Monday, October 25, 2010

Like our sponsors? Never!

Our first stint in WWDB and the Amway scheme was (no) thanks to the mother of a business associate of Ambot’s. She claimed to be a Platinum. We found out later she’d purchased her Platinumship. She was a nasty old bitch. She did not have the typical personality of  an Amway cult leader because she was not a likeable, charismatic person whereas the other cult leaders I met put on quite a performance being nicey nice, faking sincere interest, and real people persons. At least she was true to herself and let her ugly personality shine through. One time I showed up to pick up products at her house and she told me about an Amway meeting either later that week or the next week and made a big point of saying this particular meeting was specifically for all IBO’s going to the river. Hell, I’ve seen enough rivers in my lifetime so I didn’t bother going to that meeting. The next time I showed up to pick up products she started bitching at me because I’d missed the meeting (and she’d missed her cut of the proceeds from my ticket sale).

“Well you told me it was only for people who are going to the river.” I reminded her. “So it seemed pointless for us to go.”

She stared at me with her narrow shrew eyes. “And you’re not going to the river?” She asked in an icy tone.

“That’s right, we’re not,” I answered cheerfully.

Oh, man, you should have seen the glare I got. Too bad for her I didn’t like her so I didn’t give a shit. Eventually Ambot didn’t like her either and we ended our “doing business together” stint.

As an aside we saw her at FED during our last Amway penance. She was one of those morons rushing the stage when her upline Diamonds came on. She was no longer Platinum but obviously still involved in Amway, though whether or not she still is today, I don’t know.

The next foray into WWDB and Amway was (no) thanks to a friend of Ambot’s who I’ve never liked. The arrogant prick is the nicest thing I call him and it goes downhill from there. The bastard knows I can’t stand him. Over the years he’s borrowed stuff from Ambot and returned it broken if he ever returns it at all. Sometimes Ambot doesn’t hear from him for months because he’s gone off on one of his tantrums because Ambot won’t loan him something - those are the good times! He’s unreliable, undependable, and for years his presence anywhere near me makes me madder than hell. He’s one of these assholes that if you say the wrong thing to him he’ll stomp off in a snit. So in an effort to get him to stomp off, I’m rude to the bastard at every opportunity. Yeah, that sounds like a good IBO prospect to sponsor especially after I made it very clear to him and his wife and the upline Platinum sack of shit that I had no interest in getting involved in Amway again.

If that arrogant prick had just minded his own business I wouldn’t have gone through the emotional and financial turmoil and I wouldn’t be writing this blog.


  1. Anna,

    Could you please stop hiding your true feelings and tell us how you really feel? LOL

  2. Ha ha. I've always heard that writing is a good healer, so we'll see. I suppose once I've got everything out about how I feel about the upline there won't be much point in blogging anymore. That won't be anytime soon!


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