Monday, April 10, 2017

Amway Web Page For $50 Month Is A Rip Off

Does anyone think that paying $50/month for a web page is a bit excessive?

That’s what you’ll be paying if you’re an Amway loser who has signed up with World Wide Dream Builders.

Technically $49.95 a month. I should get my numbers right before some brainwashed ambot shows up here screaming about the nickel discrepancy!

Ambots would argue for that reasonable price its a very good deal because you also have access to other shit that the World Wide Destructive Bastards has to flog. That would be access to view upcoming functions and getting a small discount on buying motivational CD’s and books. Well whoopdeedo!

Mostly its for a portal web page to Amway products for sale. The upline cult leaders justify the cost by saying that someone has done all the work to create the web page and the cult followers have a template where they can fill out their own contact information and sob story and they’ll receive a commission from anyone purchasing Amway products. Ha! Like that’ll ever happen!

Its like any other template. Creating it may be the biggest cost for the company but renting thousands of web templates each month to brainwashed ambots the original cost has paid for itself a million fold or more by now. Cash cow!

The day Ambot and I signed up with Amway his upline was riding his ass about signing up (and paying) WWDB and getting his web page going. Wisely going to Ambot for these extra funds because I would have rather saved our money.

We had to purchase a domain name (cha ching!) for I think about $10 a year and then a redirect code to the Amway WWDB portal to our personalized page. How did we personalize it? I don’t remember! We could choose a theme like sports or nutrition or whatever and have some of those Amway products staring you in the face when you went to the web page. Yicky!

The web page was a company that sold domain names. I don’t think it was affiliated with Amway in any way. Too bad for them. That would be extra money in the cult leader’s pockets.

There are sites all over the Internet where people can create their own web pages for free and web hosting packages for under $10/month. You’d think one of those would be good enough to point potential customers in the direction of Amway. Nope. Gotta fork over the $50/month to the World Wide Destructive Bastards to get a professionally designed Amway web page.

Amway tool scam! Gotta make those upline bastards richer!


  1. Anna, you are right on target. The ordinary cost for purchasing a web-site domain name is about $10 per year. The cost of running the web-site can vary, but it is nowhere near $50 a month. That is highway robbery.

    WWDB (World-Wide Douche Bags) is taking advantage of IBOs who have no real knowledge of the internet and its normal costs. Once again, as with tools and functions, this rotten Amway LOS is getting rich by the exploitation of IBOs.

    Of course, if an IBO dares to bring this up, WWDB will scream "Never question up-line!"

    1. Anonymous - of course Amway Ambots think $50/month is a hot shit stinking deal to have a web page & be a member of the WWDB cult sect.

      It stinks all right!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Its been a while since I last visited your blog.

    I agree that paying close to 50 bucks for such a website is a rip-off. I don't mind paying some money for a website IF the webmaker can make my website stand out among all other millions and billions of sites out there (well, at least make it unique and different from others). What is the point of spending money on a site that looks somewhat similar to other websites (what would you think if KFC and McDonald's website looked the aame? Lol).

    How about paying for a website that looked similar to other sites and selling the SAME products? I just feel that its a waste of money.

    If I need a site to sell my stuff, there are plenty out there- eBay, Amazon, etc. Some of them give me a dedicated page to sell my wares, and they're always cheap, if not free.

    My brother sells his stuff through a mobile app, it allows him to advertise his stuff, connect him with prospective buyers, and arranges payment for him. Well, there are plenty of such sites around the world. Most importantly, they're FREE.

    - Gene

    1. Hi Gene. Thanks for dropping in again!

      I think if some web guy could make a website stand out like that you'd pay more than $50 month! But yes, what's the point of spending money on a website that looks like others when you can get it for free.

      It's just like buying Amway products. There are already lots of variety in similar products sold at regular retailers at better quality and much lower prices. Why overpay for Amway's shitty products? And probably Amway is the one duplicating everyone else's ideas. I'm sure XS wasn't the first energy drink out there. Amway switched it up by making it taste like combo cat piss and the worst cough syrup out there and overinflating the price.

  3. I know this post is kind of old, but I just wanted to point out that (in terms of things like search engine optimization) having a bunch of similar sites with similar content is a surefire way to make sure nobody ever, ever gets to see them. Take Google's search algorithm, for example -- duplicate content pretty much ensures that a site will never rank, and thus never be seen or clicked on. Not only is Amway scamming people with just *stupidly* inflated site packages ($50 a month? Srsly?) they are actively sabotaging them.

    1. Hi Jecca. Yeah you're right that even if those Amway losers web sites showed up in Google, they'd be so far down that no one would find them. And you're also right on that Amway's "business leaders" aka cult leaders are only sabotaging their followers. Ripping them off with the Amway tool scam and never giving any real "business" advice. Scamway!


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