Sunday, October 3, 2010


"Your job is spelled J.O.B. and that stands for Just Over Broke and that's all you'll ever be as long as you're working for someone else instead of yourself."

That was the mantra at every Amway meeting.

The Platinum sack of shit would put people down who held jobs. Nevermind that he'd been working for someone else at a paid job for 20 years.

We were also told J.O.B. was a 4 letter word. Hmmm. Someone flunked out of math class on that one. I see 3 letters. What's so bad about 4 letter words. I use many of them to describe our former upline!

The Platinum constantly put people down who held jobs and worked for someone else, helping their employer's dreams come true.

People in WWDB must be the unhappiest employees around. They're taught at Amway meetings to hate their jobs and to do whatever it takes to become free.

But what about people who already own their own companies, making decent money, and choosing their hours. By the time the arrogant prick who'd been my husband's friend for many years came around hounding him to come to meetings, my Ambot had owned his business for many years easily pulling in 6 figures.

Believe it or not the Platinum sack of shit looked down on self employed business owners. It was implausible to him that people could actually be successful business owners if they owned a business that had nothing to do with selling Amway products.

Amway or other businesses, not everyone is capable of being a business owner. Though in Amway even though they tout themselves as Independent Business Owners, they are actually commissioned salespeople. Some people will never be a business owner, Amway or otherwise. Its a different mentality and not everyone has it. Not everyone is disciplined enough to be the boss and run their own business.

Why put people down? Whether they work a J.O.B. because that's all they're capable of doing is no reason to sneer at them. But that's what the cult leaders do. They tell you if you have a J.O.B. you're a loser. You're making someone else rich. Oh well, that's their opinion. There are countless people with J.O.B.s who make a lot of money and have big houses, fancy cars, money in the bank, and go on great vacations.

But pushing people to hate their J.O.B.s and be free of their J.O.B.s leads to a lot of unhappy cult followers. Some will quit their J.O.B. and end up on government assistance and others will get shown the door because their attitude sucks.

Don't quit your J.O.B. You need the money to pay for the Amway shit.

And don't think that Amway is the only business opportunity out there. Go to the library and check out books on business ideas and running your own business. Explore other options. Amway isn't the only solution. There are much better self employment opportunities out there if you're considering leaving your J.O.B.


  1. For the real Amway story, see

  2. Good Post. Anna, I have linked your blog to mine. I hope it helps your site traffic.

  3. (I am not the afore mentioned anonymous)

    Someone I know has joined this cult like business and continually tells people how dumb they are to have a J.O.B. He also seems to spend a million hours at sessions and working this business, but conveniently doesn't count any of this as work time. I guess because if he calculated his time/money spent on tools he would have to face the fact that he is not making much money. It seems like such a big scam!

  4. Anonymous, less than 1% of IBO's make money at this business, this is in Amway's literature that is given out to prospects. It is a scam and often the people affected the most are the ones who can least afford to lose the hundreds of dollars they spend each month buying Amway products and tools and attending functions.

  5. Yes, this is the sad part I am seeing. People walking away from great jobs to pursue these seemingly unobtainable dreams. Also the need to go hear the same speakers over and over. Seriously, how many times can you hear the same speil? I can't imagine that sitting in a seminar all weekend with other Amway people is "building the business".

    I really enjoyed your reference to the "Platinum sack of shit", lol. I am fairly offended by this person's mocking people that just work a J.O.B. After reading your post and others I can see he is regurgitating everything he keeps hearing. It's fairly sad actually.

  6. Allow me to rant about living with an "IBO"

    My roommate and friend has vividly become utterly and completely brainwashed in the past 3 months. What is the cause? Amway Global. Before he was an enthusiastic college student majoring in Sociology and Economics - now he bashes his fellow students and those who look forward to careers or "J.O.B's". His mentor and that degenerate's mentor recently came to give a "board plan" at our school. After meeting them it solidified my disgust with Amway, as I saw through their energetic bullshit charismatic attempt to con me into becoming an IBO. After watching my roommate spend HUNDREDS of dollars on "quality" vitamins, overpriced XS, not to mention books and cd's explaining NOTHING to do with business - then receive a $50 check and start celebrating I am disgusted with the cult mentality and deception and want nothing more than to never see another Amway IBO again. Granted he is my friend and I want him to succeed, it hurts me knowing his %.001 chance is so dismal, he should buy a mega millions ticket instead. He recently tried desperately to convince me to "get my job covered so I can see how amazing my upline is, this diamond Tracy is a millionaire!". Wait, so you want me to pay to listen to some stranger lie about exaggerated revenue, while giving up four hours wages? JESUS the common sense really does evaporate the deeper IBO's become involved with Amway.

    And that is my rant about living with an "Ambot".

  7. No problem anonymous. This is the place to rant. Sorry to hear about your roommate. Maybe you should ask to go to one of his meetings and then stand up and tell the speaker what you really think of a business with less than 1% success rate and a IBO huge drop out within the first year. Your roommate will evenutally run out of money or credit cards maxed and will get out of Amway, hopefully not before too much irreparable damage has been done.


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