Monday, March 9, 2015

Get A 6 Month Jump On Other Amway Ambots

Seeing as how Amway WWDB Spring Leadership 2015 is coming up in April and May now’s a good time to revisit how we all used to listen to the Amway cult leader promise that the upcoming Amway function was going to be a life changing event. Just by going we’d be 6 months ahead of the IBO’s who didn’t go losers that they are!!!  And here everyone in the room would do the old ambot chuckle to insult those dumb fucks not going to the next Amway function. HUA HUA HUA!!!

Some of the lines the Amway upline assholes say to pressure people to come to Amway functions:

Once in a lifetime opportunity

Life changing event

Biggest function of the year

Not to be missed

Some of those statements could be applied to a Madonna concert! Or viewing the pyramids in Egypt. Get it? Pyramids? Amway. Insert Amway ambot chuckle. HUA HUA HUA!!!!

The thing is between every Amway WWDB function those are some of the lines used by the Amway assholes to influence the cult followers to part with their money at a fucking stupid time wasting Amway shithole event.

Those Amway bastards are so UNoriginal!

There are endless Amway cult meetings held in a month but 4 times a year are major WWDB events Spring Leadership, Family Reunion, Dream Night and Free Enterprise Days FED where the Diamonds earn the bulk of their Amway income in the tool scam so they book a large venue to get as many IBO’s as they can to attend. The Amway Platinum and Emerald demons are usually the ones assigned to put the screws to the downline to ensure they fucking better get their asses to the function so the Diamonds can get richer.

The upline Amway assholes bullshit the downline into thinking its a once in a lifetime opportunity, that is until the next Amway once in a lifetime opportunity rolls around in 3 months.

This starts before the last function has ended. The sack of shit Platinum has his hand out wanting the cash for the next major function. This is a common Amway scheme. Gotta get that cash fast in case the ambot quits Amway sometime over the next couple of months. And if you take too damned long to buy the ticket to the next Amway brainwashing conference the upline will mock you and humiliate you in front of the other ambots at Amway cult meetings until you come up with the money and buy the ticket.

The lying assholes in the Amway upline brainwash the cult followers into believing that they will be learning about leadership, building a business, valuable training advice, and other bullshit Amway propaganda.

The only thing that is different about the WWDB Amway functions is they change the name every 3 months: Dream Night, Spring Leadership, Family Function, Free Enterprise Days FED.

There is no training, no business advice, nothing that will help people in a business Amway or anything else. The WWDB Amway functions are a scam. The whole point of holding them is for the Diamonds to make money not for any ambots to gain any business knowledge. The ticket money and commission from hotels is how those sitting at the top of the Amway pyramid make the bulk of their annual income. Now that those Amway assholes have the IBO’s money they have to come up with some kind of a show to keep the ambots entertained. Despite all the  bullshit promises that the Amway assholes said about what was going to happen at this event, the same thing pretty much happens at all of them. The main reason the brainwashed ambots show up for these Amway functions is to swoon and worship the Diamonds the way their upline has taught them to behave when they come to one of these events and are in the presence of Scamway royalty. The Amway WWDB bullshit session lasts 12 hours or so. Keep the ambots up late and fill them with bullshit so they’ll agree to anything when they’re tired. One couple after another slinks across the stage and they brag about their houses, their sports cars, the luxury vacations they take, all their material possessions. Most of them thank god for bringing Amway into their lives at a time when he was digging ditches and she was slinging burgers at a dive and now look at them and all their riches. Then the next Barbie and Ken Amway Assholes slink across the stage and basically say the same thing except the jobs might be slightly different, always of the minimum wage no experience necessary type of labor. Sometimes they’ll show a video or slide show of their possessions. Whether or not they really own the stuff or its a staged picture shoot is unknown. Its not like you can believe anything that someone in Amway says anywhere because they’re the biggest fucking liars around.

A once in a lifetime not to be missed opportunity? Yeah? Only until the next one rolls around in 3 months.

No one needs to pay big bucks to listen to a bunch of lying Amway assholes. Just hang around Barnes & Noble long enough and an ambot will show up to bullshit you and invite you to a once in a lifetime opportunity.



  1. Yep, and after the IBO's get financially ass raped at the "Big Function" they can pay months later for the "tool" CD. Of course the money would be better spent at the Chiropractors office due to back pain being crammed into a hotel room for 2 with 15 other IBO's. Sounds like a real blast. So now months later, with his back all stove in, the Ambot will listen to the same tired bullshit while swerving through traffic. He will smile gleefully as pipedreams fill his head while cutting off traffic in his smoldering heap of a car fresh off set of The Road Warrior. And where is this future Diamond going? To his multiple part time JOBs to pay for all this Amway and Tool shit until he can "retire". Of course he's so brainwashed that he's not sure why he has a chronic burning sensation between his cheecks. May need to invest in a proctologist as well.

    1. Anonymous - yeah really. Why bother going to any functions when you can buy the CD a few months down the road for much cheaper. And its all the same old bullshit they recycle from every Amway function.

      Amway - sell the hope not the soap. But your dreams got to be big enough or you'll get insulted by the cult leaders.

    2. "The System" is built on double stuffing the IBO (I'm Bending Over). Get em at the meeting then on the tools every month. Of course it's all "optional", but as they try and fill their heads with, so is success. Such a sham.

    3. Anonymous - if the ambot doesn't buy those "optional" tools they are subjected to abuse and humiliation from the Amway cult leader. The easiest way out is to bend over.

  2. They are absolutely right. If you miss one of those events you DO fall behind all the other Ambots who attend them. Fall behind in the race towards bankruptcy. Those who shell out the bucks to go to an event are far deeper in the hole afterwards, so you'll need to buy a lot more tools and product to bury in your garage to try to catch up to them! Hurry! They are way deeper in debt now that they attended that once in a lifetime event (assuming one's definition of the word "once" is "often") than you are if you missed it.

    You know that a person is brainwashed when they go to multiple events and never stop to think "um, didn't I see all those exact same bragging slideshows the last 10 events I went to? How is watching people brag about their wealth and buying products that no one wants so they collect dust in my garage INVESTING in a business? Just what is Amway's definition of 'investing'? Sure can't be the same definition that real businesses who consider profitability use".

    1. Anonymous - yup go to the Amway function and be 6 months ahead of everyone else heading to divorce court, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Those functions are all the same as the last one or 10 you went to. As you put it bragging slideshows. No actual business advice is given unless you consider don't dress like a slut and buy more tools "business advice".

  3. Ooh that's good, sums it up nicely about the mind set of the brainwashed Ambot. I think Amway is basically a cult franchise that peddles domination and abuse in exchange for $$. They take your money and hold your nose to their grind wheel. It's difficult to manipulate someone who walks the beaches with lots of money but it's easy to control someone who perpetually scrapes together their last dollar to dry clean the same suit and tinker with the old junk car to make it to the next cult function to worship their masters and hope to get praised for being a good little cultling. While their chances of actually getting rich at selling this crap are somewhere between winning the lottery and flying with Peter Pan to Neverland, a more realistic hope is that they might recruit some meager downline of their own. That way they can indulge themselves in their own fantasies of power within that fantasy world called Amway. It's easier to take being shit on if you have someone below you to pass the shit on to. To the Ambot perception of wealth and power trumps the reality of being a poor powerless sucker. The pioneers at the top of the Amway fraud are pure perpetrators, those at the bottom of it are pure victims of it but as soon as they get a downline they can be both.

    1. Anonymous - I'd say your chances of winning the lottery or flying to Neverland are better than making money in Amway! Once the ambot realizes they got scammed yeah they desperately want to find some downline to make money off so they can earn back their losses. Its really hard to find one person to sign up to Scamway let alone enough other warm bodies to actually make income from.

      And then the whole conscience thing kicks in knowing you're a victim, do you really want to sign up other people to be victims too.

      To get ahead in Amway you have to be a good liar and have no morals. Most people don't have what it takes to be part of the Amway cult.

  4. Anna,

    I just ran across your blog because a couple of my friends are doing this MLM program with World Ventures...those annoying "You Should Be Here" signs they hold up while they're on Vacation. Do you know more about this company? It seems just as shady and cultish like Amway. I have never had an interest to join any MLM and I can't believe people fall for this all the time. Same format as you have described in your many articles on this blog. Same lingo and perspective about your current job and life situation. It must prey on people who are not content with their lives and not happy about their jobs. I'm not doing what I love currently, but I'm also not naive and dumb enough to see that these MLM's are short fixes and if that. I just wanted to know if you knew more about this company Thanks!

    1. Hi ayangmi. I don't know about World Ventures but I'm aware of MLM vacation scams, just don't recall names. Yeah overpay for a vacation where do I sign up. Some of the other bloggers in the upper right side of this page do blog about other MLM scams. You might check with one of them. This blog is more about cursing out Amway assholes!

    2. Yeah, most MLM's are only about recruiting new victims in, not the product, which is usually smoke and mirrors anyway. I saw an expose on a different vacation scam (though they all pretty much fall under the same pattern) where one pays $3200 for a "package" which includes an "exclusive" website to look up vacation deals, and during the expose they found that for every "deal" they found on the $3200 site they then did a free google search to find other deals to the SAME hotel, SAME airline, etc that were hundreds LESS. Same thing with Amway. For every product they sell, you can find better products for way less. That's why they are not about the products, just pulling in more and more victims. In other words, a PYRAMID scheme.

    3. Anonymous - I might have seen that same expose. I don't know a lot about travel mlm scams but it was on a show I was watching, and I don't think recently, but sometime in the last 2 years or so. Like all MLM scams they'd have to mark up the travel considerably so everyone in the upline can make money. Its like when you enter a contest for a trip to Hawaii or Las Vegas or Mexico and get the call that you "won" only to find out all you "won" was the airfare and you only "win" the airfare if you buy the hotel package. The hotel conveniently costs a few hundred bucks more a night that what it'd cost if you booked it directly or through Travelocity or or wherever. Because they jack up the hotel price to cover the airline tickets plus all the scammer workers got to be paid.

  5. The really fun part about the Ambot encounter, be it the old friend who calls you up out of nowhere or the public stranger who strikes up a conversation with you based on some pretense, is popping the question: "Is this Amway you're talking about?" I relish the moment. That sudden deer in the headlights look in their eyes, the one that says "Shit, he's on to me." is priceless.

    1. Anonymous - the ambots have several canned responses:

      "No, I'm with WWDB"

      "No, but we do use Amway for shipping our products."

      "No, I work for Benny the Bastard Enterprises out of Miami. Perhaps you've heard of him?"


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