Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Amway Henchman Strikes During WWDB World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership!

There’s a little creep who kisses the Platinum’s ass. I’ll call him the Amway henchman.

Somehow the henchman has access to the hotel reservations that the IBO’s in his Line Of Sponsorship have reserved on the WWDB website for the Spring Leadership convention. Desperate to find something in his life that he can monopolize he puts all the hotel reservations for everyone in our LOS under his name. Of course he now has to use his own credit card number to guarantee all these hotel rooms.

What a fucking moron! Why would he do this? Does he not realize that if nobody shows up to use these rooms and pays him back his credit card is on the hook for any hotel reservations that are not cancelled prior to the hotel’s cut off time. Empty full or anywhere inbetween his credit card will be charged for all hotel reservations under his name unless he cancels them by whatever time the hotel has in their contract. I have no idea what this hotel’s cancellation policy cut off time is. 5pm? 6pm? 24 hours in advance?

The henchman phones Ambot and gloats about what he’s done and tells Ambot he does not have his own room anymore and he’s been assigned to share a hotel room with 3 guys in their twenties. OK lets call Ambot a spade. No let’s call him an old geezer. No old geezer who can afford their own hotel room and wants their privacy wants to do sharesies with 3 kids in their 20’s who are more interested in partying than attending Amway Spring Leadership. And sharesies means another guy in the bed too because there are only two beds per room. I can understand why some people need to share hotel rooms to save on hotel costs. Not everyone wants or needs to double up.

Ambot is PISSED! He doesn’t want to share a bed with anyone but me! He has no idea how the henchman managed to steal the hotel room away from him when he booked it in his name and used his credit card to guarantee the room. But because the hotels are booked through the WWDB website there must be some way that upline can manipulate their downline’s hotel bookings.

So I’m sitting here listening to Ambot rant about all this bullshit. He must have picked up his ranting skills from sitting in on too many Amway meetings run by the sack of shit Platinum!

The longer I listen the more I’m pissed. But I’m more pissed off because I don’t want Ambot driving long distance to Spring Leadership by himself because those two bastards cancelled the day before. I’ve also had it with listening to how the henchman scooped Ambot’s hotel room. I checked the hotel’s web page where hotel reservations can be booked online and there is still availability.

I told Ambot I’m going with him and to phone the henchman and tell him to give back his hotel room. If he doesn’t want to do that then he’s to tell the henchman that I am coming along for the trip and we’ll be booking our own hotel room either in that hotel or somewhere else doesn’t matter to me where we stay. I point out to Ambot that the henchman had to give his credit card number to guarantee the room when he stole it away from Ambot. If no one shows up to use that room the henchman is going to get stuck with the bill for at least one night. What do we care? I’m not really sure how he was able to do that other than the fact that it was a block of WWDB rooms rather than booked directly with the hotel so he may have had some “in” to do this.

Now the henchman joins the pissed off club demanding to know why I’m going to Spring Leadership. Ambot explains to him that I am now the designated co-driver seeing as how everyone else buggered out on  him. The henchman is not happy and to retaliate he tells Ambot the hotel is fully booked. Ambot points out that on their web page the online reservations says they have rooms available.

Now I get worried thinking the henchman might know something I don’t know and I phone the hotel to double check. The clerk tells me they have availability and quotes me a price. I tell him I might have to phone back to book a room.

The Amway henchman is a fucking liar! The hotel is not fully booked. Like we need any further proof that everyone in Amway lies about anything and everything no matter how stupid it is to lie about it especially when it’s easy to check if those fucking Amway losers are lying!

After a few minutes the henchman phones back and tells Ambot he put the hotel room back in his name.

So away we go. Road trip! The only thing that would have made it better was if Ambot wasn’t wasting his time and money at a stupid Amway function.

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership sucks!

Fuck Amway!


  1. The thing to notice about this Amway "henchman" is the obnoxious officiousness. He takes it upon himself to make arrangements and decisions for other people!

    Who the hell does he think he is? What gives him the authority to tell other people what to do?

    This is the essence of Amway culture -- dictating to others what they need to do, and how they ought to behave, and what they ought to think.

    And when you tell someone like this Amway henchman to fuck off, he then says you are "uncoachable."

    1. Anonymous- the Amway henchman is desperate for anything in his life that he can control. Comes from years of being controlled by Amway cult leaders.

      Join the Amway cult and have the fucking assholes in the upline control your life.


      He was really pissed off that I was coming along for the drive but not Amway cult activities. Don’t be a liar around me you fucking little Amway bastard. The truth is just a phone call away.

    2. I hope you got to enjoy your hotel stay--use the hottubs, hang out by the pool, have a nice lunch in your room. I'm sure your ambot was exhausted after going to all of his cult meetings for the day while you were rested and refreshed.

    3. Howdeedoo - staying in the hotel room binge watching Brady Bunch reruns would have been more productive than going to Amway Spring Leadership!


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