Monday, November 28, 2016

Amway VS Etsy

I’m sure just about everyone out there has heard of Etsy. Anyone can set up a store here and sell there wares. I have a friend who has an Etsy shop and sells bread and sign posts. I know weird combo, these are her hobbies. She doesn’t do all that well but she makes a few bucks. In other words she makes more money a month than an Amway Ambot does and she’s not losing money. Another woman I know has just recently set up an Etsy shop to sell mascara she makes.

Depends on how seriously you take your Etsy business whether or not you go through the procedures of registering a business name, getting a tax #, you’d need a business Paypal account, etc. More serious Etsy sellers probably have prepared a business plan which includes a marketing plan and projected business growth.

Etsy seems to have potential for some people to make a lot of money. A lot depends on supply and demand. Price point.

Here’s an article I read about a woman who makes $65,000/month on Etsy.

And just as a quick follow up, since the first time we posted this the seller and Etsy parted ways

She sells knitted products: socks, scarves, headbands. But you know probably so do a lot of other Etsy sellers. I don’t think the article really covered her secrets to making money on Etsy. Perhaps that has more to do with not getting her secrets out there to her competitors where she does her advertising. I looked at her products but I have no idea if her products are priced low, high, or average. I wouldn’t know what an average price is for handmade knitted scarves, headbands, and gloves because these are products I have no need for. I thought they seemed priced OK for something that is handmade taking into consideration time and cost of materials. I have no idea how long it takes to knit such things. So I googled how long does it take to knit a scarf and I really didn’t get a good answer. It seems to depend on how fast one knits, how long or complicated the scarf is and what size of needles are used. Am I only the person in the world who thought knitting needles only came in one size?! LOL! One person said it takes her a week to a knit a scarf but she didn’t break down how many hours a day. Another person says she can knit two a day also didn’t break down how many hours spent.

The article didn’t divulge secrets but more talked about her passion for her work. She loves fashion and creating things and seeing how things pair up together. She’s a passionate businesswoman, loves every aspect of running her online store.

There’s an old saying about find something you’re passionate about and then figure out a way to earn money at it. Guess she did.

Not everyone out there is going to be passionate about knitting and sewing. I can tell you another thing not everyone will be passionate about – being a commissioned salesperson for a company with a shitty reputation.

The life of an Ambot is all about selling shitty overpriced Amway products to earn a skimpy commission.

When ambots were growing up did they go around saying I’m going to be a commissioned salesperson for Amway because working on commission and making pennies per chance sale is the only thing in life that I could ever be passionate about.

Whether or not they thought that about how passionate they were to be a commissioned salesperson when they were grown up, as soon as they signed up with the Amway cult they were brainwashed by their cult leaders to be passionate about selling Amway products.

So just for the hell of it while I was on Etsy I searched for Amway to see if any ambots are dumb fucks to try to sell overpriced shitty products on a commerce site that is geared to crafters. There’s a lot of Amway jewelery that is being marketed as “vintage”. WTF?! Just goes to show what one persons idea of vintage ain’t the same as someone else’s. But forget the cheap ass Amway jewelery, there is one dumb fuck selling custom t shirts with Amway on it for $20. Wife beater shirts. Couldn’t come up with any other shirt styles? Probably bought them on huge discount. And he couldn’t find something better to print on those shirts? Who would want a shirt with Amway written on it? Who would wear that? People would point their fingers and laugh at the dumb fuck wearing a wife beater with Amway written on it. Whole lot of hidden meanings there! Probably in violation of Amway’s trademark too but way to go for giving the big old FUCK YOU to Amway!

If someone has an entrepreneur spirit and wants to start their own business and is good at making things then they should focus their efforts on Etsy. You take pride in your workmanship and selling something that you put a piece of yourself into. Market it with passion. A person can run a decent business on Etsy instead of playing pretend business owner with Amway and flogging their overpriced shitty products for a few cents commission.


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