Monday, June 25, 2018

Dragging Our Asses To Amway WWDB Family Reunion

The first Amway WWDB function that Ambot attended was Family Reunion. I did not go with him. I don’t remember why not. Doesn’t matter. Anytime I can escape an Amway function its a good thing.

The second Family Reunion I did go. I really don’t remember much about the event itself. The journey and events leading up to Family Reunion was more memorable. The upline were riding our asses to go to Family Reunion. The huge event of the year. Yeah, weren’t they all! It didn’t take much to convince Ambot because the brainwashing was well ingrained.

All serious business builders must attend Family Reunion. This is how the upline knows if you’re a serious business builder or not. If you don’t attend they won’t work with you. We could have stayed at home, saved our money, and those bastards would not have worked with us. Hmm, I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of Amway policy. Somewhere in Amway’s procedures it says purchasing tools and attending functions is voluntary and if you don’t purchase them your upline is still obligated to work with you. Our upline were a bunch of fucking assholes and very comfortable breaking Amway’s rules. I mean what was going to happen to them? Its not like the people at Amway’s head office gives a shit. As long as the money keeps rolling in and the brainwashed ambots keep buying their overpriced shit, they’ll look the other way.

Ambot was all pumped about Family Reunion coming up in July and blabbed about it to everyone. A normal person when they hear the words family reunion thinks of a get together with siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and other extended family. Like real blood relatives all coming from the same ancestry. But no. The Amway WWDB Family Reunion was with unrelated people he’d never met before who promised to be his new, better family.

We were set to leave on Friday morning with our sponsor Captain Fuck Up and his wife around 10am. To make a long story short their babysitter was delayed and they couldn’t leave until mid afternoon so Ambot decided to leave without them and they would drive up later in their clunker.
Actually I’m quite happy because I can’t stand Captain Fuck Up and enduring an all day drive with that arrogant prick would be cruel and unusual punishment.

A few hours into our drive Captain Fuck Up phones to say he can't find his money he took out of the bank the day before or whenever. He can’t leave for Family Reunion. Captain Fuck Up must have phoned at least 20 times during the next 4 hours and in one of the calls he suggested he might have left his money at our house. Seeing as how Captain Fuck Up was speaking to Ambot and not me I don't know if he was demanding we turn around and return home to check our house for his money. Or that he would come to join us at Family Reunion if we'd give him money. After all he was our upline which according to Ambot meant we had to lick his asshole and do anything else he asked. If he did order us to drive home Ambot didn’t tell me because he knew I’d be really pissed off. Like I need any more excuses to despise this fucking asshole. Also if I drove home I was staying there!

Captain Fuck Up’s money has never been located, in our house or elsewhere. If it even existed in the first place. After all we’re talking about a lying scamming broke Amway loser here.

And if I had found a few extra bucks lying around the house – well what can I say? Finders keepers! Amway losers!


  1. Someone talked about Family Reunion to a potential new member at our board plan meeting and they were the distinct expression of what the f&*#ness emanated from their face.

    1. Anonymous - it's like anything said at an Amway cult meeting. If you're not a brainwashed Ambot you're like what the fuck is going on here!

  2. What a complete jerk this "Captain Fuck Up" was! He takes out a substantial sum of money from the bank, and then he can't remember where he put it? He sounds like Basil Fawlty, or one of the Three Stooges.

    1. When you're an unhealthy dreamer, you tend to neglect responsibilities and often in La La Land to retain anything significant importance in reality. If facts doesn't matter it can lead to the point of putting faith you will find your money and don't have to remember it. It's a living proof of the indoctrinated.

    2. Hi Anonymous. I don't know how much money Captain Fuck Up took out of the bank or even if he took any money out at all but it probably wouldn't have been more than a few hundred bucks. When most people take money out of the bank they put it in an envelope, their purse or wallet or maybe into their pocket for transporting it. Normal people don't visit somewhere and pull out the cash and set it down. And then forget about it. Amway Ambots are always taking pictures of themselves fanning cash bragging about how business is going great. But yeah if you're a dumb fuck and take out a bunch of money from the bank and flash it around to brag about it and then lose it then that's too bad. LOL!

    3. Anonymous - it's my guess that when most people find a significant amount of money in their house they assume they or someone else in their family set it down there. Probably don't think a visitor pulled out a wad of cash to show it off and then forgot it. But yeah I can see how a brainwashed Ambot would put their faith in the Great Amway God that they'd find it again.

    4. I agree, D. Dicky Captain Dat Fucked Up everybody else's normal home party while demanding to be respected as he was a Business Owner. Really if they can't relax themselves in a party then they're a party pooper. They need a chaperone.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if they use a counterfeit of any dollar and expect bankers going to believe that is real. As an Ambot, anything is possible with the right positive mind of not getting into trouble with the law. I'm trusting Bank Loaners will be nearby roasting these imbeciles if they actually did.

    1. Anonymous that wouldn’t surprise me at all either. Amway Ambots are already comfortable breaking the law with their fraud so they’d look for other ways to be scammers too.


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