Monday, March 26, 2018

How To Qualify An Amway Prospect

What are the criteria for qualifying someone to become an Amway IBO? Does anyone really know?

You would think qualifying an Amway prospect would be similar to going to a job interview. Someone looking to hire an employee wants to bring in the right person. Sometimes the person has to be experienced other times enthusiasm and the right personality may be what a hiring manager is looking for. They don’t want to bring the wrong person into the company. Some people have difficulty learning new things and that can slow down other employees. Sometimes people just don’t have the aptitude to do a job no matter how badly they wish they could succeed. Hiring an unlikeable person can lower moral.

Logic would dictate that should hold true in Amway but reality shows differently. The reality is IBOs are so desparate they'll take anyone who shows a teensy bit of interest.

Many times I heard at meetings to “qualify your prospect” before bringing them to a board plan meeting but the speakers dropped the ball and didn’t say what qualifying a prospect entailed.

So I’m here to tackle that question based on my observations of being stuck hanging around and listening to these bastards.

1. Be a good liar.
2. Be a good salesperson - or have the aptitude and desire to become one.
3. Open to being brainwashed.
4. Be willing to put Amway as the most important thing in your life.
5. Be good at sucking up - your upline expects you to worship them as gods
6. Have disposable income
7. Have a credit card with a high limit
8. Desire to stay up late at night listening to meaningless bullshit from cult leaders
9. Willing to drop everything if upline calls and demands to have their ass kissed.
10. Able to devote 100 hours a month to Amway related events
11. A strong desire to fail (less than 1% of IBO’s make money)
12. Be a home owner so you can sell the house and use the equity to invest in Amway
13. Enjoy listening to CDs with cult leaders spouting off dribble and bullshit
14. Enjoy hugging everyone you meet.
15. Ability to fake being all sweetie pie nice
16. Enjoy looking out of place wearing business suits
17. Enjoy stalking people in malls

If people don’t possess the above qualities or have the desire to learn to do so, they will never become part of the 1% who make money as an Amway IBO.

As long as someone has a pulse - that is the only necessary qualification to be drafted into the Amway cult.

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