Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Do You Remember Quixtar?

A few years ago Amway changed its name to Quixtar. I’m not sure when but I’ll throw out 2000 give or take a couple of years. I know our first round of Amway hell the name was Quixtar but I don’t know for sure when the name change happened because it was already in effect.

There seemed to be a couple of rumors why the name changed to Quixtar. One of the rumors had to do with inheritance tax that the children of the Amway owners were taking over and by changing the name and creating a new company they could avoid or lessen their taxes. I don’t know if that is true - the part about getting out of paying taxes. I have no idea. Its what we were told by the upline.

The other theory - and the more likely one - the name change was to get away from Amway’s bad image. Creating the new name Quixtar would take people awhile longer to figure out that it had something to do with scAmway. Rebranding themselves with a new name and a new image. It might have worked if the greedy bastards had priced their products to be competitive with other products in the marketplace and if they’d gotten rid of the troublemakers, the cult sects and the Amway tool scam. But no. Not an option when you’re driven by greed!

Ambot got involved again around the time the name change back to Amway was announced. Its now been a few years since Amway has been referred to as Quixtar.

The fact that the name has changed a few years ago doesn’t seem to stop people from searching for Quixtar.

So you know what that means! Keywords! I am still getting searches for Quixtar function or Quixtar Spring Leadership and spelled Quickstar. Let me spell it wrong again just in case. Quikstar. Quiktar. Quickstar. Quick Star. Quix Star. How many ways can that word be spelled?

Call it what you want. Amway. Alticor. Quixtar. WWDB World Wide Dream Builder functions. It all adds up to one thing = SCAMWAY!!!

Pyramid scheme. Cult. Brainwashing. Liars.

Take your Quixtar and shove it where the sun don’t shine!


  1. Anonymous again, with the Ambot girlfriend.
    I don't think I can ethically be involved with this corporation, or recruit anyone else. I've previously stated I was in for investigative reasons.

    As someone who's suspected the tactics of cults, I've familiarized myself with the work of Steven Hassan, mental health expert and ex-cult member. His BITE model applies very well to the tactics of many multi-level marketing corporations, but especially this one (we are encouraged not to reference it by name...who knows what its called this week...maybe they changed their name back to Quixtar!)
    I've heard someone teach that if a prospect wants to look up the company online, or even if they want to know the name at all, they are potentially unworthy of being a distributor. WTF? Are we purposefully recruiting people with no brains?

    To my surprise, Hassan actually did a segment regarding MLMS and his commentary is right on the money.
    LINK: https://vimeo.com/15649228

    Honestly, I'm just waiting for the system to collapse...a business model based on recruitment is inherently unstable, as Hassan and Brooks explain..."recruiting 10 people is based on the assumption that they can recruit 10 people." The pattern never ends.

    I'm more scared people get involved in these things for social reasons even though they know the business model has serious problems (me!). This is what is most horrifying!

    I'm not really anti-Amway/Quixtar/Alticor/Access Business Group/Whatever. At least they have legitimate products! But I am vehemently against the techniques they use. They are proud that they don't "advertise." But I would rather see annoying ads than be encouraged to use a methods that are deceitful. We are selling the dream rather than selling goods!!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by!

      I can't tell you how many brainwashed ambots who show up here spouting off bullshit that their upline are the most honest and ethical people they've ever met. LOL! Those are NOT qualities for people in Amway. Unethical, immoral, dishonest and no conscience are qualities that lying scheming Amway Ambots must have if they want to make any sales.

      Steve Hassan has all kinds of videos including some where he talks about the Amway cult.

      We've got a post around here somewhere that we've got that bullshit about how Amway doesn't spend money advertising so they can pass on the money for commission to the ambots. We've all seen those dumb ass commercials on TV and gone what the fuck. The Amway cult leader lied to us that Amway doesn't do advertising.

      Now there's a shocker NOT that someone in Amway is a liar!

  2. Dear Anonymous at 9:48 AM --

    Yes, people do get involved in Amway primarily for social and psychological reasons. And in general, those are the ones who become Amway lifers, spending years and years in the cult, losing their shirts.

    Those who join Amway to make a profit usually discover pretty quickly that the "Plan" doesn't work, and they quit within six months to a year. In other words, if you are a person with a genuine business mentality, you get out of Amway fairly soon after joining.

    But the ones who sign up for social or psychological reasons? No -- they are a different class. Deep down, they don't really care about losing money. They want the friendship, the love-bombing, the sense of solidarity, the rigid belief-system that Amway provides.

    If you have studied cults and cultic practice seriously, then you know that the motivation for joining a cult and staying in one is emotional and irrational. So ask yourself this: Is your girlfriend interested primarily in making money, or is she interested primarily in the emotional and irrational side of Amway?

    Your answer to that question will tell you how easy or hard it will be to get her out of Amway.

    1. Those are good points anonymous. People join cults because of something it offers them. Amway the Cult of Greed offers love bombing, instant friendships, and promises of being rich for the rest of your life after 2 to 5 years of solid devotion to the Great Amway God.

  3. I was prospected for Quixtar in 99. The IBO said he would buy me lunch then changed that once I got there. The way he described the service was actually pretty cool at the time, think amazon for a wide range of stores. The only mention of Amway was it's inclusion on the list of stores that Quixtar would serve. Strong was the implication that Quixtar members would have access to special deals and products.

    He game me a tape to listen to, insisted I take it. I never listened to it and he kept calling me trying to get it back so I blocked his number thinking he was trying to sell to me again. It never occurred to me that the tape was really expensive and he probably was just trying to get it back.

    Oh well

    1. Hi Anonymous. People in Amway are broke. He couldn't afford to buy you lunch! LOL! He'd have to get permission from his upline to spend money on something that's not Amway products or tools and he was likely told no and to use that lunch money to buy more tapes!

      Yes the Amway cult promotes their scam like Amazon where you can buy products from all over the place and Amway is the middleman who bumps up the prices. They have flash cards as part of their presentation where they try to compare themselves to Amazon. Amway only makes a fraction of the money that Amazon does and Amazon has been around only about 20 years and they figured out what Amway didn't - sell products that people actually want to buy for good prices.

      Yeah those tapes or CD's now are expensive. Cost the Ambot at least $5 even though they only cost pennies each to produce. Hey don't call it the Amway tool scam for nothing. But yeah that's why he wanted it back. There ain't nothing free in Scamway!

  4. The idea that anyone in Amway would buy you a cup of coffee and a doughnut, let alone a full meal, is laughable. These people are CHEAP FUCKING BASTARDS.

    Go to an Amway business meeting, and what does the host serve you? A wafer-thin slice of an Amway energy bar? A tiny cuplet of their stupid energy drink? A glass of warm tap water?

    It's one thing if you're poor, and can't afford to be lavish. But Amway freaks are cheap by instinct when it comes to hospitality. They don't mind shelling out scads of cash to their corrupt up-line, but they deeply resent having to pay any sort of money as a friendly gesture of hospitality. Love-bombing your guests is cheap -- giving them decent refreshments isn't.

    Why do Amway freaks insist on meeting you at crappy dives like Starbucks, or some local greasy spoon, or at the espresso and latte section of a Barnes and Noble store? They even think it's OK to meet prospective recruits at a fast-food dump like McDonald's!

    A genuine businessman knows that such places are an insult to your prospective client or recruit. If you really wanted to display your success and seriousness, you'd take him to a decent place to eat, and pick up the check.

    The fact that Amway freaks won't do this is a sure sign that they are irretrievably LOW CLASS and COMMON. That's the core of Amway -- fling money with wild abandon at your up-line, but nickel-and-dime your prospects.

    1. Anonymous - they only became cheap fucking bastards because of Amway. Its entirely possible that before and after Amway they weren't cheap fucking Amway bastards. When you're inside the Amway cult you're a broke loser. All the money you have and the money you don't have too has to go to tithe the Great Amway God.

      But yeah I've been to enough Scamway meetings to know they bring out the Dixie cups and pour a teensy amount of XS like that will hide the cat piss taste! LOL! And imagine the size of a Snickers bar that's about the same length of an Amway food bar. Its thinly sliced into about 40 pieces and put on a plate like appetizers. I don't remember ever having tap water at an Amway meeting because the ambot serving it would get shit for not serving something bought from Scamway.

      I've never figured out why Ambots want to meet at fast food restaurants and coffee shops. If its counter service then there's no wait staff circulating to take your order. You got a better chance of sitting unobserved at a table in a fast food place and not buying something.

      Yeah really decent business people will meet at a nice restaurant or bar for drinks or a meal. Fake business owners like Amway Ambots are low class losers who won't wine and dine good business prospects.


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