Monday, August 8, 2016

Amway IBOs Are Failures As Human Beings

One can say that Amway IBO’s are failures at lots of things. They’re failures as business owners. They’re failures at being honest. They’re failures at compassion. They’re failures at owning houses. They’re failures at driving nice cars. They’re failures at dressing appropriately for the occasion (no business suits at BBQs you fucking Amway losers!). They’re failures in life and that’s how come they got sucked in by an Ambot to join the Amway cult.

Add them all up and Amway Ambots are failures as human beings.

Amway losers go around bragging and gloating that they’re “business owners” when they don’t know fuck all about what entails being a real business owner. Most business owners don’t jump in with both feet. They decide they’d like to own a business and if they’re not sure then they do their research. Real business owners may be limited by finances or physical or mental ability. They might not be cut out to do the kind of business they were thinking of but maybe there’s another type of business where everything falls into place for them.

After deciding on the type of business, a real business owner writes a business plan, registers a business name, open a business bank account, gets a business loan, gets a tax number, rents or buys a place to operate their business from, buys business insurance, hires staff, contracts accountants and/or lawyers, buys inventory, decides on the hours of operation, and so much more.

Amway Ambots don’t take any of those steps. I mean can you imagine what would happen if an Amway loser takes the Amway “business plan” to a loans officer at the bank to apply for a business loan. LOL!!!!! Loser!!!!!

Forget the phony “business owner” act that Amway Ambots put on when they pretend to own a business. I just like to bring up those above points on what real business owners do so the Amway losers show up here to read might get it that they’re not the “business owners” bullshit propaganda the fucking assholes in their Amway upline are always peddling them off to be.

Amway Ambots are always showing up here to bullshit us that the people they know in Amway are nice, honest, have integrity, kind, compassionate people who have made it their life mission to help and bless others and Amway is the vehicle for doing that. Fuck that shit!

Amway Ambots might want to believe that bullshit and hell are probably brainwashed to think that the fucking assholes in their Amway upline are good-hearted people but it ain’t true.

No matter how much they try to convince others that the fucking assholes in their Amway upline aren’t nasty evil vicious arrogant pricks, the rest of the world knows the truth. Just be saying it and believing it ain’t going to make it true.

Its like my singing ability. I’d really like to be a singer. Maybe I even pretend that I’m a better singer than I really am. Get that – pretend. A common situation that Amway Ambots find themselves in. But no matter how much I think I might be a really good singer, just about everyone else is going to have a different opinion on my ability to carry a tune.

Many people want to live a decent life, and a life that doesn’t entail hurting others to get that position. The values they learned in childhood such as the difference between right and wrong they live as adults and try to instill the same values into their children. Most people want to do a good job of being a wife/husband/child/friend/mother/father and human being. Maybe even a role model.

I threw the last one in there because that role model has some twisted bullshit at Amway meetings. It also could be twisted into being an Amway mentor or leader. Follow the leader is the bullshit propaganda taught at Amway meetings. Duplicate the fucking assholes in the Amway upline.

But what are Amway Ambots duplicating? Evil. Viciousness. Scamming. Lying. Fucking people over just to make a buck. Arrogance. Sneering. Dishonesty. Poverty.

In other words people in Amway do not live a kind, nice, righteous, moral and loving lifestyle 24/7.

No matter how hard Amway Ambots might want to believe that’s true and try to bullshit others into believing that lie. Ain’t happening. People who’ve dealt with ugly nasty fucking Amway assholes know the truth. Just because someone goes to church, Ambot or not, doesn’t make them a nice person. Or honest. Or full of integrity as Amway Ambots go around bragging their upline are.

No matter how hard you want to belive it you fucking Amway losers – it ain’t true!

People who shovel out lies to sell someone overpriced shitty Amway products aren’t people who put honesty and integrity high on their list of characteristics a good decent human being should have.

Here’s another thing about integrity: people who have integrity refund money if there are unhappy clients. And you have to consider that the Amway downline is the client. The client of either the fucking assholes that signed them up to the scam or someone (or plural) in the Amway upline. The downline are the clients. If they think they got ripped off you motherfuckers full of integrity need to do the right thing and give them back their money.

What’s that you say? You’re too broke to refund money. Well that’s part of being an Amway loser. That means you’ll always be a broke Amway loser.

Amway Ambots can’t deliver on their promises. Doesn’t matter if that promise is that Amway products will cure cancer or that you’ll be making gazillions of dolalrs in residual income rolling in every month after 2 to 5 years.


  1. ibofb is a great example of a human failure.

    1. Anonymous - yup another failure as a human being.

  2. Independent Business Owner lol.

    It's part of Amway, Therefore it's not independent.
    It's not registered, Therefor it's not a business.
    There is nothing to own, Therefore your not an owner.

    Idiot. Blind. Obeying? now that makes more sense.

    1. Anonymous - all part of the Amway scam coming up with the phony ass title of independent business owner so the suckers can't see they're just commissioned sales obeying the orders of their employer. What did they call them back in the 60s? Door to door salesmen. Not a damned thing to do with being a business owner. IBO = Imaginary Business Owner.

  3. Maybe IBO Fart-Back (Steadson) and Bridget Baron ran off with each other. They'd make a perfect pair.

    1. Anonymous - Amway losers love hanging around with other Amway losers. Normal people who are not brainwashed Ambots don't mix so well with Amway losers as I found out.

  4. A lot of IBOs have become failures through delusion and brainwashing. They often can't think of alternatives since they are so knee-deep hypnotized.

    I found this incredible Reddit comment that highlights how awareness can prevent one from being yet another failed Amway IBO:

    1. Thanks Anonymous. There are so many people who share their Amway horror stories online so that we can help others not go through the same emotional and financial distress. It's always a good thing to research online first but most people don't until it's too late. Then you get the Amway losers showing up here screeching that we should do our research but none of them were capable of taking their own advice. LOL

    2. When an Amway freaks scream "Do some research!" it just means "Read the propaganda at Amway's website, and all the hype-books about MLMS."

      People in Amway are just stupid, period.

    3. Anonymous - that's right. An Ambot will only accept "research" from Amway's web site or maybe from a lying scamming Ambot if the loser has an online presence. Not from peoples real experiences of losing money and emotional distress thanks to Scamway.

  5. When you ask and debate an IBO about how much NET INCOME he is earning in Amway, he will either run away, spout some complicated jargons and terminologies and/or writes 500 sentences in comments trying to defend the "fake business opportunity" without any substance.

    1. Anonymous - that's right. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract and defend. And then disappear.


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