Monday, November 7, 2016

Read The Small Print On Amway’s Brochure!

As most regular readers know, we’re big on recycling around here. LOL. Go green!

No actually we recycle most of the posts so stick around long enough and you’ll see them come up again. Sometimes I take a look at old comments and found this one on a post I recycled not too long ago. One of the readers was being prospected by an Ambot and quite thankful to found this blog and had asked a couple of questions about that less than 1% of Ambots make money in Scamway. So here’s my response which actually stands alone pretty good as its own post and its good because I pulled the percentages that were referred to a couple of years ago on the small print of Amway’s brochure.

Anonymous - I'm glad you've found my blog too! Everything exactly as I said and I have had people who were involved in Amway 15, 20 years ago and say exactly what I said happened to us happened years ago to them to, upline said the exact same things nothing changes.

You have dodged the bullet! Thankfully or you will have many months of financial and emotional devastation ahead of you!

Look at the Amway promotional material your friends gave you. You will be looking at something that's got lots of circles and lots of dollar amounts and PV amounts and lots of mumbo jumbo that doesn't make sense. Somewhere there will be really small print that tells you the percentage of IBOs who actually make the amount of money quoted.

There is a reason why Amway's promotional information says the average IBO earns $115/month - though I hear the dollar amount has increased sometime in the past few months I have not seen the new marketing information. First of all most people in Amway rarely earn a commission check more than $10 a month and to earn that you have to buy around $300 in Amway products. So already you're in the hole! Lets take that $115 in fact I'll be generous and bump it up to $120 cause round numbers are easier for me to work with! You have to spend 10 to 15 hours a week working part time to earn that average income. Times 4 weeks in a month. Lets go to the high end 15 hours a week x 4 weeks = 60 hours a month. To earn $120 average a month in Amway? Do the math. $2/hour! Way less than minimum wage at least in this part of the world!

Don't kid yourself that you'll only put in 60 hours a month. My husband put in at least 100 hours a month wasting his time in the Amway business.

There was a discussion on Amthrax blog a couple of years ago and somebody posted a link to the Amway business overview. (here I reference a dead link. The Ambot who I assume is no longer with Scamway had uploaded the Amway “business” overview no point in everyone else clicking on a dead web page)

You got to go in a few pages and look for the small print. It shows 2 levels of Platinum and how many IBOs earn that much: one Platinum level that the percentage of IBO's reach is .346% and the other is .164%

You will also note that .0726% of IBO's will actually make $95,000. That would be gross. You probably have to buy a few thousand a month in Amway products to earn that much money. I've seen videos on Youtube of former Emeralds which is a pretty high level saying they were making between $2000 and $3000/month in Amway.

Here is a good book to read, its a free download called Merchants of Deception and it is a really chilling read when you realize that you have escaped this hell. He also tells in the book how over 99% of IBOs will not make money in Amway.

And there you have it folks. And an easy peasy post for here that will wind up in the recycle cycle in a couple of years!


  1. Hi anna! you should really check this video out. It's a 30 minute segment from the late night show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He spends 30 minutes roasting the hell out of mlms. You'll love this!

    1. Thanks Franklin. Thanks for the link. I'll watch it tonight seeing as how they're aren't too many options on all the TV channels later on! LOL!


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