Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Amway Ambot Bible: The Slight Edge

There was a book that was a must read for all ambots called The Slight Edge. One of those expensive Amway tools that all good little ambots must buy. I don’t recall what Ambot paid for it maybe $20 because he had to buy it from the upline bastards at their inflated price instead of finding it cheaper on Amazon or Ebay. You’d think one copy would be enough but Ambot bought at least 5 copies of this book over the months we were in the Amway scam. Had to put something on those tools orders to get his upline richer! We’ve long since given them away. Typical return on your Amway dollars spent!

I remember going to an Amway function and just about every Diamond couple that marched across the stage was holding a copy of The Slight Edge. They’d wave it around and encourage all their cult followers to buy it. They neglected to say that they’d probably bought a container load for a stinking deal of a dollar each and they were selling them for $20 each on the tools orders and what a profit they’re making!

I’m pretty sure The Slight Edge was the book that had a story about a man on his deathbed and he called his sons over and gave them a choice of a million dollars or a purse with a penny in it and every day for the next 30 days the penny would be doubled. One son took the million dollars and went out and had a good time spending it on stuff that I’ve long since forgotten about. The other son took the purse with the penny. His brother predictably taunted him because after a week the penny brother has 64 cents in his purse and the million dollar brother has a new house and new car and whatever. By 30 days the double your penny brother has over $5 million. Who gets the last laugh?

So many people lose money in MLM’s and many keep trying over and over trying new MLM scams. Take that penny doubled story and put it in a chart with a people doubled theory like the Amway cult leaders preach – remember eat and drink one Amway product daily and find 2 people who do what you do and so on and so on and so on. Except they leave out the part that with pyramid schemes like Amway the pyramid collapses sometime between one and thirty. Millions is the stuff of ambot dreams but it won’t happen.

So why do the assholes in the Amway upline want everyone to read The Slight Edge - other than the obvious profit they make from selling it - and why they tell the penny doubled story from the stage to convince every ambot recruit how they too can succeed at Amway. Damned if I know but I do know the upline liars conveniently forget to mention that this pattern will not work because of the high number of drop outs at the lower levels. IBO’s leave when they realize they’re not making any money at Amway. 

Oh and if anyone approaches you with a reading suggestion on a great book they’ve just read and loans it to you and its called The Slight Edge - RUN! Its an ambot!


  1. The Slight Edge is written by Jeff Olson. It's one of those "power-of-positive-thinking" books, with little tips on how to be a big success by "thinking outside the box" and using your time wisely. It's also very long-winded, and could have easily been boiled down to a small pamphlet.

    It's filled with that pumped up, rah-rah-let's-go optimism and fake enthusiasm that constantly comes out of your up-line's lying mouth. No wonder Ambots get wet in the crotch for the book.

    1. Anonymous - I really don't remember the book but if what you're saying then its just like everything else in Amway that it can be whittled down to a small brochure. It's one of these books you can buy for $5 on Amazon or borrow for free at the library but how does that get the Amway cult leaders richer through the Amway tool scam. Therefore all good little Ambots must cough up $20.

  2. This is a bit off subject, but sick devos' wife is currently the Education Secretary in the us. 18 states are suing this bitch because of her dumb policies. She is undoing laws that protected college students from acts of fraud carried about by schools. Heres the article:

    I fucking hate these Amway douche bags. As for slight edge, it was a useless book. Just as the other anonymous said, it can be easily boiled down to a pamphlet. It was all bullshit. Their books never gave any actual information. They would always say that the 'how' isn't important... They do anything they can to keep their down line stupid

    1. Anonymous - no worries, someone occasionally brings up Betsy Bitch in the comments and we chat but as for devoting a post to her - another blogger can take that one. It's not like the vain bitch isn't enough in the news already LOL! As for undoing laws that protect students from acts of fraud, well being part of the Amway empire she knows all about fraud and doesn't believe victims should be protected from it. Thats her life legacy. Fraud. The ones who love fraud sit high atop the pyramid. I especially like how she thinks its OK to bring guns to school because of the grizzly bear threat. Oh shit I thought those 15 kids were all grizzlies so I shot them. I think the bitch is drinking too much XS.

      Around here we hate all things Amway. The fucking assholes in the upline and the shitty overpriced products! The "how" isn't important. In Amway you blindly you follow your cult leader because they've already blazed the trail or something similarly stupid. Just do what they do. Duplicate the fuckers. And then everyone will be rich.

    2. Ugh, I cringe every time I think of Betsy DeVos having bought her way to that post in the government. Because as we all know, those at the top of the Amway pyramid never do things "for the good of all people and the children". The very nature of Amway and other MLM's like it is to milk the pockets of as many people as possible through lies and brainwashing. If they cared about other people they couldn't be involved in the massive fraud that they are that has harmed the lives of so many thousands in order to enrich themselves. So it's not unreasonable to believe she bought her way into a position she has zero knowledge of other than to have the power to enrich herself through it. By making private schools (such as Trump University) immune from student recourse after they screw the hell out of them. The whole idea of "privatizing" public things means "profiteering" somehow from it, where at the end of the day it's not so much being concerned about the health, welfare or education of others rather than making lots and lots of money off of them. Isn't her brother part of the whole wanting more private prisons to invest in? And then seeing those like Jeff Sessions fighting to add more and more prison time to drug offenders (profit means needing more and more "customers"). So it all makes sense.

      Sorry, didn't mean to step on a soapbox, but it just seems so obvious. Betsy DeVos and her ilk don't do anything out of the "goodness of their hearts". The whole Amway business plan is screw as many people as possible out of their money in order to enrich the very top of the pyramid, where she and her family reside.

      On an aside, doesn't she remind you a lot of Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series? I could picture her sipping her tea with that self-righteous smile while watching the low level IBO's lose their homes and family while tithing to the great Amway god.

    3. Anonymous - very good. Well said!

      She's not the first person (or family business) to contribute to an election and get appointed to a job they're not qualified for. I just don't know how she didn't get the boot with the whole controversy right from the beginning. Bought a few votes is my guess.

      Amway is all about destroying lives. Fraudsters. They don't care who they hurt and who they destroy financially to reach their end goal of success. Whether success is defined by rolling in money or fame or power those are all things that members of the Amway cult aspire to be.

      Why aren't we hearing about Amway cleaning products being used by school janitors yet? The government is notorious for overpaying for stupid things. This is Amway's chance to increase sales while cutting out the middlemen Ambots.


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