Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Counsel with Upline

Platinums, Emeralds, and Diamonds would always tell their flock to counsel with upline. Learn from your upline. Follow their teachings. Be like your upline.

My Ambot and occasionally myself had to put up with being “counselled” by upline.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I would say to the Ambot. “What credentials do these kids have to be counsellors.”

“They’re our upline,” he would parrot back to me.

I guess the subliminal message was that we should put them up on a pedestal and worship them. Not going to happen as far as I’m concerned. I’ve known our sponsor for many years, never liked him. Irresponsible and unreliable are his best attributes and it goes downhill from there. I can’t tell you how much I aspire to be like him. Always behind on the rent, being threatened with eviction, having the phone cut off, debt collectors phoning constantly, cars always breaking down. Yeah, I want to be like my upline!

OK lets see. Us. We’ve been running a business for many years and doing quite well. We own our own house, not our first home either. We’ve purchased up as our finances have allowed. We own nice vehicles, not brand new, but fairly recent models. We have investments. We have a good lifestyle with our hobbies, travelling, and people in our lives.

Them. The “upline to counsel with”. Twenty to thirty years younger than us. Working jobs like janitor, coffee shop cashier, carpenter, salesperson. All decent enough jobs if you’re earning an honest living. No savings. Lots of debt. Renters. Drive clunker vehicles.

Hmm. Who should be taking advice from whom here?

But Ambot was dead serious. “I must counsel with upline.”

And off he’d go to gather whatever learned advice he could from these morons.

We’ve all been young, had to save up to buy our first home, had cars that broke down at inconvenient times, and most of us have held dead end jobs that don’t bring in nearly enough income. We all have to start out somewhere and it takes time to save and reach a comfortable stage in our lives.

I sure didn’t pass myself off as any type of counsellor when I was that age.

“Counsel with upline” when upline doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t have life experience. Bad idea.

Here’s a good idea for the kids who insist their downline counsel with them. Buy errors and omissions insurance. Give someone the wrong advice during a counselling session and risk getting your ass sued off.

Its a wise business decision anyway to have this type of insurance no matter what your career is. Funny I don’t seem to recall anyone upline recommending to IBO’s to cover your ass and purchase proper business insurance.


  1. I really believe women can see through the deceits very early on. So these uplines constantly program about counselling from uplines and dicourage husbands from listening to their wives by saying things like "Women are emotional creatures. They don't have longterm thinking. Men need to be strong and keep the dream alive." "If you listen to your wife who has the same bank balance as you, how is your life going to improve. " One thing is sure though if you listen to uplines, the bank balance is going to vanish.

    Some of the idiotic counseling we received from upline- to take a low paying job so that we can focus in the business, drop out from graduate school, do 300PV every month inspite of being in credit card debt and a million other idiotic things.

    One of the famous saying of a diamond about counseling with upline is - "If you dont cousel with upline and are in submission to them, then your marriage is fake." Billion dollar idiotic statement by an idiotic diamond called Vishal Jain

  2. Anonymous, you are correct in your observations. I don't know what the actual ratio is of women who were interested first in Amway and dragged their husbands in. I know of one couple where the woman joined and the husband came along. Everyone else its the husband who brought their wife in to Amway. Our upline, particularly the Platinum, constantly tried to cause trouble in our relationship and break us up. Nothing brings them more happiness than destroying marriages. Whenever one half of a couple wasn't interested in Amway, the upline would immediately say something is wrong with their marriage. No. Its just that one half of that couple doesn't want to get scammed out of their life savings and go into debt at a 1% shot at success.

  3. Actually, less than one half of 1% reach platinum. Of those who beat the odds to reach platinum, chances are they cannot maintain platinum, but if they do, they have a less than 1% chance to go diamond.

  4. Anna Banana: Just found your web site and wanted to say hello. This is the second time that your husband got into Amway; has he become inactive again? Wasn't quite sure if he's still in or out this time around.

  5. Which organization is this Anna? Yager? Britt? N21? WWDB?

  6. I am of the opinion that WWDB and BWW are the worst LOS in Amway. Your mileage may vary.

  7. Hi Amthrax. I'm happy to say my husband decided to go inactive after his upline told him they were praying real hard that I would meet another man and leave him because "he wasn't man enough to build this business".


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