Thursday, August 11, 2016

Texts And Phone Calls From Amway UPline

Last night at dinner Ambot said something about me sending him too many text messages because he has to stop what he’s doing to look at them. I think I sent him 4 today. And OK I admit one text was about the dog wanting to chase the cat but the rest were somewhat important reminders of things he’s supposed to do.

So then I point out the obvious that I do not text him as much as those fucking assholes in his Amway upline used to.

Yeah that shut him up!

There is no privacy when you’re in Amway. You are at the beck and call of your upline at all hours when you sign up with the Amway cult. After my husband got involved in Amway his sponsor and upline felt it was OK to phone and text whenever they wanted. It freaked me out when his phone rang after we'd gone to bed or hearing a chime indicating a text message. And it would bug the shit out of me that he had to be a good little Ambot and answer the phone or immediately type back a text message. And then it would go on and on. A few minutes later the text would chime again. And again. And again.

It would piss me off and I'd tell him to ignore it. The problem is if he didn't respond within a minute to a text, one of those upline bastards would phone and ask him if he got the text.

I know in this day and age of communications and instant messages and everyone has a cell phone that the younger generation is phoning and texting at all hours. When I was growing up my parents stressed phone calls should not be made after 9pm unless it was an emergency. Early morning phone calls were a no-no too. So my mind set is when the phone rings before 8am or after 9pm that something bad has happened. My heart jumps to my throat and I am freaked out that the caller is bringing me bad news: car crash, ambulance, hospital, house on fire, death. A couple of weeks ago the dog woke me up early around 6:30 and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I went into the living room to read a book. At 7 the phone rang. Holy shit! Freaked me right out, even more so when I saw on the call display it was my parent’s number and was envisioning all kinds of medical emergencies. Fortunately there was no problem except that my father was hungry and wanted to know if we’d like to join him at IHOP. After my heart got back to normal I asked him why he just didn’t invite us the night before. But you know it was just one of those things. He woke up craving pancakes and was buying if we wanted to meet him there. Then he told us we should be awake anyway. Well I was done sleeping - as they say in Amspeak - courtesy of the dog, but the phone woke up my husband.

I specifically remember one incident when Ambot had pre-purchased a $25 ticket to an Artistry seminar. The night he was supposed to go he realized he was double booked and had another function he had to attend. He phoned some asshole in his Amway upline to tell him. I don’t think that asshole really gave a flying fuck because he wasn't planning to attend the Artistry seminar either. I have no idea if he advised anyone upline of him and so on and so on like all good little ambots must do. You know the whole “ask permission from your upline” before you do or don’t do something. No privacy. Big Brother is watching. The whole creepy Amway cult thing.

We returned from our function and went to bed. I’d turned on the news at 11pm and we were still awake when the phone rang at 11:30pm. I nearly went through the roof. Visions of car crashes and hospital emergency rooms flashed through my head. Not to mention the near heart attack I was having. Call the ambulance for me!

It was the wife of the 1500 - 4000 pin upline couple. You know how that fluctuates depending on how well they can bully the downline into buying overpriced Amway shit and dealing with IBO’s who are quitting. Platinum just always out of their grasp. She’s phoning Ambot to scold him for not attending the Artistry meeting.

I mean fuck you for phoning at that late hour just to bitch him out. That call couldn't have waited until the next day? Why even phone at all? Adults can make their own decisions. Ambot should have asked her if he could get a refund of his $25 for the unused ticket.

So what are you phoning to scold him about, bitch???? Fuck you anyway! Ambot didn’t hand the phone over to me because he knew I would give her shit up one side and hell down the other for calling at that hour for a non-emergency. He might have been under that whole worship your upline and treat them like gods Amway cult thing but I was under no such dellusion about that bullshit. I guess he knews if I gave the bitch shit like she deserved she would complain to the Platinum cult leader and then Ambot would be subjected to nasty text messages all night long. Ah, just let me get hold of his cell phone and I would be responding with a big FUCK YOU ASSHOLE to every one of those texts.

Those assholes still haven't made Platinum after 15, 20 years inside the Amway cult. (FYI  – this post was originally posted before the former upline all defected to Monavie and who knows what pyramid scheme they’re in now) Woo hoo! You go girl! Alienate your downline and make them quit because of your dumb ass late night scoldings. Way to motivate your downline! Fucking Amway loser.

So that’s what new IBO’s have to look forward to in their future. Texts and phone calls from the upline assholes at all hours. Being scolded if you miss a function. Treated like cult followers. We love you. We hate you. Amway upline abuse.

I am so glad those late night texts and phone calls and scoldings from those asshole Amway cult members has ended!

Is the worst part about being in Amway overpaying for shitty products and investing in the tool scam or is it putting up with abuse from the fucking assholes in your Amway upline?

This is the abuse that goes on inside the Amway cult and the type of stuff that the Amway corporation doesn’t want known to outsiders but head office refuses to act on complaints about upline abuse. So we take it to the Internet and then put up with current Amway cult members who are outraged about their dirty little secrets being aired on this blog so everyone knows about the abuse that comes with being inside the Amway cult.

Yup one more time to send a big old fuck you out to everyone in the Amway upline!


  1. Calling people up at late or inconvenient hours to scold them is harassment. It can be reported to the phone company that serves you. Give the company the number of the caller who is harassing you, and say that you want it reported to the police. Call your local police department as well, and file a complaint with them about it.

    Give your fucking up-line a real scare. Let him or his shithead wife get a visit from the police, investigating the charge of phone harassment. Believe me, it'll stop real quick.

    Remember that persons in Amway are stupid losers and cultists, and they are terrified if someone goes outside the Amway magic circle to complain about them.

    1. Anonymous - I really wish I'd called the cops on some of those fucking assholes in our Amway upline but I didn't have all the information I have now in how they committed fraud on us and as you've pointed out harassment. Hopefully this blog helps others know they have legal remedies against those Amway bastards.

      And yup Amway and Ambots hate blogs like this that this where we share our stories of emotional and financial distress. Any cult would hate their dirty little secrets getting out there because it slows down the membership drive and the $$$ coming in to those at the top of the pyramid.

  2. Calling the police to complain when your Amway up-line harasses you with annoying and insulting calls is a great idea. Let the son of a bitch know that you're not going to tolerate his abuse.

    Like all bullies, your Amway up-line is scared shitless of the police.

    1. Anonymous - that is so true. Amway bullies are scared shitless of the police and that's why people should be pressing charges against them for fraud. The problem is the guy who got scammed usually likes the fucking Amway asshole, like a friend or relative so they don't want to go to the police either. And then there's the old embarrassment thing. Going to the police and admitting you got scammed.


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