Monday, October 4, 2010

Phone calls and text messages at all hours

When it comes to phone calls, barring any emergencies, I think phoning between 9am and 9pm is reasonable.

I know when our phone rings at 10pm or 11pm or later that my heart leaps up my throat. Elderly parents, you can't help but think the worst.

After my husband got involved in Amway his sponsor and upline felt it was OK to phone and text whenever they wanted. It freaked me out when his phone rang after we'd gone to bed or hearing a chime indicating a text message. And it would bug the shit out of me that he felt he had to be a good Ambot and pick up the phone or immediately type back a text message. And then it would go on. A few minutes later the text would chime again. And again. And again.

Ir would piss me off and I'd tell him to ignore it. The problem is if he didn't respond within a minute to a text, one of those upline bastards would phone and ask him if he got the text.

Ambot had pre-purchased a $25 ticket to an Artistry seminar. The night he was supposed to go he realized he was double booked and had another function he had to attend because he's on the board of directors and there was a huge membership vote that night. He phoned some jerk in his upline to tell him. I don't think that jerk really cared one way or another because he wasn't planning to attend the Artistry seminar either. I have no idea if he advised anyone upline of him and so on and so on.

We returned from the meeting and went to bed. I'd turned on the late news at 11pm and we were still awake when the phone rang at 11:30pm. I nearly went through the roof. Visions of car crashes and hospital emergency rooms rushed through my head.

It was the wife of the 4000 pin upline couple who's phoning the Ambot to scold him for not attending the Artistry meeting.

I mean fuck you for phoning at that late hour just to bitch him out. That call couldn't have waited until the next day? Why even phone at all? Adults can make their own decisions. Ambot should have asked her if he could get a refund of his $25 for the unused ticket.

Let's go back to the list of 5 things in order of importance to an IBO: God, spouse, family, work, Amway. I guess I could loosely classify the meeting Ambot went to that night as work related because he did receive a small stipend for attending meetings. Amway is last on the list.

So what are you phoning to scold him about, bitch????

Still haven't made Platinum yet after 20 years? Woo hoo! You go girl! Alienate your downline and make them quit because of your dumb ass late night scoldings. Way to motivate your downline!


  1. Have you run out on your Prozac prescription?!

  2. My upline used to call or send voicemails after 10:00 pm to schedule nite owl meetings. He would schedule a meeting at 11:30 on work nights and arrive late and then talk about nothing for a few hours. We would get home after 2:00 in the morning and be useless at work the next day. I think my upline just enjoyed the spotlight so he enjoyed having extra meetings where he was the speaker.

  3. All uplines must be the same. They all like to hear the sound of their own voice talking about themselves. They never talked about anything useful.

  4. What used to tick me off too, was when our sponsor would want to make his own speeches after functions and the group would be up until 3:00 in the morning taking up space in a coffee shop learning nothing and being useless then next day.

    1. That sounds like an appropriate amway tactic... keep you from your regular job so that you're forced to have nothing left but Amway

  5. Gee i feel bad cause im not in the amway business and i call people after 11:30pm. It's someting i dont think much about. I usually think if they wanted peace and quiet they can always turn off the ringer to their phone.

    1. I consider myself a bit of ways to be "social etiquette challenged", but from what I know, I tend to avoid calling too late as well. I've only ever called friends, or they called me when I know ahead of time they'd be OK with it. Else, I just email ithem. However, as mentioned, some people need to leave their phones fully on in case they get important calls from kids, parents, friends, and people who may either need assistance, or the rare emergency.

      A shame you can't tell these upline jerks to can it till the morning. Then again, they are amway jerks.

  6. Colin, I used to be a night person so late night calls wouldn't have bothered me when I was younger. I personally don't call people after 9 or so in the evening and I don't know anyone who would call me either just to talk. Now, if we had prearranged to call at a later hour then I'd be expecting it, but when the phone rings late at night it scares me. I can't help but think that some horrible tragedy has happened.

  7. anon, have you run out of sense?

    **proud Amway hater**


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