Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Qualifying Prospects

This is my opinion: Sponsoring people who don’t like you = bad idea.

Maybe I’m way off base here but I think when recruiting Amway IBO’s its a good idea to leave people off your list who don’t like you, or even more importantly if their spouse doesn’t like you. Leave them alone!!!!

Instead these assholes “counsel with upline” and are told to make a run at the prospect and if the spouse doesn’t go along then do whatever it takes to sign up the prospect anyway. So what if it destroys their relationship, because obviously it was in trouble in the first place if the spouse doesn’t willingly go along with the partner’s participation in the Amway scheme.

I was in an abusive line of sponsorship called World Wide Dream Builders. Their philosophy whenever someone wasn’t interested in Amway or unable to “grow their business” that there must be something wrong with their marriage/relationship. I’d heard that accusation many times. Their standard answer to everything. “Something is wrong with their marriage.” And so what if there was? None of your business anyway. People’s private, personal lives are nobody else’s business. Unless of course you belong to a cult whose acronym would be more aptly suited to read World Wide Destructive Bastards because they destroy people’s lives, destroy marriages, destroy families, and destroy financial security.

I attended enough meetings where the Platinum sack of shit talked about qualifying prospects. “If I don’t like you then I don’t want to do business with you,” he’d often say. And then he added that he moved on to the next prospect. "Next!" I did everything I could to get that bastard not to like me! I even remember overhearing our arrogant prick sponsor parroting the same phrase to Ambot. Liar! That arrogant prick would take anyone he could get. Money, money, money to that greedy destructive bastard. Too bad for him the buck stopped with Ambot. This is one son of a bitch that should have taken his own advice. I’ve known him for years and he knows I can’t stand him and refuse to have anything to do with him. Surely I should have fallen under the “don’t like” category. Lying bastard can’t even follow his own advice.



  1. also denying it is amway= bad idea

    if they didn't hate you before they will hate you after

    if they lie in question is this amway, what next will they lie about

  2. Its always nice to be part of a business where truthfulness and honesty is held in such a high regard.

    One of the things we were taught to say was:

    "No it's not Amway, its World Wide Dream Builders. We only use Amway to move products."

  3. This issue isn't confined to wwdb. In fact, it is present in every major LOS/LOA I know.

  4. And there are amway supporters who are part of WWDB, on amwaytalk forum constantly repeating like a parrot that this does not happen in their line of sponsorship, not in this day and age. Pathetic.

  5. One of the idiotic things abt Amway business is, initially you will be told that the business will work only if you do all the nine core steps. Then even after doing all the core steps and the business is not working for you, when you go for counselling with your supposedly "know it all uplines"- you will be asked, "How is your marriage?", "Are you talking positive behind close doors?', "How do you talk about your uplines behind close doors?", "How is your relationship with God?" and many more idiotic questions.

    Bottom line they would make you feel like unless you get it all right or in other words be PERFECT, you cannot achieve the success you want to. But from stage they will say, "You dont have to be perfect to build this business."

    You will constantly hear such contradicting things from the so called system will be confused most of the time, not to mention be broke listening to and doing all the the stupid stuff.

  6. dont get me started on counseling sessions it was always your fault never the fault of the business or the system

    and your sponsor would always say how privileged you should feel because your upline platinum spent 30 min with you counseling you to buy more cds go to more meetings and read more books

  7. Anonymous #1, the Amway/WWDB supporters on the Amway talk forum apparently choose to walk through life with blinders on. These abuses and many more are still happening. People like me who tell what really happens in the Amway meetings and how IBO's are really treated are helping get the word out to others what misery lies ahead if they get involved with these people.

  8. Anonymous #2, that is very correct. When the upline bastards would ask how our marriage was I'd say it was great before getting involved in Amway and has gone on a downslide to the shitter since getting involved with Amway. I never got asked again because they didn't like my kind of honesty, but when I wasn't there, Ambot would get grilled, and the cult leader's twisted mind would brainwash him into all these imaginary problems. They tell so many lies that I discounted everything they said as a lie. Too hard to tell the difference between reality and the cult leader's reality.

  9. Anonymous #3, the Amway speak is that it is always the IBO's fault. They didn't try hard enough they didn't work hard enough. They dismissed any hint that the Amway system is set up for failure. No matter how hard IBO's work, only 1% earn money. Upline would always make sure their cult followers know any time they spend with them is a "privilege". Other times they'd do the cult leader thing and say "you haven't earned the privilege yet". So go out and get more people in front of the plan, sell more products, and maybe you'll earn the privilege of our precious time.

  10. And there are amway supporters who are part of WWDB, on amwaytalk forum constantly repeating like a parrot that this does not happen in their line of sponsorship, not in this day and age. Pathetic

    Please provide links to where on Amway Talk this is happening.

    1. Scamshit unit of Ambotwaste. Hopefully I’m capable of putting this into the appropriate wording, then again, your base-model might still remain unresponsive as Scamway did not program those of your mediocre design to comprehend further from the Quixshit bull: Your tinscam prototype is about to be wiped out along with all their other failed experiments! That Quixshit project of your upline-creator fell short in your reasoning and compatibility trait. No need to worry my little plug-in friend, Scambot destroyer is here to fix your fuse buddy. =)

    2. Anonymous - the only way to get IBOFB to shut up is to ask him for more tampon application tips! There are many on the Internet who agree with your opinion of him!


  12. Don't need links. I've seen it many times on IBOFB's forums. Even bridgett baron denies that diamonds talk about diamonds buying homes in cash even though it's very clear that WWDB still teaches it.

    The folks on Amway talk are like parrots repeating the same upline BS. The difference is IBOFB is dumb enough to repeat it here. :-)

  13. Ha ha. Good one!

    Denial is part of the teachings at Amway meetings.

  14. Tex;

    You ljost it. That's the first time I've seen you emotional. You are human, after all. For a while, I thought you were a robot.

    Your facts and figures are impressive, but sometimes it's O.K. to let people see the human side.



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