Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Amway Is Toxic!

I really appreciate my readers offering insight to their Amway experiences and love it when there’s some humor involved!

This fellow assuming its a guy, most women in the Amway mess got dragged their by their significant other and weren’t prospected fits one of the criteria I heard at Amway cult meetings. That is to prospect people who are new immigrants. Not to be insulting that this guy is a new immigrant but he did say new to the USA and left a Vietnamese link so I’m just putting 2 and 2 together. The reason to prospect new immigrants is there’s a good chance they haven’t heard of Amway before. They’ve arrived in the land of opportunity and here’s an opportunity where they’ll be millionaires in 2 to 5 years working part time 10 to 15 hours a week. A lot of immigrants come to this country and start businesses and become successful. And they do all that without Amway. Imagine that. Those fucking Amway assholes will be shitting bricks because they refuse to believe that there are any other money making business opportunites besides Amway. Try opening your eyes you fucking Amway assholes and research legitimate business opportunities. Put some hard work in. Sitting around someone’s living room listing to an Amway cult leader ain’t working hard. Its spending time hanging out with other Amway assholes in an expensive social and buying club.

My reader is dead on about everything.

Amway is toxic.


I was almost going into this Amway thing few years ago when I'm still new to the U.S.A, because a person whom I trusted the most invited me in it. But luckily when I talked with a tons of law/business professors, they all slapped me in the face with the truth about this company.Needless to say, our relationship is totally screwed up right now.

The funny thing I remember after reading this post is that there few days ago when I somehow read a "training" guide for IBOs and saw the section where they to give "medical advice" for the customer if there is any "problem" after using the product.

It's like this:
"-If the customer feel hot in the body and having acne after using vit B product -> tell them to use it together with Vit C
-If the customer have constriction after using the mineral product -> Reduce (yes, REDUCE, not stop) the intake amount.
-If the customer experience insomnia and diarrhea after taking the vitamin C -> reduce (again) the intake amount."

(Kinda curious what if the customer have acnea and diarrhea at the same time?)
http://www.slideshare.net/CuongNguyen16/ky-nang-ban-nutrilite (I know you're already know it and this link is Vietnamese but just to show you that this thing spread everywhere now.)

I'm speechless. I feel that my BSN degree is really meaningless, I should have join Amway and become medical adviser immediately. Look how awesome they are. They know exactly how to deal with intoxicated customer, with the treatment is... taking more toxic?


  1. I think immigration and the overseas market is about the only thing propping up Amway right now. They've just about run out of homegrown suckers here in the USA.

    1. Anonymous - you're forgetting about fresh batches of recently graduated kids who've never heard of Amway, get all hyped up about how they can retire in 2 years with gazillions of dollars in residual income rolling in from Amway every month and they'll never have to work again and they sign up. When we were in Scamway the cult leaders preached about looking for youngsters to sign up cause they've never heard of Amway. So there'll always be plenty of fresh blood of homegrown suckers coming up.

    2. Anna Banana - You're right, I was forgetting that I myself was much younger when I was sucked in. I actually saw through it pretty early on and have long since made a full recovery in every way but one: I'm posting anonymously because to this day I am too embarrassed to admit I let those unholy bastards fool me. By the way, it amazes me how they can keep a straight face and actually call themselves "Christian". If there actually is a heaven and hell I damn sure wouldn't want to die as one of them.

    3. Anonymous - the ambots who get sucked in to Scamway at an early age have a better chance of bouncing back financially and emotionally. Amway leaves too many stories in its wake of seniors throwing away their life savings chasing the Amway nightmare, divorce, bankruptcy, houses getting foreclosed on. When there's things happen to you later in life it's really hard to recover from. A guy in their early 20's probably hasn't bought a house yet but might be dealing with thousands of dollars in credit card debt run up to tithe the Great Amway God. Ambots got to do what it takes and spend money or the Amway cult leaders will give them hell. Notice those bastards aren't there to pick up the pieces when the Ambot gets divorced and files bankruptcy.

    4. Anna Banana - For me there was this MLM netherworld where I actually knew the thing was a piece of shit but I was too heavily invested in it to just walk away. They trap you. The shitty product doesn't sell no matter what they tell you and it seems not an option to just walk away so what do you do? If you have a sense of right and wrong you are forced to fool yourself in order to even attempt to fool others. You feel like shit doing what you're doing and then you go to the meeting and you feel great again, like the whole thing makes sense. Funny how they do that. Toxic, you bet. Amway is definitely one of the harder drugs to be on, more dangerous than marijuana. It's a very expensive drug, the withdrawal can be severe but is well worth it. Fortunately the relapse rate is virtually zero. Once recovered, nobody wants to experiment with it again, even recreationally.

      I was a young guy then and I remember this frail timid old man who came in and bought into it big time. that might have been what pushed me over the edge. Proved to me right there that these sinister bastards just don't care who they screw or for how much.

    5. Anonymous - people in Amway don't care who they screw over. Bringing in that old man who might be struggling on a limited income with big promises of how he can go really big in Scamway. There are so many scams we hear on the evening news regarding seniors getting taken but the cops say for every senior who comes forward about 100 won't because they're too embarrassed.

      Amway sells shitty overpriced products, mainly to the registered IBO's. Less than 5% of sales are made to people who are not brainwashed ambots but are probably related to one. You can't sell Amway's products with a good conscience. You got scammed into overpaying for substandard dish soap so the only way to recover your money is to try to scam someone else into buying it or signing up to the Amway pyramid scheme. As you said most people have a sense of right and wrong and their morals kick in and they stop trying to find other victims. The victim stops with me mentality.

      Yup Amway is the worst kind of drug out there with their cult leader pushers aggressively kicking ass to the ambots to buy buy buy.


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