Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Amway Is The Scamster Company

Remember how Amway ambots strategically place Amway products or use them in hopes that others will ask about it and maybe want to buy it.

Prospect notices Ambot drinking Perfect Water and gloating about how this is the best water he’s ever tasted and how he buys it from his own company.

Prospect: Hey how much does that Perfect Water cost?

Ambot: $2 a bottle

Prospect: OK I’ll buy one and try it out.

Ambot: oh we don’t sell them singularly you got to buy a case. $50 please.

Prospect: are you shitting me? $50 for a case of water? Go fuck yourself.

Thanks to john doe for letting us that nothing has changed in Amway since the 90’s.

In the early ninety's I was introduced to the scamster company by my boss.

He kept spraying the Glister spray in his mouth in front of all the employees. Sooner or later someone asks "hey, what you got there?" He tells us "I bought it from my own company."

Little did we know that was the first lie we got hit with. Here he comes again with "hey, if you want to be financially free, I'm having a meeting over at my place." Second lie. We were told to not call the company amway, but rather "the umbrella corporation" and if asked to say that we do sell some amway products. Third lie. Went to a few meetings, a seminar to meet the Diamonds and a few other money wasting events.

Heck, I even went "dream building" where your upline takes you around to look at rich houses and fancy cars.

Two things that broke me from the hypnotic spell of amway. 1. The seminar/conventions speakers. They sit up there and brag about all the stuff they bought, where they went hunting, all kinds of useless information. At the end of praising himself he threw up a few circles, wrote Amway in big letters, and he was done talking. I was pissed. 2. I couldn't afford their products anymore. Back then they highly suggest you spend $150 per month on amway products. The problem was....$150 didn't get you much stuff, so we had to go to Wal Mart to get the rest of the household items we needed.

We eventually stopped buying the amway products completely and started paying off all the debt we created with amway. Concentrated or not concentrated, their products are just way too overpriced.



  1. Hi, so my mom got caught up in amway by her now husband, then boyfriend. Im afraid she may not believe me when i say that it's really not as good as it seems. Honestly, even I'm a bit upset by it being bad, since they both did a pretty good job raising me to believe all of it.
    Do you know how i should approach her? Or is it better to not do anything, we're only buying some of the products at this point, not any of that stupid cd/ticket/etc stuff.

    1. Hi Minja. You didn't say if her husband was in Amway when they met or they were already together when he got sucked into this scam. Part of this website is all about warning women who have just started dating a man who is in Amway and they look for more information. Our advice: RUN! It's a different thing when you're already in a relationship with the dumb ass who thinks its a good idea to become an Ambot.

      You also don't say if your mother has joined the Amway cult too. If she has there is nothing you can do to talk her out of it. Eventually she'll hit rock bottom and figure out she was scammed by the Amway cult. Do not enable an Ambot by buying their shitty overpriced products. All you do is give them false hope that they can find other suckers to sell their Amway shit to. Just say no. You can buy better quality lower priced products just about everywhere. If you haven't already done so, download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. There's a link on the right side of this page under more info about Amway. You'll find out more about the evil Amway cult and how only a tiny fraction of 1% of all participants make money. That's over 99% failure rate. Surely your mother can find a business opportunity with better odds than that. Good luck to you.

    2. He was already in amway when they started dating, yeah. My mom joined it too, and she always talks about how GREAT their products are and how they're absolutely worth the money and stuff.
      My main issue is that she honestly believes it'll help our poor financial situation, and it honestly makes me sad to see her believe it to that extent.

    3. Hi Minja. All Amway Ambots brag about how great Amway products are but once they quit the cult they don't buy them anymore. Amway's sales to people who are not signed up as IBOs are less than 4%. In other words 96%+ of Amway sales are to their own commissioned sales people. Can you imagine if Walmart or Amazon's sales were less than 4% to people that weren't staff? Or any company? It's not a sustainable way of doing business if your sales are only to your staff!

      That's why Amway is designated as a commercial cult.

      Amway Ambots prey on disadvantaged people, low income, and promise them Amway will get them out of debt and make them rich. Lies! Amway brings you nothing but emotional and financial distress. The people who are in debt will go into even greater debt thanks to Amway while they try to meet their monthly sales quota.

      It is sad to see people who are brainwashed by Amway cult leaders and truly believe in 2 to 5 years Amway will reward them with bazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in every month for the rest of their lives.

      Amway is all about sell the hope not the soap.

  2. Amway products are overpriced because the money you pay for them has to be distributed among all the various shitheads in your up-line. Everybody gets a cut, especially your fat-assed Platinum, and the Diamond above him.

    For this reason the basic structure of Amway is that of an endless chain of middlemen. When you buy that absurdly overpriced case of Perfect Water, you are paying a group of persons who have a financial claim on you.

    Now it is true that middlemen exist all over the world of buying and selling. They usually function as distributors who get products out to the more remote customers who aren't reached by the original producer. This is a helpful convenience, and naturally the middleman has a perfect right to get his cut of the price. But Amway is totally different, and totally corrupt. Amway deliberately creates a huge number of unnecessary middlemen whose entire function is to be parasitical on their down-line!

    If Amway were honest, it would simply sell its products in a normal retail manner to customers. It would compete normally in the retail market with other producers, and try to earn a market share based on product quality. It might use some middlemen or franchises to get its products distributed more effectively, but THAT'S ALL. It would not go to insane lengths to create a totally absurd pyramid of buyers, sellers, and recruiters who pretend to be "Independent Business Owners."

    The fact that Amway refuses to sell in the normal retail manner (and in fact forbids its IBOs from doing any sort of normal retail selling) proves two things:

    1) Amway products are NOT competitive with other brands, and can't gain a normal market share. Amway would be clobbered by the cheaper and more effective big brands if it tried.

    2) The entire Amway racket is not about the products at all, but about the recruitment of down-line that will make you a perpetual middleman who just collects fees. That's why you will never see an Amway IBO who simply sells you the Amway products. He will ALWAYS insist on telling you about "the Plan."

    1. Hi Anonymous. Yup Amway has oversaturated the market with middlemen. LOL. Sucker Ambots who "buy from their own store".

      As for retail - Scamway recently made an announcement of opening something like 50 retail shops in India. Like what the fuck? I thought the Indian government was arresting these Amway shysters.

    2. I am from India and here Amway is crazily spreading his shit, and many people joining to become diamond fucking idiots , I met one emerald who is in company from last 15 years and still not become diamond and I feel tiredness in his wife eyes, I feel bad for her when she come on stage every week and repeat same thing which she has been saying over the years

    3. Hi Anonymous. Yes, we've heard that Amway is opening retail locations in India. And you're right. All these Ambots who think they'll become Amway Diamonds are fucking idiots. I think maybe 1 in 50,000 participants might reach that level. And yup any Ambot that's vicious enough to reach any level in the Amway pyramid probably is going to sit there for many years and then probably go backwards.

  3. There isn't a wide variety of product choice in Indian stores. Since the Indian government has placed all sorts of restrictions on Amway's pyramid system, Amway is trying to recoup some of its profit by opening these little retail outfits (in big cities only, no doubt). There will be minimal retail competition from other products, as there would be in the West, where many different competing products are available.

    In fact, in a land as huge as India, fifty retail stores is nothing but a token gesture.

    1. Anonymous - in this part of the world we all know that India is a 3rd world country and we see news coverage that shows much of the country living in poverty. And in comes the evil Amway scamster company that wants to suck these poor people even drier than they are with lies of riches. Shameful.

    2. I felt bad for people who is joining Amway and other mlm cult I am taking my own time to go to there meeting and see if loser bots recruited new members from my friend or distant friend in this scam then I tried to tell them truth but many won't listen and said to me I am negative , fucking loser Amway Herbalife bastards

    3. Anonymous - in one way you can feel bad for them knowing these suckers are going to lose their money and maybe their sanity. On the other hand, people in Amway are the most evil nasty vicious motherfuckers out there so I can't always feel so bad about some of these bastards losing their money to this scam.

  4. Anna, It's Howdedoo I just changed my user name to the Amway Chuckle. lol. Anyways...about those concentrated soaps. Dawn is a concentrated soap. Dr. Bronners Sal Suds is a concentrated soap. What's terrible about all of this is that one time I was trying to have a discussion about concentrated soaps with someone a few years back and right in the middle of the conversation the person asked me if I was going to talk about Amway. WHAT? I was dumbfounded. Now I know why they asked that. lol. Why does Amway have to be associated with such a great product creation such as concentrated soap? I don't believe for one minute that their overpriced product is better than Dawn or Dr. Bronners.

    1. HUA HUA HUA! There are all kinds of soaps out there that are concentrated and or environmentally friendly but Ambots like to go around bragging like Amway is the only company doing this. And then you've got the Amway Masturbator who likes to use Amway's SA8 soap for one reason. Gross son of a bitch.

  5. "The problem was....$150 didn't get you much stuff"

    Well yeah, because Amway products are grossly overpriced pieces of garbage. They are not even worth one penny.

    But John Doe was describing a scenario from the 90s. Today, I doubt $150 would have bought him even one thing, apart from regret at wasting money, lol.


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