Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Amway Ambots And The Pretend Game Of Business Owners

Small business and investments are what helps get America’s economy back on track.

Small business could be any number of things but generally speaking they are not huge franchise outlets that can be found in every mall across the country. They tend to be mom and pop type of operations, the stores that can be found on Main Street, USA and neighborhoods in large cities across the country. Foundations of the community.

How do small businesses help the economy? They provide jobs. Jobs for local people. Locals who will probably tell their families and friends to come to their business for their needs whether or not they make a commission off them. Its all about supporting the community and shopping local. Unless a person doing their shopping from Amway lives in Michigan in Ada or Grand Rapids area they’re doing a piss poor job of supporting their community and shopping local because most ambots shopping from Scamway live in other states. What? They couldn’t find shitty overpriced products locally!? LOL!!!!

How many employees does an Amway ambot pretend “business owner” hire for their “business”? Uh would that be zippo? How’s an Amway ambot running a small business if they don’t do piss all for their local economy by providing jobs? And no. Scamming suckers into your downline so you can make commission of their sales ain’t providing jobs. It’s providing misery and financial distress to the victims.

Investments can take on many forms. If you don’t own a house, that would be an investment to aim for. People invest in different things: stocks, funds, money market, pork bellies, etc. Sometimes people invest in other people’s businesses, come in as a partner of sorts.

Can you imagine looking for a business partner to go in with on your “Amway business”.

Can you imagine going to your banker for a small business loan? Showing the banker the Amway 666 business plan with circles drawn all over it. CULT!!!!!!! DEVILS!!!!!

Its unlikely a small business is going to generate the kind of income a large corporation does but they contribute to their local economies by bringing growth to their community. How does an Amway Ambot’s pretend business do that? Actually that’s a good question to ask a cult leader at the next Amway meeting and see what bullshit Amspeak propaganda they sling back at you.

According to the small business administration small businesses generate about 2/3 of new jobs and nearly half the private sector payroll. Small businesses provide employment opportunities to people who might not be able to get a job at a huge corporation. Large corporations may even depend on those small businesses to provide goods and services they require as part of their daily operations.

How many can say that about Amway Ambots and their pretend businesses? How many large corporations depend on Ambots to provide shitty overpriced Amway products to their company? I think that’s another zippo!

Small businesses tend to be more customer oriented than large corporations. What’s easier to do? Go into your local drugstore for a refund or try getting a refund from those fucking assholes that work for Amway corporations I-don’t-give-a-shit department.

Small businesses don’t always stay small. Anyone ever read how Ben and Jerry’s ice cream got started? In a renovated gas station with a $12,000 investment to start making ice cream. That was in 1978. And Ben and Jerry’s sell a product that people want to buy – ice cream. And lots of different flavors. I’d say just everyone in the world who’s not a brainwashed Amway loser would rather buy ice cream than shitty overpriced Amway products!

The point I was trying to make before saying that even the worst ice cream flavor that Ben and Jerry could come up with would still taste much better than Amway’s shit and cardboard food bars! The point is that most companies have a business plan that has the future growth projection in there. How many Amway cult leaders teach the Ambots to make a business plan? Never heard it at any Amway cult meeting I went to. How many Ambots went behind the backs of the assholes in their Amway upline and went ahead and made a business plan? Unlikely. Why bother making a business plan for a pretend business.

And another point I want to make about Ben and Jerry’s and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here saying this. I doubt that the majority of Ben and Jerry’s customers are staff on the payroll! Can Amway say the same thing about the majority of their customers?

Get it through your heads you dumb ass Amway ambots! At best you’re a commissioned salesperson working for Scamway. But the reality is you’re really just one of Amway’s customers. A very expensive buying club.

Its cheaper to go out and buy a tub of Ben and Jerrys


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