Monday, April 16, 2018

Quitting Amway WWDB During Spring Leadership

Although quitting Amway anytime of the year is a good idea I wonder if it happens a lot around Spring Leadership time. People who signed up with Amway during the previous year and made zippo money were undoubtedly pressured by their upline to renew their membership prior to year end and were forced to go to Dream Night in January. But its been a few more months with no income but plenty of money going out purchasing Amway products and tools. The upline pressures the disenchanted IBO to purchase tickets to Spring Leadership. Don’t give in! Buying the tickets is the cheapest part. There’s transportation, hotel, and meals on top of that. Not to mention your time. More time wasted at an Amway function. Time you will never get back.

I think spring is probably the time of year when most IBO’s quit but I have no statistics to back this up one way or the other. Spring cleaning. Get rid of the shit that is cluttering your life or not bringing you happiness. Amway is probably at the top of that list!

Anyway this blog lets me look at stats showing what people type in search engines to end up at the Married To An Ambot blog. I get some interesting search phrases such as how to say fuck in igbo which I’ll see many times a week!

Right now there are tons of hits every day from people looking for information about Spring Leadership. It would be logical to think most of these searchers are IBO’s and once the poor suckers end up here they don’t stick around to hear about how we were abused by our upline. Sometimes a city will be typed into the Spring Leadership search criteria though at the moment I don’t know which cities.

Just for the record I have no idea when the Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership will be held. I also have no idea what city or cities it will be held in. I don’t know who will be speaking. I don’t know the agenda. I don’t know nothing. And I ain’t doing a Google search to learn about Spring Leadership! I’m guessing there are several locations across the states and on different dates but I have no proof one way or the other. It doesn’t interest me enough to do a search. Also apparently that information is difficult to search for otherwise I wouldn’t have so many horrified Ambot searchers ending up here. I’ve noticed that in the past. You’d think Amway and WWDB would have this information readily available near the top of the search engines for IBO’s trying to learn about Spring Leadership.

All I know is that Married To An Ambot is a top hit on Google for people looking for information about Spring Leadership! Gotta love it! More astonishing is that doesn’t seem to be a concern to WWDB or Amway. If it was they’d be in negotiations for how much money to shut down this blog and go away.

I also get a lot of searchers every day using search criteria on how to quit Amway. Right now I’d say I get more searchers for Spring Leadership than quitting Amway but that’s only because its in April. But its still wonderful the number of searchers looking for information on how to quit Amway. Best decision they’ve made since signing up to the Amway cult!

Its simple. If you quit Amway then you don’t need to waste any more money going to shitty functions like Spring Leadership. Bottom line is these are motivational seminars and very little, if any, business advice is given. The IRS has already determined that Amway functions do not increase most IBO’s sales or increase their recruitment. If you think going to Spring Leadership will be a good tax write off, think again. Expect to be audited if you try to write off anything about Amway. It might not happen this year or next year. But if you piss off the wrong person they might call the cheaters hotline and suggest they look a little closer at your files.

Save your money and stay home.

Spring Leadership sucks! All Amway functions suck!


  1. My wife and i walked away from Amway (WWDB) right before Spring Leadership. It was very nice to see $400 come back from the hotel and $300 from the tickets. We saved $700 by not going where we would have spent even more on food and transportation costs if we did. It was interesting that Spring Leadership was our first function when we were looking into WWDB and the function we canceled when walking away two years later.

    1. Anonymous - you are so lucky to get your money back! Great decision on your part to walk away from Amway and their stupid Spring Leadership brainwashing convention!


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