in Amway you "earn the privilege" of stuff like watching TV or sex or meeting some hallowed cult leader.

      And you're right what does selling soap or selling the hope have to do with interfering in other people's lives.

  3. This comment rings true to me on so many different levels, but I figured I would only speak on behalf of my experience with one particular individual.

    When I got out of college last year, I got a job in telemarketing (yes I was one of those people for a brief period, and it actually does work...unbelievably). When I was there I met a nice young man a little older than I (I believe he was 29 and I am 27). The rest of the people at the job were either from halfway houses, or career job hoppers. The churn rate for the business was roughly 50-70% of new employees every month, and then there were some older folks that had been there much longer.

    Getting back to the point at hand.

    The guy I met was unlike the rest, because he always had a smile on his face, had genuine enthusiasm for life, and above all else, ambition. We gravitated towards each other, because we were so different from the rest and had expectations of making a great life for ourselves. He eventually brought up an analogy when we were hanging out, and I had no idea how loaded (set up for an affirmative response) it truly was. He asked me, "If you had to shovel shit for 3 years and didn't paid, would you do it if you were paid $250,000 a year after that for the rest of your life." My immediate thought was yes, and saw the parallels of that with going to college, because that to me was like shoveling shit and hoping to get a $50,000 plus career starting out. This is when the coffee meetings began to occur and our friendship went into a weird cross section of creepy personal information mixed with business dreams.

    He made me read a book from Robert Kiyosaki called Businesses of the 21st Century, and asked if I had ever heard of this BILLIONAIRE before. I said no, because 1. He is not a billionaire, and 2. Anyone outside of Amway or other MLM's wouldn't know about this fly.

    After reading the book, we met again and I was a little shaken. I didn't learn anything business related from the book, and his writing was atrocious. He told me I would understand more once we went to see a meeting where Robert's tools were implemented. We ended up going to a weird church in the middle of nowhere and saw Amway diamond Mike Carrol (to preface this Mike Carrol is completely uneducated and worthless).

    We went to the meeting and Mike Carrol did an ego massage that was surrounded with cheers as everyone rejoiced at his wonderful success and lifestyle. I could've given two shits...I was here to learn how to make money. He finally got to the business plan in the last 10 minutes of the 2 hour meeting and it consisted of circles and purchasing from your store. I was more confused than ever and was sure I was witnessing a pyramid scheme. The products were completely unnecessary and the sole source of income generation was recruiting 12 circles and then teaching them to each recruit 12 circles...clearly not mathematically probable and eventually an impossibility. I have to go back for a moment and mention that he paid cash supposedly for everything, but at the end he talked about the Amway credit card...clearly nobody else noticed a very big issue. He reiterated the pyramid idea by suggesting he gets paid every time one of his down line makes a "shwipee" with their credit card...clearly he isn't moving any product they are just unlucky enough to be below him.

    I told my friend I still don't understand the business, and he said how could you not understand...that was it. I began to feel slimy and used...but I didn't stop there. He encouraged me to go to a meeting at his house.

    1. Hey Ben. Thanks for sharing your story. We'll probably bring it forward in an upcoming post in a few months and get it into the rotation.

      You know there are some people who always seem to be happy, have a smile on their face or enthusiastic about what's going on in other people's lives. And you can see the difference between these genuine people and the fake nicey nice act that Amway Ambots put on.

      You've described how Ambots prospect someone else. They see this person is eager to improve themselves, get a better paying job, start their own business, etc. That's the first time I've heard the line about shoveling shit for 3 years and then have $250,000 rolling in every year for the rest of your life. Always good to know what lies and lines Ambots are currently using so we can help others realize when they're being prospected by the Amway cult.

      The Amway "business plan" looks good on paper. You eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway drink every day and you find 12 others to do what you do and they find 12 others and they find 12 others and so on and so on and in 2 to 5 years you're all going to be RICH! Yeah maybe looks good on paper but as you figured out the mathematical probability of carrying out such a pyramid scheme is unlikely. Its hard enough finding one person who's open to being scammed let alone 6 or 12 or more.

      Can you imagine taking the Amway "business plan" into your bank and asking the banker for a small business loan. If the banker is kind he'd break the news its a pyramid scheme but odds are he'd be too busy laughing at you to give you the good advice to stay the hell away from this scam.


  4. We went to his house and his upline held a meeting. The meeting was strange, because everyone still had to dress up as we sat in his living room with a pen and paper (completely unnecessary). His upline was an eagle which means he was essentially at the bottom like the rest of us, and I was in the room with his entire team. He described how wonderful the business was for him and his wife, and they were planning on retiring next year (officially this year, and they are completely full of bovine excrement...BS as the lament term). I asked about the numbers previously from my friend, and he said that is not important...WTF he kept saying I was going to be his business partner and yet he doesn't know numbers!??!?! His upline however, was supposed to know all of that stuff...he explained that the costs were split in such a way that if I diverted a small portion of my monthly income towards Amway, I essentially wouldn't notice that it was gone and eventually I would get a grand return. Sorry folks, that isn't how business works...

    I wish I could say the story ended there, but it doesn't...I did end up attending an FED last October, but I won't go into details about that because this post has already gotten massively long.

    Coming full circle...the reason why I think it is a cult as well is, A. The ridiculous need for business attire, B. The bizarre literature they have you read and the edification of people beyond their actual value, C. The lack of a coherent business plan, and the inability to distinguish numbers, and D. The fact that they use diversion tactics to answer meaningful questions, and or not answer them all but rather send you to a different meeting or a different person.

    1. Ben - it was really weird. Why the hell should we dress up in business suits just to meet a bunch of Amway cult members in someone's living room.

      Pen and paper are necessary but mostly Ambots are writing down key words and checking the time on their recording device and writing it down so they know where to go back to and listen.

      Let me see if I can sum up the FED you went to last October. It started out with a tribute to the armed forces which would have been nice except it was an Amway cult meeting and that just made it really fucking creepy. Then one Diamond couple after another walked out on stage. They're dressed like they're going for dinner on the Queen Mary. Then they all tell similar stories. They were both working minimum wage jobs. They were eating out of dumpsters. They were sharing a bed with another couple (Amway swingers!). And then one day a dear friend showed them "the business" plan. They borrowed $20 from their aunt to put gas in the car and drove to the next Amway function. And now they're rich rich rich and they pay for everything in cash. And watch this slide show of their material wealth.

      Amway the Cult of Greed.

      No business advice is ever given at Amway "business" meetings. The IRS has determined that these are social functions and hell to be paid by an Ambot who tries to claim Amway shit on their taxes.

      Yup you got some good points about why Amway is a cult.

      Thanks for sharing your story!

    2. That is a rough plot of the FED experience, and I am sure I will go into detail about it at a later just seemed to be over kill for the point I was trying to relate with.

  5. The demand for "business attire" is really a defense mechanism. People in Amway are not really in business at all -- they are just commissioned salespersons. But by wearing this so-called "business attire" they can pretend to themselves that they are bigshots. It's sort of like re-enactors who put on a Civil War uniform to pretend that they are in the battle of Gettysburg.

    Lack of a business plan and complete confusion about numbers and figures just go to show that the only thing that matters in Amway is wild enthusiasm, and constant recruitment. Numbers are just "details," and in Amway "details" don't matter.

    Refusal to answer meaningful questions? That's part and parcel of the rejection of intelligence, inquiry, and cool appraisal of the facts. Amway HATES anything that smacks of laid-back, untroubled, and careful perception. It goes against everything that the Amway mentality thrives on.

    "Edification" (mindless praise of persons) is the addictive drug that keeps all of this absurd fake business plan going.

    Amway is a cult run not by high priests, but by carnival barkers.

    1. Anonymous - you got it. Amway Ambots go around acting like they're big important hot shot business owners. When the reality is they're fucking arrogant bastards.

      There's a big difference being one of the people who own the Amway company and some sucker who's making pennies as a commissioned salesperson for this pyramid scheme.

      Amway is all about fake it till you make it except 99,997 out of every 10,000 won't make money in Scamway.

      Amway the Cult of Greed is pure evil.

  6. Thank you for sharing your story, Ben. Excellent points about why it's a cult. Please tell us about the FED function. I also wanted to ask you, it seems you saw a lot of red flags early on already, so why did you go to that FED function? And did the negative information online about Scamway help you in any way while you were being prospected? Thanks!

    1. The FED function will come up was a 3 day account of cognitive dissonance mixed with social ineptitude (not being able to fit in with the rest).

      The red flags were not as pronounced at the time, because I still had the desire to make money and truly believed the guy was there to help me. One of my favorite expressions is 20/20 hindsight, and it couldn't be a more perfect example here. The other one, roughly summarized from Mark Cuban is, nobody gives out good advice for free, and if the deal is really good, the last thing they are going to do is share it with you. As I look back, it is really easy for me to truly pick apart my story and highlight the terrific nonsense that was used on me.

      I went to the FED function for a couple of reasons, and sadly none of them are good.
      1. The tickets were approximately $150 for the weekend, but because I was new, I got a guest pass for free.
      2. I was told that this was the biggest event of the year (obviously not true as they hold at least 4 of these stupid things a year), and I was about to stop trying to learn about this nonsense but figured if there was anywhere I would would be there.
      3. I still really liked the guy, and even though he was terrible at explaining the business and deflected everything to his mentor (upline), he had a certain sense of innocence and honesty. I truly believe, especially because he was new to this as well, that he wanted it to be a real thing, AND he was trying to help others...not realizing he was doing the opposite. That opinion has changed recently as he became so detached, and fell off the deep end. However, originally I believe he had good intentions.

      I never pursued the internet for answers until after the honestly never dawned on me to try and learn more until I felt as though I had been had.

      There were a couple of other reasons for why I kept going down this path that are truly embarrassing...but they are all connected to two things.
      1. I wanted to provide for my future I am getting married soon.
      2. I was vulnerable when I got out of college, and still am, but have a better understanding of my vulnerabilities, and therefore I was easy prey for the scam. I would've tried anything short of selling blood and semen (which looking back are both much better answers).

    2. Wow. Thank you so much, Ben, for those honest, full answers. So much for myself and others to learn from that story. At least you didn't pay the $150 for the FED, so it makes sense to have been curious and try to get all the information you could. Perhaps more people now turn to the internet immediately after being prospected, so that saves them early. That's how I was saved. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    3. Hi Ben, congrats on upcoming marriage. And the best part for your wife is she won't be married to an ambot. Amway is a huge relationship killer.

      I agree with what you noted that most people who get involved in Amway have good intentions of providing for the family but except for a tiny fraction of 1%, none of them can do that.

      And Amway cult leaders all swear that the upcoming Amway function is the biggest event of the year, not to be missed, puts you 6 months ahead of everyone who didn't attend.

      And you're young enough that you'll be able to bounce back financially and emotionally from this awful experience. Lesson learned - never get involved with MLM scams.

      You see it now but at the time you were brainwashed not to believe anyone except your Amway upline.

      Good luck with everyone you have ahead of you in your life!

  7. In real world, real business owners make decisions based on facts and risks.

    An ambot is taught to ignore facts and risks and they should make business decisions based on their overhyped feelings and zealous enthusiasm.

    1. That's the real world. Ambots don't have to make and decisions because they're playing a make belief game of being pretend business owners. The real Amway business owners are laughing at those Ambot losers all the way to the bank.

  8. IBO's are indoctrinated that families are "negative", "dreanstealers" and "pessimistic" people and you should not listen to them because you will be depressed.

    That's a subtle pressure applied to an IBO to stray.

    1. Anonymous - there are all kinds of subtle and not so subtle ways to pressure the IBO not to leave the Amway cult. And they're all linked back to the greedy pursuit of money and material possessions.


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