Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whose advice to take - an expert or the upline?

Further to my last post about “counselling with upline”.

As people gain life experience they learn to sort through good and bad advice, take what works for them and reject the rest. Counselling with qualified financial advisors or other professionals can be smart for your business and personal life.

A lot of people have similar goals: get out of debt, put money in the bank, buy a house, make wise investments, and retire comfortably not worrying about finances. Those are basics. Some people will have different financial goals, perhaps buying a motorcycle or a jet plane or starting their own charitable foundation.

There are many paths to reach the finish line. Throughout the years I have asked for and taken advice from persons more experienced than I am. Some of the advice works, others not so good. When asked I have even offered advice. Never on the stock market! Sometimes on the ponies at the racetrack!

Prior to getting involved in Amway, Ambot was debt free. Pulling off moves he hoped to impress his upline, he started to charge, charge, charge all these crummy Amway products. Crap that we never had purchased before. We rarely buy bottled water. Now Ambot was buying it by multiple case loads costing ten times more than water at the grocery store. Did the water taste any better? Nope. Water is water. It didn’t taste gross, neither does the water we buy at the grocery. Vitamins up the ying yang. We eat a fairly healthy diet, lots of produce, we never needed vitamins before. And on and on it went. And up and up went his credit card bill.

I’ve read several books from financial experts and one of my current favorites is author David Bach. He writes The Automatic Millionaire and the Finish Rich series. I highly recommend his books.

One day Ambot and I were out for a drive. He was at the wheel of my car. He’s telling me his upline Emerald said to take out a home equity line of credit to pay off the credit card. I told him David Bach recommends finding a zero interest or low interest credit card and transferring the credit card debt to that one card. Ambot was outraged that I dare suggest something different than what upline counselled. He floored the accelerator and we flew along going about double the 40mph speed limit with me screaming at him to slow down. He was going so fast that an apple I had in the shopping bag in the back seat flew out and exploded on the back window.

I’m happy to say we never took out the home equity LOC so he could pay off his credit card. I knew as soon as he paid it down he would start charging Amway shit on it again.

The fact that he got so outraged that a financial expert could come up with a different plan than his beloved Emerald is mind boggling. The control those cult leaders have on their flock is frightening and horrific.


  1. Just wondering are you still married to the ambot? If you are then you might be bankrupted in a few years.

  2. Ambot walked away from Amway and we're still together. If he hadn't got out then I would have left him before being financially destroyed and we'd have been just another statistic of a marriage destroyed by Amway. Being bankrupted was my worry especially after reading too many stories from other people who'd been in Amway and sold their houses, ran up the credit cards, took out loans, and lost tens of thousands of dollars. Its scary what these cult leaders can convince their followers to do.

  3. Ambot? That's what you call your beloved husband, 'ambot'? How derogatory! This shows just how little honor you have towards your husband. Your husband was fighting for a better future for both of you but you have willingly usurped his authority. Remember the story in the book of Job when Job's wife was trying to convince her husband, Job to curse God and die? Well, the same with you. You tried to convince and forced your husband to give up on a better future for the two of you.

    1. Ambotshit, I will deprogram your memory-card if it’s the last thing I do in this life! I swear, your creator will face his demise at the hands of the Ambot-Destroyer!

    2. Anonymous - that's just some rotten little ambot from Scarsborough Canada who stopped coming to my blog when he realized I wasn't so much trashing the Amway business as trashing my upline. He'll never see this but you've made everyone else feel better!

  4. Anonymous, you need to send your wife/husband/significant other over here to read this blog. As it says in my profile, these are the people this blog is intended for.

  5. Anon, you forget to mention her hubby also racked up the credit cards and put his family in debt. From reading what anna posted he didnt respect her very much during his days as a ambot.

  6. Yeah right, send my significant other to learn from this junk blog... you got to be kidding me and if you honestly believe it, you must be deeply deranged somewhere.

    1. You insignificant piece of Ambotshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Joecool appreciates your efforts!

  7. Hey Anonymous Amway Business Builder!

    Ambot is a term which happens to match the irresponsible manner in which he has been affecting his family's finances. Like a robot, he's told to buy this motivational CD, buy this book about leadership, spend money on this trip to a "business conference".

    His upline leaders expect him to do this without question, or else they accuse him of not being committed, or that he doesn't "get it". Hence the term Ambot.

    As far as her husband fighting for a better future, that's very much up for debate. I have no doubt HE THOUGHT there was a better future ahead, but in reality, less than 1% of people achieve any measure of success in Amway.

    As far as usurping his "authority", what the hell are you talking about? Is Anna to be submissive to her husband? Wow! 1950 called. They want their mentality back.

    As far as your biblical comments, save 'em for church my good man. The church and religion should be discussed as a separate topic from business. Any blending of the 2 is done deliberately to obscure something.

    Likely the motivational tools business, the exorbitant prices of the products, or else the inefficient distribution model of Amway.

    And seriously, you're comparing Anna not wanting her husband in Amway to Job cursing God? Really? OK......

    What seems derogatory is the way the Amway upline of WWDB in this case appear to use passive aggressive bullying tactics on Anna's husband to have him CONFORM to the system.

    The better future for this family is undoubtedly yet to come. Being out of Amway, in my experience, expedites the better future.

  8. In case anyone hasn't already figured this one out, Anonymous is from Scarborough Canada using Rogers IP who spends lot of time here reading this "junk blog" judging by the tracking history on this IP.

  9. Thanks Rocket! Anonymous from Canada is just quoting his upline. You're right that mentality is from another era. The upline preaches that if your spouse is being negative then set them straight, ignore them, keep them in line and that the wife is supposed to blindly follow her husband no matter what he's doing in "the business" even if she believes it to be detrimental to the family or marriage. That's what they're taught, with a few biblical references thrown in because that's how cults operate. Years ago when I worked for others I attended plenty of business meetings and religion never came up. The only reason religion is all over the place in Amway is because of the cult influence. In this day and age most women don't put up with it for too long.

  10. Is the anonymous from Canada from Scarborough Ontario Canada with an IP address starting with 99? If so, he is the sealot who has left threats on my blog over the last two years.

  11. Hi Joe. Yes this anonymous is your zealot from Scarborough. He likes it here too!

  12. LOL, What a loser, spending all his time responding on blogs when he could be listening to a standing order, or attending a function, or out at Barnes and Noble stalking prospects.

  13. Haven't seen anything on here about Dean Kosage. He told his wife she is to submit to him at all times (even sexually).

    Is anyone watching his meltdown?

  14. Ha ha! I think they divorced many years ago judging by some comments I've read.


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