Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Products You Love Ain’t Sold By Amway

Injecting a little love into this post!

“The Products You Love”.

Inspired by yet another Google Ad pretending not to be Amway. But I’m wise to these false advertisers now.

The only way I’m clicking my way to yet another IBO’s Amway portal page is to give the anti-Amway blog writer a few extra bucks! And then I'm outta there!

I seriously doubt if I clicked on the link for “The Products You Love” that I would actually find anything I love available there.

Does Amway carry the things I love: chocolate coated strawberries (fresh not dehydrated!), books written by my favorite authors, chocolate peanut butter ice cream, slushies, puppies, seascape paintings, LA Gear sneakers...

Nope. Instead Amway carries a bunch of overpriced shit that I HATE!

There is absolutely no Amway product that I LOVE and MUST HAVE. Their fruit juices are about the only Amway product that I liked. Not love. Just like. I HATE their price tag though. I can buy juice at the grocery store for a fraction of the price Amway charges for their juice.

“The Products You Love”. Talk about false advertising. I’m almost tempted to click on the ad just to find the IBO’s contact information. They promised me products I love and right now I’d love some ice cream. And while I’m placing an order I’ll take the latest Stephen King novel, a Bon Jovi CD, and an English Setter puppy.

Then the IBO has to fess up and say they don’t sell those things.

What? You can’t provide the products I love? Fucking lying IBO! False advertising! How about I report you to Adsense? Why are you even doing advertising on the Internet anyway? Got some of those free $100 adsense coupons that are floating around? I thought Amway says you can’t do that kind of advertising. Must have gotten “permission”.

The only people who claim to love Amway products are brainwashed IBO’s. However once they quit Amway the love affair is over. They were only brainwashed into thinking they loved them during their Amway jail time.

If that IBO doesn’t want to be accused of false advertising he (she?) should change their slogan to “products you’ll hate at prices you’ll hate”. At least that now becomes truth in advertising. It might even intrigue people to click on the ad to see exactly what it is that they’ll be hating.

In closing I have a message to the Ambot owner of the "products you love" ad in the immortal words of Bon Jovi:



  1. You know who the true Amway drones are. They debate the quality of toilet paper or toothpaste and shampoo. They all use the "concentration" factor or quality as a means to justify the high cost of their generic products.

    1. Joecool - Amway losers still leave comments bragging about those things. Amway’s high prices are all about everyone upline and the owners making a profit off each sale. Nothing to do with quality. What’s with the Ambot obsession over whether or not products are concentrated. Certainly not something I give a shit about when shopping.

    2. I'd love to hear what some Amway IBO has to say about Amway toilet paper, and how it is "concentrated."

      But then again, if you an Amway asshole, I guess you know a lot about toilet paper.

    3. Hey Anonymous - same thing applies for Ambots - notably the male ones! - who are tampon experts!

  2. My Amway beef jerky is concentrated.


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