Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How To Get People To Buy Expensive Amway Products

A searcher showed up here to ask “How do I get people to buy the expensive Amway products.”

This is hardly the first poster to show up asking a similar phrased question. And the answer to this question is not taught at Amway meetings so that’s why Ambots search online. Overcoming objections is something the Amway cult leaders do talk about. Those Amway bastards have an answer for just about everything.

When an Ambot tries to make a sale and the customer says its too expensive, the ambot is supposed to respond something like don’t you want to pay more for quality. Or Amway’s high prices reflect their quality. The usual Amspeak bullshit. If Amway’s prices reflected their quality nothing would cost more than a buck! LOL! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! So true!

When an Amway Ambot is “getting started in their own business” LOL they can usually seduce family and good friends to make a purchase. And to those people I have one word for you: ENABLERS!!!!! In the first couple of months the new Ambot is motivated, perhaps made a few hundred dollars in sales. Then suddenly the sales dry up. The Ambot pesters their customers. Some of the answers might be nice they still have plenty of soap left, they don’t need more just yet. And others might be for the high price of the product the buyer expected it to do a better job than a less expensive similar product that can be bought at the grocery store. And others will say that piece of shit Amway product didn’t do what you promised! Fucking liar!

Most people like to think of themselves as smart shoppers. Everyone likes to get a good deal, buy a product when its on sale. Most people know approximately the prices of their usual household purchases. Then they see the price tag on Amway’s catalogue. Holy fuck! Rip off!!!!

So the answer the Amway loser who wants to know how to get people to buy expensive Amway products. You don’t. People don’t like to pay premium prices for substandard shit. RIP OFF!!!!! You might get a few one off pity sales but you ain’t gonna get repeat business.

Don’t forget in Amway its all about sell the hope not the soap. Ambots are in a pyramid scheme. The object is to recruit people not to find customers to buy expensive Amway products. If you can find a sucker in your downline its all about them buying “from their own store” aka buying around $300 worth of shit in Amway’s catalogue every month, then make commission from that sucker. And if you find more suckers and those suckers find more suckers then you’re all gonna be RICH!

Amway is an expensive buying club. You recruit people, bitch at them to buy at least 100PV every month (around $300) and that’s how you make money. You make pennies per sale. For Christ sake if you want to be a commissioned salesperson there are better paying gigs out there.

That you don’t have to search online for how to find customers.


  1. Amway products simply don't make the cut.

    They are overpriced and of ordinary or sub-par quality. Amway freaks can sing the praises of this shit for as long as they like, but it's still shit.

    Nevertheless, in order to make any money at all in Amway, you have to be able to sell the stuff. But apart from a few purchases from your friends and family in the beginning, you aren't going to get any customers.

    So what do you do? Two things: buy a lot of the Amway shit for self-consumption, or convince other dumb fucks to join up as your down-line in Amway.

    That's the truth about Amway in a nutshell: self-consumption of the products, and constant recruitment of down-line.

    Oh yes -- and a lot of meetings and functions and night-owls and useless CDs.

    1. Anonymous - Amway products only make the cut for the company's owners who sell overpriced substandard shit to a bunch of losers and make a hefty profit doing so.

      For regular consumers, Amway products don't make the cut. We want better quality products for reasonable prices. We shop at Costco or Walmart or whatever retailer and buy products similar to Amway's shit, but higher quality at much lower prices.

      Amway Ambots buy Amway shit for self consumption or for stockpiling after some fucking asshole in the Amway upline has ordered them to buy more shit to get the PV up there so some other asshole in the Amway upline can meet that month's goals for themself that is.

      Endless Amway cult meetings, stupid dumb ass night owl "teachings" and useless Amway tools.


  2. Notice also that Amway goes berserk if you try to sell any of their products on E-bay or Craigslist or any other on-line market. Why?

    Simple: they don't want you to undercut the already inflated prices of their shit, thereby making it harder for their registered Ambots to sell the stuff to relatives and friends. Because the simple fact is that there are tons of unsold Amway garbage rotting in the basements and garages of ex-IBOs. As with all stuff that is unmarketable, the sensible thing is to discount it and sell it at a loss. But if that were to happen, thousands of frustrated IBOs would realize that the crap they are peddling isn't wanted by the general public. That's why Amway sales have been dropping by ten percent for quite a few years now.

    1. Anonymous - Amway going berserk over eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc sales probably has something to do with a non-compete clause in the restrictive contract IBO's are forced to sign when the join the cult. They can't sell Amway's products on the Internet because Amway holds the rights to do that. Ambots must sell the products by word of mouth or knocking on doors.

      But when Ambots leave the Amway cult they don't give a shit about the contact they signed and now have to figure out what to do with the overpriced shitty Amway products they were forced to stockpile. They'd first try to sell the shit on one of the places online where many sellers/buyers frequent at a loss. If unsuccessful - because the general shopping public isn't interested in shitty Amway products no matter how heavily discounted they are - that means consuming the product themselves or throwing it in the garbage.

      Wouldn't it be interesting if someone kept statistics of how much Amway shit ends up in garbage dumps.


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