Monday, July 16, 2018

Pay Up NOW For Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED 2018

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion 2018 or Motivational Days or whatever the fuck those Amway losers are calling it is wrapping up and the upline assholes already have their hands out demanding payment for the next Amway function, Free Enterprise Days or FED.

One Amway loser has already been here searching for World Wide Dream Builders FED 2015. See that’s the thing when you’re a card carrying Amway IBO fucking asshole. These arrogant pricks think just because they’re in Amway it gives them the power to turn back time which is why everytime we post about Amway functions Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, Free Enterprise Days FED or Dream Night we put in plenty of keywords and years past, present and future. Amway Ambots are so fucked up brainwashed they don’t know what year it is.

The tickets to WWDB FED cost around $125 give or take around $25 but probably on the upswing side. Amway prices don’t go down in price! I’m sure someone will eventually show up to the blog with this years price.

Amway Free Enterprise Days is usually held in October except one year someone in WWDB fucked up and didn’t book the arena in time and it was held in November instead. Its one of the 4 major Amway World Wide Dream Builders functions for brainwashing the masses. Its important for the assholes in the Amway upline to get payment from their downline either at Family Reunion or shortly thereafter while the ambots are still high from the Family Reunion brainwashing. They’re motivated. They’re FIRED UP!!!!! They’re going big! They’re going Diamond! They’re gonna get Amway rich quick!!!! Success is just around the corner! WOO HOO!!!!!

Meanwhile the assholes in the Amway World Wide Destructive Bastards upline got their hands out. Gimmee gimmeee gimmeee!!!!! Where’s the cash for FED? NOW!!!!! Ambots pay up NOW!!!!!!

There’s a reason why searches for “how to quit Amway” go up around the times of Amway functions. And the upline Amway assholes want to get the ambots money now for the next function before they get a chance to quit.

Once the greedy assholes in your Amway upline have your cash for the next brainwashing function, in this case we’re picking WWDB Free Enterprise Days FED its really hard to get it back if you decide to quit. The better option is to tell those fucking assholes in the Amway upline you’ll buy the ticket from the World Wide Destructive Bastards website when the time gets closer no matter how much they screech at you you're taking your chances they'll be sold out. Come on its not a Madonna concert. A stinking Amway function ain't gonna sell out. LOL! One can only hope the tickets will be sold out before you buy but you probably ain't gonna be that lucky! LOL!

Of course the best option of all is to tell the fucking assholes in your Amway upline you’re not going to FED at all and won’t be buying tickets to Free Enterprise Days. Then watch the hissy fit those bastards throw when they realize their beloved cult leaders won’t be making money off this ticket sell! That’s how the real money is made in Amway – the tool scam! Tickets sold to hear the Amway cult leaders talk are big profits for the cult leaders.

Save your money. Don’t buy tickets to WWDB Amway Free Enterprise Days 2018! Or any other year!

Do you know what happens at WWDB FED? The same bullshit that happens at every other Scamway function. A bunch of Diamonds will stomp across the stage with very similar stories about how they were dirt poor and in debt and now they’re filthy rich. Yeah they’re filthy all right! Got rich by bringing misery to other peoples lives who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

There is no training. There is no business advice. There’s nothing but a bunch of rah rah motivational if I can do it so can you bullshit.

You been to one Amway function you been to them all.

So let’s get a few keywords out there to reel in Amway ambots. And because they’re so fucked up brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders and don’t know what year it is I’ll throw in last year and next year. And don’t laugh. Searchers are still looking for 2011 and 2012! That’s what happens in Amway. The assholes in your upline brainwash you into believing just cause you’re in Amway that gives you the power to turn back time! Holy fuck!

Free Enterprise Days 2018
Amway Free Enterprise Days 2018
WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2018
FED 2018
World Wide Dream Builders FED 2018
Free Enterprise Days 2017
Amway Free Enterprise Days 2017
WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2017
FED 2017
World Wide Dream Builders FED 2017
Amway FED 2017
Amway Family Reunion 2017
WWDB Family Reunion 2017
Free Enterprise Days 2016
Amway Free Enterprise Days 2016
WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2016
FED 2016
World Wide Dream Builders FED 2016
Amway FED 2016
Amway Family Reunion 2016
WWDB Family Reunion 2016
Free Enterprise Days 2015
Amway Free Enterprise Days 2015
WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2015
FED 2015
World Wide Dream Builders FED 2015
Amway FED 2015
Amway Family Reunion 2015
WWDB Family Reunion 2015

Free Enterprise Days sucks!

WWDB sucks!

Amway sucks!

All Amway functions suck!



  1. Sigh...I remember "function time" all too well.

    1. Me too. Big waste of money, time and brain cells.

  2. It's hard to fathom why anyone who has ever attended one Amway function would ever consent to attend another.

    The whole affair is just so mind-numbingly stupid and hyped up, with no purpose whatsoever! The closest thing to it is going to a jam-packed Times Square in New York City on New Year's eve, and screaming your head off while a ball goes down. An absolutely useless waste of time.

    I can only assume that the losers who attend Amway functions year after year are psychologically damaged types who need the consolation of being in a big crowd, with everyone screaming and love-bombing them. Mentally weak people need that sort of thing.

    1. I agree Anonymous. Once you’ve been to one Amway function why would you waste your time and money on another. Unless you’re a devoted cult follower of the Great Amway God. To which I say - Loser!

      The only purpose Amway functions serve is to get those at the top of the pyramid richer. And to be a money draining social gathering for Amway losers.

  3. $175 this year! This weekend in Portland...

  4. Where's the location in Portland?

    1. Anonymous - it's a deep dark WWDB secret known only to the brainwashed cult followers of the Great Amway God.


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