Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh shit no! Not Amway! Not again!

My husband has a friend I dislike. One of these untrustworthy, unreliable, undependable persons who says he's going to be somewhere and then doesn't show up or call to say he's not. Then ignores all phone calls. Then goes off in a snit not to be heard again for months on end. I like those periods when we don't hear from the bastard. I'll just refer to him as the arrogant prick. That's the nicest thing I can say about him. It goes downhill from there.

All of a sudden he started showing up a lot and phoning my honeybunch a lot and my sweetie would go out and meet him, often not returning home until very late at night, sometimes past midnight.

Then one day he tells me that the arrogant prick has joined up with Amway and is having a grand opening at his house and has invited us to come over for refreshments and view his shit. I don't want to go, but accompany honeybunch anyway just in case he's tempted to buy any Amway shit, so I can stop it from happening.

I'm not interested in Amway. My honeybunch had gotten us involved with Amway many years ago. A man he knew's mother purchased a Platinumship and he joined under her so as to impress his friend I guess. I hated it. The products were expensive and not stuff I would buy anyway and we had to keep getting dressed up and go to meetings and seminars. After dropping a few thousand dollars and never signing up anyone we quit. Expensive lesson learned. I hoped.

Fast forward a few years to the arrogant prick's grand opening. I am not impressed. He has some nasty tasting XS energy drinks and some shitty food bars. He's got a bunch of Amway stuff out hoping for some sales. I spoke with his wife and told her we were involved years ago and none of the Amway stuff interests me. I made that clear to my husband so he wouldn't be pressured into buying any of the shit.

Later on he tells me that he's been sneaking off to Amway meetings with the arrogant prick and has decided to sign up again.


We got into a huge fight. We had gotten debt free except for our mortage and I knew we'd be heading into debt because the upline would be riding his ass about buying more and more and more so somebody upline could meet their goals at our expense.

Long story short. Honeybunch signs us up again with a mere "down payment" of $150 that would get us started as business owners.

The nightmare begins.


  1. I had to come back 3 years to just read this blog from the begining! Love it!


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