Monday, August 22, 2016

Amway Ambots Leave People Behind

Part of being involved in Amway is listening the cult leaders talk about destroying existing relationships the ambots have with their family, friends, and co-workers.

Like any cult, the brainwashing techniques are used to separate cult followers from others who can show them the proof that they are in a dangerous cult, they’re throwing their money away at a scam and paying off cult leaders, and that they are being lied to.

Obviously the leaders of any cult don’t want the cash flowing to them to stop. They also are freaks who require others to worship them with undying love and affection so they don’t want that to stop either.

One phrase I heard a lot from our sack of shit Platinum went to the effect of “leaving people behind”. This had to do with people who were not in Amway. Ambots are brainwashed to believe that they are better than everyone else who is not in Amway. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not in Amway are stupid and losers. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not in Amway all have jobs working for someone else and will always be broke.

Leaving people behind? Clearly our sack of shit Platinum is not a team player. He could never be a marine because he would never accept their motto about leaving no man behind. Our fucked up Platinum is no different than any other ambot only out for themselves and their greedy materialistic aspirations that the great Amway cult will bring to them. I wouldn’t want to be in a train wreck with that fucker. That’s one asshole who wouldn’t help any other survivors escape a fiery carnage.

Leave them people behind!

That’s the Platinum’s message to the ambots because the good things in life only come to selfish, greedy people in Amway.

Its no different than other religious cults who are brainwashed to believe they are better than everyone else and that they should not associate with people who are not in their cult. Every cult promises some sort of paradise to their followers.

The only way for ambots to gain admission to this paradise - the good life with residual income and plenty of it rolling in forever - is to leave other people behind because they are not in Amway.

Our fucked up sack of shit Platinum cult leader would preach at his followers about why they would want to associate with someone who doesn’t “get it” about Amway. Those people who don’t “get it” don’t “get it” because they’re too stupid to “get it”. Leave them behind!

Burn those bridges!

“As soon as you get rich in Amway then everyone you know who laughed at you will want to sign up and it will be too late for them.” Yup the typical cult leader’s message of doom and gloom for people who are not cult followers. The reason it will be too late for the people you’re leaving behind is because the marketplace has been flooded with ambots and the only people who can make money are those at the top of the pyramid.

But those people have been sitting at the top of the pyramid for many years, decades in some cases.

Leaving people behind to scramble up the slippery sides of a pyramid is the business plan shown to brainwashed ambots.

I got a better plan. The people I leave behind are brainwashed ambots.


  1. I have never, anywhere else, met so many vicious, stupid, nasty, arrogant, uneducated, and venomous people as I have in Amway.

    A creepy IBO once said to me "Amway people are the salt of the earth!" As far as I am concerned, Amway people are the infectious bacteria of the earth.

    1. Anonymous - the nastiest most horrible evil people I've ever met in my life have all been in Amway.

      And the way Amway Ambots treat the rest of the world who aren't in their cult is how we treat them right back at them around here.

      You know as our sack of shit Platinum said how everyone else not in the Amway cult is too stupid to "get it" around here we say people in Amway are too stupid to "get it" that they're in a cult, in a "business" designed for failure and they're a bunch of broke losers.

  2. As someone who recently got dumped by my increasingly zealous ex boyfriend over my "de-edification" of amway this post rings true. I worked really hard to point out that he was trying to vilify me just because I don't like amway. But their influence was stronger. It hurts. Even though I know I'll be ok. But to cop that condemnation over a fucking MLM scam is part ludicrous and part devastating.

    1. Lorikeets - as much as it hurts you can do a lot better than having a broke Amway loser boyfriend who loves a box of soap more than he loves you.

      Unless you hook up with another pyramid scheme worshipper your next boyfriend will likely have better people that he associates with that aren't out to destroy your relationship.

      Your ex will always worship his Amway upline more than you and always put them above you. Like I said you deserve to be treated better than you will if you stick with an Ambot.

      Maybe you and I will never get it because we've never been brainwashed by a cult but anyone who puts a fucking MLM scam over their relationships is doomed to be a failure in life.

  3. Thanks Anna for that and for this blog.

    1. Lorikeets I'm glad its helping you. There were a lot of women leaving messages on other forums about the life of hell being married to an ambot and going through divorces and that got the blog going. A place where woman understand the Amway hell and how its turned nice men into nasty sneering negative greedy bastards as taught by the Amway cult leaders. A place for support and along the way we picked up a few men who also found the blog helpful.

    2. Dear Lorikeets --

      I'm sorry to hear of your breakup. It is always a painful experience.

      Anna is right -- you'll find someone else who will love you for yourself, and who will not be enslaved to a business cult.

      As for your ex-boyfriend, his up-line is probably already trying to hook him up with some Barbie-Doll Amwayette bitch. That will be the best revenge of all on him. He'll become half of that particularly awful monster -- the "Amway couple."

  4. Hi Anna,

    I go by the name John Doe (I don't really feel the need to spread my identity), and I started a blog on the cult-like influences in MLM. It would be awesome if you could link it to the side of your blog! Thanks!

    1. Hi John we'll get that linked for you and send traffic your way. Perfect! Ambots hate it when more people talk about their experiences. They hate the truth. Or as they call it in Amspeak, saying negative.

  5. To our friend with the family member in Scamway - all part of being in a cult is the secrecy.

    I doubt they're reading this blog. If they are and aren't getting it about th financial and emotional distress that Amway causes and stay inside the cult then they have huge problems. The other is would you read a website that is the complete opposite of your beliefs. Or is something that you don't like or disagree with. Wouldn't that only piss you off. I don't go around reading shit posted by Amway worshippers because that doesn't interest me. So I doubt someone who actually likes Amway is reading this blog unless they end up here accidentally.

  6. I'm so grateful for you Anna B and for your blog. It has provided much needed info and has provided an outlet for me too. Not to mention the much needed humor I need to get through this nightmare since my daughter was scammed into this sinkhole cult. Keep up this great work. You are making a positive difference. Have a great weekend!!

    1. Thanks Living a Nightmare. At least you know you're not alone in this. You have a good weekend too!


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