Monday, September 6, 2010

Forced to attend Family Reunion

The first major Amway function the Ambot and I attended was Family Reunion. The upline said we must attend. If we didn't then they'd know we weren't serious business builders and they wouldn't work with us. In hindsight it would have been better to stay at home.

The Ambot came from a lousy family, really horrible people, all of whom have been in trouble with the law at one time or another. This is the type of person that these cults prey upon. So he was all "pumped" and blabbed about family reunion to everyone he came across, probably because his outlaw relatives never had family reunions because they're a shitty excuse for family. These people promised to be his new, better family and made him believe family reunion was the not to miss event of the season.

The plan was to put our dog in a kennel for the weekend and to pick up the Ambot's sponsor, Captain Fuck Up, and his wife and make the 6 hour drive in our car because we owned a new model, reliable vehicle. Captain Fuck Up has one clunker after another that's breaking down. We chose a kennel close to their house, about an hour's drive from us, rather than one of the 4 or 5 kennels within a 15 minute drive from our house. We planned to leave around 10am so we had to book an early check in at the kennel for our dog. Prior to leaving the house Captain Fuck Up called to say his sister was delayed in getting to his house to babysit for the weekend. She wouldn't get there until mid-day. We decided that we'd drive down after dropping the dog off at the kennel so we wouldn't miss that evening's events and they would drive down in their own vehicle mid-afternoon after the relatives arrived at their house.

So now I'm pissed off. We could have taken our dog with us if we'd been travelling alone and not promised the back seat to another couple. The hotel we were staying at allowed dogs. We could have put our dog into a doggy daycare while attending Saturday's function so as not to leave her alone in the hotel room. 4 days board plus extra fee for early check in plus extra walks several times a day came to over $100. We'd already put $100 down on a credit card when we'd made the reservation to confirm the kennel space. If we'd taken our dog with us, free stay at the hotel, plus $20 for Saturday at a doggy daycare about a mile from where the family reunion function was taking place. Pissed me right off, but par for the course for Captain Fuck Up.

About 3 hours into our trip Captain Fuck Up phones to say he can't find his wallet. No wallet means no drivers license, no credit cards, no cash, no ID, etc. He phoned a number of times and in one of the calls he suggested he might have left it at our house. Seeing as how Captain Fuck Up was speaking to the Ambot and not me I don't know if he was demanding we turn around and return home to check our house for his wallet. Wasn't going to happen. His wallet has never been located, in our house or elsewhere.

Around 6pm I pulled into the hotel's parking lot. Ambot's phone rang scaring the shit out of me. You guessed it. Captain Fuck Up again still looking for his wallet and now asking if we knew the hours of the office where he could get a replacement driver's license. Gee its nearly 6 on a Friday night and Captain Fuck Up actually thinks a government office is still going to be open. And what the hell is he harrassing the Ambot for? He's still at home and has access to a phone book where he can phone the office himself and get the information. What more did he want from us?

Anyway Captain Fuck Up and his wife never made it to Family Reunion. Guess they weren't serious business builders. How unfortunate that the upline continued to work with them anyway.

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