Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Amway Ambots Are The Worst Financial Wizards

Scumbag Amway assholes mainly prey on less fortunate people and those who are down on their luck scamming them into believing in a few months they’ll be making thousands of dollars every month in Amway and after 2 to 5 years they’ll be gazillionairs with barrels of money rolling in every month while they sit back and do nothing. Often these Amway bastards target victims who are already in a financially dire situation with promises and dreams of riches. Unemployed, new immigrants, people in minimum wage jobs, students, people with lots of debt, etc.

There are Amway ambots who went to college and are in professional occupations who also want to believe that they’ll strike it rich in the Amway scam. And these are intelligent, educated people who you’d think would know enough to do research before getting suckered into a too good to be true “opportunity”.  Smart people who couldn’t fall for a scam like Amway. You know people who might have a chance at putting money aside for a mortgage or retirement if they weren’t throwing away all their money tithing the Great Amway God.

There are people from all walks of life, all income brackets who are financially irresponsible. They take out a car loan on a super expensive luxury car with huge monthly payments instead of looking for a car more in their budget or buying one with whatever cash they have. Same thing with buying a house. They take out the wrong kind of mortgage. They buy a more expensive house than they should have and struggle to make the payments. They get credit cards and go crazy spending but don’t pay the card off in full every month. Instead they pay the minimum and spend the next 20 or 30 years struggling to pay off that card because as soon as they got some room on it they spend it again. Just because someone is a CEO or a doctor or whatever doesn’t mean they’re financially responsible and make good financial decisions.

It costs a lot of money every month to belong to Amway’s expensive buying club. You have to buy around $300/month in Amway products just to earn a commission of around $10. You want more commission you gotta buy more of their expensive shitty products. Yup buy from your “own” store and create how much commission you make LOL! Most ambots spend more than $300/month buying shitty overpriced Amway products. Depending on whether or not there’s a major function that month and how much it costs to get there, stay in a hotel, eat out, the additional costs in Amway could be another $200 to $500 more each month. And it goes up from there. They spend $50/month on membership to the Amway cult sect they belong to. Communikate, another $30 or $40/month. CD’s, books, tickets to go to Amway meetings. It all adds up. To be a member of the Amway cult it costs hundreds of dollars each month, probably $500 to $1000/month. For $10 in commission?

Not keeping a profit & loss statement?

Of course not! This is Amway. They don’t do stuff that real businesses do.

So are people who are already financially irresponsible more open to the Amway scam? These people don’t really notice where their money is going. By the time they notice they’re probably already in trouble and can’t dig themselves out of the hole. That’s the price of keeping your Amway cult leader happy.

Financially irresponsible people believe these fucking Amway assholes who say all you need is to have a dream (and a credit card!) and you’ll get rich in Amway. Its all about dream this and dream that and getting distracted with all your dreams of material riches that you don’t notice all your money is going into the Amway shit hole and the ambot isn’t getting any richer. Well what do you expect when you earn pennies on commission if you’re lucky to have a downline or a customer who buys something. Pennies! This isn’t a salesman at a car lot or a realtor selling houses where they could make more than pennies on a commissioned sale. This is Scamway. Only the cult leaders who have their own cult sects and the company owners are making money. Not lowly commissioned salespeople. Plunk down $100 or $200 to register with Amway and “own your own business”. LOL!!!!! Scammers!!!!

Would these same people answer ads that say earn $10,000/month stuffing envelopes – send $20 to find out how? What about an email from the king of Yawma (yup spell it backwards LOL!!!!) who is in hiding and needs to sneak out $10 bazillion dollars and transfer it to your bank account and you send him back $9 bazillion and keep the other bazillion for your trouble and commission.

They’re all scams that rely on people’s dreams of getting rich and they don’t need any special skills to get rich doing these things. Just be a dumb ass dreamer.

Amway relies on financially irresponsible people to keep the scam going on.

Amway: the Cult of Greed

And from marriedtoanambot let’s just send another big old FUCK YOU out to Amway Scamway and their scammer army of Ambots.



  1. You're right about this, Anna. Amway depends heavily on the recruitment of persons who are naive or uninformed about finances. If anyone is dumb enough to spend hundreds of dollars a month, with no appreciable return for this investment, he is a prime target for a con-game like Amway.

    Also, he doesn't look ahead. He doesn't see that careful preparation for the future (savings and investments and pensions) is essential for security in old age.

    When an Amway recruiter finds someone like this, he knows he has a sucker. All he has to do is fill the guy's head up with hype and "rah-rah-let's-go-team" bullshit, while telling him that reality is not important compared to his "dreams." He'll also be able to convince the guy that losing money is a necessary prerequisite of running a business.

    What's amazing is how many idiots there are who will believe this Amway propaganda.

    1. Anonymous - as you said. Spending hundreds of dollars a month on a pyramid scheme is a sure sign of financial irresponsibility.

      That money could be put aside for saving for a new car or a new house or for the future retirement.

      Go to any Amway brainwashing function and there will be hundreds of dumb ass Ambots believing the Amway bullshit propaganda.


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