Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sponsoring Downline

It's nearly impossible to sponsor anyone to become an Amway IBO - Independent Business Owner. First of all almost everyone in North America over the age of 30 has heard of Amway either from previously being an IBO, being pestered to become an IBO, or know people who are/were IBO's. Very few people are interested. Amway products are similar in quality to products that can be purchased much cheaper at local grocery or drug stores. Hardly anyone knows anyone who's actually made money with Amway.

Though many IBO's will lie and pretend business is good, it really isn't. Its just part of the Amway lies they are trained by their upline to tell.

Upline says its simple. You buy and use the Amway products and you find people who will duplicate you and do the same. Depending on how many people you can find you have the potential to make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

The reality is most IBO's don't find anyone so they try singlehandedly to purchase Amway products for their own consumption to try to get their PV (points volume that each Amway product is assigned) as high as they can in order to earn a bonus check. An approximate value is for every $300 in Amway products purchased, the IBO will receive a $10 bonus check. If you have people in your downline active purchasing Amway products then you can potentially earn a higher bonus check.

IBO's lose money right away. They probably bought $300 worth of products that they wouldn't normally buy if they went to a local store to shop such as food bars and power drinks. Add to that amount the tools they have to buy - books, CD's, membership into their cult-like line of sponship, message system, web page, function, seminars, etc - which can cost hundreds of dollars each month, and most IBO's run a huge monthly loss. Most people don't remain IBO's too long. When their money runs out, so do they.

Others, unfortunately, are pressured by their upline to put charges on their credit cards, take out home equity loans, sell cars, do whatever is necessary to buy, buy, buy.

Amway's own literature shows that less than 1% of IBO's actually earn money. What kind of success rate is that? Pretty shitty.

Its nearly next to impossible for the average IBO to sponsor any downline. If they do, its very hard to keep them motivated after months of losses to keep buying Amway products. Most IBO's quit within the year.

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