Monday, August 21, 2017

Will You Be An Amway Millionaire?

You know the old bullshit peddled by the Amway cult leaders at every Amway cult meeting that in 2 to 5 years you’ll be an Amway millionaire and bazillions of dollars in residual income will be rolling in from Amway every month while you sit back and do nothing for the rest of your life.


First off how do we know when someone in Amway is lying. - - - Their mouth is moving!

The fuckers who pretend to be Amway millionaires are probably lying. Well the fuckers whose last name is DeVos or VanAndel are probably telling the truth they have millions and sure some of the Amway cult leaders who formed their own sects probably are too because they make the bulk of their income from the Amway tool scam. Any way you look at it all the above motherfuckers are getting rich from scamming people who in most cases can’t afford to lose money and probably going into debt to tithe the Great Amway God.

Another way to look at it is a million dollars really a big deal any more? If you get to be a millionaire how long is that money going to last? People are easily living into their 80s and 90s these days. If you have a million bucks by the time you retire when you’re 60 or 65 is that money going to last another 20 or 30 years? And what does constitute a millionaire these days? The way I look at it the person has $1,000,000 in financial assets that does not include real estate or government programs or pensions. 

An Amway loser is brainwashed by the cult leaders to believe it’s easy to become an Amway millionaire even though the odds are just a smidgeon of a smidgeon shy of 100% against that happening. And even if you do become a millionaire you have to still keep working and abusing the Ambots in the downline to keep buying shitty overpriced Amway products and “investing” in the Amway tool scam. Who do you see standing on the stage at Amway functions bullshitting the crowd? Do you see all these young guys in their early 20s who show up here bragging they’ve retired thanks to Amway at age 21? Or do you see the same old tired crew who should be retired by now if they were working a regular type job? Amway cult leaders can’t stop working or their income will dry up. The income that affords them the lifestyle they want to live or at least the lifestyle that they bullshit the Ambots they’re living.

There’s other ways that people can become millionaires because as I pointed out above a million dollars isn’t what it used to be. You can’t just reach a million and stop working and live on that the rest of your life. Well maybe you can if you move to a country with a very low cost of living or if you’re around retirement age and you’re not a big spender.

Instead of spending between $500 and $1000 a month buying shitty overpriced Amway products and making Amway’s owners even bigger millionaires, take that money and invest it. And people are different investors depending on their risk tolerance. I’d say that anyone who signs up to Amway with its less than a tiny fraction of 1% success rate then these are people have high risk tolerance and should be going hog wild crazy buying high risk stocks that might incredibly inflate their investment. Or could lose all their money. But these Ambots are the same people who are going to lose all their money anyway at the Amway scam without realistically expecting to get rich in a pyramid scheme designed for failure.

Investors fall into a few categories. Some buy a stock and look at it as a long term investment that’s going to grow over the years. Others look at stocks that will generate them an income with nice dividend payments and they’re not too concerned whether the stock has much growth over the years. Of course the nice balance is finding a stock that has both growth and income. And then you got your day traders. Man oh man I don’t have the nerves for that one. Stocks can fluctuate wildly – and that might just be in the course of one hour! And I’m not talking necessarily going up. You gotta know when to buy and when to sell and if I had that crystal ball I’d be the one rolling in millions by now.

And here it is with buying stocks. I’m one of those people who do what they tell you not to do and that’s dicker on buying a stock like I’m buying huaraches in Tijuana. LOL! Yup who just guessed I choose limit price instead of market price and lowball it.

At some point in your life you do have to make a switch in your mindset to how much your portfolio is worth to how much your portfolio will generate.

Just like how Amway Ambots have to make a switch in their mindset to how much money they’re losing in this scam to how likely it is they’ll make money as opposed to how much money they’ll keep losing. The fairy tale of being an Amway millionaire is slipping away.

An Amway Ambot spends at least $1000/month if it’s a month where one of the 4 major Amway brainwashing conferences is on. And how much money can the Ambot expect to receive back in commission? Around $10/month. And let’s use the word “commission” loosely because they’re really just getting a rebate back based on how much money they spent buying shitty overpriced Amway products. It’s unlikely most Ambots sold shit to other customers to make more commission. You want a rebate on the amount of groceries you buy – get a Costco card! Or get another type of credit card that gives you cash back.

You ain’t going to become a millionaire going into debt buying $500 to $700 of shitty Amway products every month to get back $10.

So being the smart ass I am I decide a couple of months ago to try to replicate the money an Ambot can expect to receive in commission from Scamway every month. I look over a few stocks and I see a REIT with possibilities - high yield, high risk.

So what else is high risk? Getting in Amway and being brainwashed you'll make money.

I like REITs. About 10% of our portfolio is in REITs. And here I’m not going to give anyone stock market advice and name names. I don’t need anyone coming back and bitching they took my advice and bought a bunch of stock and lost their ass. This REIT was selling at $10/share so I buy 100 shares = $1000. This stock will be a tiny fraction of 1% of our portfolio.

These 100 shares won’t make me a millionaire. Never. I go in for the buy knowing that and not expecting to get rich.

Does everyone see what I’m doing here? Anna has a method to this madness? LOL! And for those of you thinking why didn’t you just buy more stock. Well depending on how much I bought that might have made it over a fraction of 1% of the portfolio which wasn’t my end game. And it’s high risk because of that yield and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. Well anytime a stock pays out a higher than normal dividend that means the money is going back to the investors instead of the company reinvesting it in their business.

Judging on the last quarterly report (just see an Amway Ambot try to figure out one of those LOL!) their revenue is up but they did suffer some losses. This could result in a lower dividend payouts down the road. Before I bought this stock I researched it and read their reports. Amway Ambots could learn a thing or two about doing research instead of showing up here and screeching “Do your research!”

Take some of your own advice you dumb Amway fucks!

So is this a high risk business? Doesn’t appear so. The REIT owns over 100 businesses in 30 states. There are no international holdings in other countries making it volatile and risky. Just good old US of A. The businesses are all well known franchises. The new CEO just left a similar company where he greatly increased the stock price so looks promising he can do it here. And how do I know about the new CEO and where he used to work. Could that be because I did my research?

The monthly dividend will be under $10/month around $7, but that’s still really close to the same amount an Amway Ambot earns. It’s also important to note that the $7 amount is less taxes. Uncle Sam has already taken what he wants before my broker sends me the $$$. Does Amway deduct taxes before sending us a commission check? Nopers! That would most be because it falls more under the category of a rebate based on $$ spent buying overpriced shitty products. Ambots are tax cheats so they’re probably not claiming that $10 anyway. My amount is after taxes. Before taxes is probably closer to that $10 Ambots make. I have thought about buying another 50 shares to get the dividend payout over $10 but this stock doesn’t really fit our overall financial plan. When buying stocks we usually purchase much higher amounts than that because it’s looked at as an investment that will generate income.

The other reason not to buy more of this stock are taxes. I already pay enough taxes. Though on around $100/year that’s not a huge taxable amount. Will this stock increase in value over the years? That’ll be nice but not a huge priority for me as the monthly payout with this little weird make more money than Ambots game I’m playing. And bottom line losing my ass on $1000 isn’t going to make me a millionaire one way or the other LOL!

In other words I have just plunked down my $1000 and every month I will have an income of around the same amount that a CORE Amway Ambot will earn. And I can just sit back and do nothing. I don’t have to keep buying more company stock in order to receive money back every month.

Yeah just try to get that deal from Amway! LOL! Those scammers ain’t in the business of giving you back your money.

Everyone who’s smart enough to figure this out will be laughing and saying yeah Anna’s got a method to her madness. A fraction of less than 1%. High risk. $1000. Around $10/month before taxes income.

Amway Ambots might show up to screech how stupid this is because in their brainwashed opinion if I took that money every month and invested it in Amway I’ll be a millionaire in a couple of years. Bullshit! Been there tried that. And then they’ll screech I didn’t try hard enough. And then the Ambot will sneer I’m only making $7/month after taxes. Well look in the mirror Ambot. LOL! Our $7/month will still be rolling in for years long after most Ambots have quit Scamway. I also doubt a low IQ Amway Ambot is thinking about before and after taxes amounts anyway.

Those Ambots would still screech that I had to make an initial investment in my “business” that cost more than their $200 investment in their “Amway business”.

I could also mention the stock broker fees but I don’t think Ambots are smart enough to realize there’s such a thing. And on this small purchase it was low. I’m already ahead but I’m going to ignore that small fee because it gets too complicated. Another thing Ambots are probably too stupid to know about because they prefer to invest in something that will lose them money are that yields can change. The REIT manager can decide to make changes to the percentage paid out on each share. Or cancel a dividend in a month. Looking back at this REITs history that hasn’t happened. But just cause you look at how a stock has performed in the past is no guarantee of what’ll happen in the future.

Kind of like Amway that way. Just cause someone with no morals was really good at lying and scamming others and making money in Amway doesn’t mean the next person will make money that same way.

So let’s jump ahead a year and visualize what happens. Anna invests $1000 and has made back about $100. The Amway Ambot has “invested” about $12,000 and made back around $120. Or let’s be really kind and say the Ambot managed to make a few sales to enablers in the first month they were in Scamway and made commission and at the end of the year they’ve made $200.

The Amway Ambot spent $11,000 more than Anna to make about $100 more profit in that year.

Who made the better investment? The less risky investment.

One of us spent $1000 and owns real stock shares and received monthly dividends so total it all up to realize real stocks if the stock stays around the same price plus real dividends for a year end balance around $1100. Everyone chant after me: it’s going up, it’s going up!

Hell its better than chanting: Freedom flush that stinking job!

The other one has a garage full of shitty Amway products they can’t unload and is in the hole at least $10,000.

One of us will continue to make a small income every month while the other will either keep losing hundreds of dollars every month or decide to cut their losses with nothing to show for it except a bunch of Amway shit in the garage.

The trading price on the REIT has stayed about the same. Some days its up and some days its down. Like everything else in the stock market.

Look at it as driving by the gas station. You fill up with gas and the next day you drive past and see the price dropped 10 cents. And you go fuck I should have waited a day to fill up if I’d only known. And the next day you drive past and see it went up 5 cents.

The stock market’s like that. And that’s today’s lesson in stock advice from Anna Banana!

So where am I at a couple of months in? I’ve made $13.57 in dividends on my $1000 investment. I’m not going to be able to make that much money in an interest rate if that money was sitting in my bank in a savings account. If this was a stock I was really serious about making better money back in dividends I’d have bought at least 1000 shares, around the same amount of money an Ambot throws away at Amway every year. I’ll come back from time to time with an update on how much my dividends total.

And now for the big question. Which has more volatility? Buying stocks or buying into the Amway pyramid scheme?

Who has a better chance of being a millionaire?


  1. Buying stocks has more volatility. As you said, one day up, one day down... With Scamway, every day is down.

    See, no volatilty, just constant decline.

    1. Hi pinkvictim. That does sort of make sense. No volatility in Amway. It's all downhill.

  2. This post was FAR too long. It should have read: Will you be an Amway millionaire? : NO.

    --Matty :)

    1. Hi Matty. Technically you're right. A one word blog post that answer's the title. Will keep that in mind.


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