Thursday, July 19, 2018

Pssst! Hey Buddy Wanna Buy A Dream?

This post is inspired by a Google ad that I’ve seen. “Buy dreams”. Interesting concept. Someone can’t think up their own dream so they have to buy someone else’s dream. I ought to try that as a sideline business. I need to think up some dreams, put a price tag on them, and start up an online store so that I can sell my dreams to someone suffering from a lack of dreams. The possibilities are endless of what I can think up that people might dream about: a yacht to sell around the world, a castle in Scotland, an island in the Caribbean, winning the Tour De France, climbing Mount Everest, a million dollars in the bank, a cure for cancer....

But that ad got me thinking about how Amway IBO’s are peddlers of dreams. IBO’s snag prospects by dangling dreams in front of them.

Once the IBO has the prospect hooked on imagining what it would be like to be financially free to afford their dream, then the whole Amway pitch comes out and if the dreamer is caught up in the hype they’ll fork over $150 for an Amway registration kit and then spend thousands of dollars chasing that elusive dream until they finally decide to cut their losses and walk away. Those same dreams are then used as weapons against the IBO when they’re quitting Amway.

“I guess your dream just wasn’t big enough,” taunts the upline.

Or maybe their dream was too big. Bigger than what they can make on an Amway income. Less than 1% of IBO’s make money in Amway. Our Platinum was always bragging that our Emerald’s income was in the top 25% of 1% of IBO’s. We now know those facts aren’t really impressive bragging rights at all. In his book Merchants of Deception, former Emerald Eric Scheibeler earned $35,000/year at his highest earning point. Based on what other former Emerald’s have said on the Internet about their income - about two or three thousand dollars a month - it would be a safe bet that our Emerald’s income was in that ballpark. That was my salary twenty years ago when I worked an office job. Its a nice average salary. I was able to buy a house and take vacations each year. That company offered the best benefits I’ve ever had in my life. 3 weeks paid vacation to start, increasing by a week after every 2 years employment, capping out at 10 weeks per year for long term employees which could be carried over to the next year. Shit there were some co-workers I didn’t see for months when management got after them to use it or lose it! Health and dental and retirement savings easily add thousands of dollars more in perks. Emeralds don’t get any of those perks. If they want them they have to dig deep in their own pockets.

Sometimes I can be a sucker. I clicked on the ad to see what kind of dreams are for sale.

There are no dreams for sale here. There are no nice houses, sports cars, luxury vacations. I don’t see any savings accounts holding millions of dollars. There is no world peace here either.

Instead I’m looking at pictures of that piss water XS, Nutrilite vitamins, SA8 laundry soap, and other Amway shit.

What the fuck? Talk about false advertising! I’ve hit some fucking IBO’s online store!

If you see that ad for “buy dreams” and click on it it takes you to an IBO’s portal page for flogging Amway products. You know the one they spend $50/month to World Wide Dream Builders or whatever LOS for premier membership and it includes that portal page in the monthly fee.

Don’t buy nothing! False advertising!

At least the IBO with the ad that says “Amway products for sale” and a link to their portal page is more honest. People can look at that ad and decide they don’t need Amway products today and not click on the link.

Holy shit! Did I just use the words “honest” and “IBO” in the same sentence???!!! That combination is pretty much a physical impossibility. If that IBO keeps up that kind of honesty they’ll be out of business very soon!

But back to the ad flogging dreams for sale. Maybe I’m being too judgemental. Dreams can be subjective. One person’s dream is another person’s hunk of junk. The ad offering dreams genuinely thinks that Amway products are dreams. Dreamy like Frankie Avalon in the beach blanket movies.

I disagree.

I’d rather title that person’s ad “nightmares for sale”.

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