Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Brother is Watching

Anna Banana has caught the attention of someone from Ada, Michigan.

I make no secret that I do not like Amway's shitty overpriced products. I need to get in a long line with that complaint.

Many bloggers focus on Amway's scheme particularly how the tool business is the only way to really make money in Amway and you can only make decent money in Amway once you've walked over a lot of people to get to a level where you participate in tool sharing profits. That's not my agenda.

If I have any issue with Amway other than their shitty overpriced products, its how they turn a blind eye to the abuses from higher level pins to their downline. I think Amway has a moral obligation to take better control of their representatives who are in the business of signing up IBO's, finding customers to purchase Amway products, and holding meetings all under the guise of running their own Amway business.

My agenda is with Ambot's upline, the assholes who brainwashed and abused him  and tried to tear us apart under the pretense of being highly religious people and Amway devotees. The upline assholes who cause emotional and financial distress. Corporate Amway does not get involved in individual lines of sponsorship and what they're saying in Amway meetings. Complaints go nowhere. A standard letter saying they are looking into it or a brush off when you phone in and speak with a service rep.

That's why people like me take up blogging and get the word out there what is really happening inside the LOS, Amway meetings, and how people are treated by their upline. Amway won't do anything about it so the masses on the Internet educate others what they are in store for if they get involved with Amway.

My story is hardly original. It has been said so many times in very similar ways by others who write blogs, write books, appear on TV or radio shows.

So attention Ada, Michigan. Anna Banana can be bought. If you want me to stop telling what happened to my husband and how I had to watch him being treated by the upline assholes and ultimately how I was treated, I have a price. Pick a number between one and nine, the higher the better. Then put 6 zeros behind it.


  1. I would have taken any offer over 100.00 from the amdorks. Promise not to post anything negative and then start a new blog under a diff name to trash these aholes.

  2. Colin that's a good idea but I'd need more cashola than that!

    Someone at Amway H.O. in Buena Park is loving my blog too.

  3. You and your hubby where in the business twice so im guessing over 10k? Wondering if you'd get half of the money back. Id be cautious cause i dont see Amway offering any $. It's probably some loser wanting to know your real name etc and will harass you or threats.

  4. The first time around I don't think we lost 10k maybe half that amount, maybe more. Its hard to estimate because I think things were kept hidden from me. Second time around, maybe between 20 and 30k. Lot more tools expenses and Ambot frantically consuming products, like a drug addict the way he was sucking back several cases of XS weekly. No, I doubt Amway will fork over cash for me to go away but we were always told by our upline to "dream"!

  5. Anna Banana... wow, what an original name mix of Annas and Bananas! Are you ok? How many fingers does my right hand have? Anyway, whats with this hysteric attitude of yours? Upset that Amway doesn't run business a la Anna Banana style? For your information My Lady, Amway has 50 years of business leadership and that's more than the number of days you first saw the light past the umbilical chord. So, for your information, Amway will not get involved in individual lines of sponsorship and in how they choose to build strong, profitable businesses. That's up to the leaders. Anna Banana can be bought? What, just the banana peels? Perhaps, since the contents appear to have long gone past the best before date on the label.

    1. Typical Scambot unit! I sure hope your upline programmed a few more lines to defend your mission for Scamway/Quickscam. Those like you took my friend and I’ll make sure to make you regret it Ambot!

    2. Yeah you tell that bastard from Scarborough! He hangs out more on my other blog - Amway the dream or the scheme! Link in the upper right corner! Ha ha! Scarborough is a Scambot prude who doesn't like the language here!

  6. Anonymous from Scarborough Canada, that's not the first time you've said that. Banana is not my last name just I heard that tons of times growing up. So I decided to be as original as you and everyone else and take that name for my blog. You, me, and everyone else knows that Amway will not get involved in LOS complaints. Just saying it would be a better thing for their company if they did and it might cut down on IBO abuses and lessen former IBO's or their spouses taking our Amway experiences to the Internet. What are you doing up at 1:30am reading blogs about former IBO's who've been abused by their upline? Most people have better things to do at that hour. Sleeping comes to mind.

  7. Well, you've heard that tons of times, now you hear it (tons of times) + 1. What am I doing at 1:30 AM?! Well, I can't sleep for one thing, not insomnia, just excitement. And on top of that, I no longer have a J.O.B, I retired from the work force. Now I rediscovered life and not long before my fiancee is going to become my wife. How wonderful to go to bed and wake up together in each other arms, isn't it? I know how bad it feels when you wake up and your bed is half empty. Your choice Anna.

    1. The countdown has begun Ambot! The day when I shall have your head and theirs overlooking my nightstand will not come too soon shitway. I swear, they should upgrade your programming, that old recording in your memory-bank is starting to piss me off scamshit!

  8. Well, I guess double congratulations. Its always wonderful not being in the work force. Its been a long time since I worked for someone else, can't see it happening again. Good luck with the upcoming nuptials. I hope your wife to be is a more tolerant person than I am of Amway activities.

    I think the last time my bed was half empty Ronald Reagan was still president!

    I'm almost positive that you left a comment on Joecool's blog a few months back that you got let go from your job at the bank. Was there another job between then and now that you retired from?

  9. Anon from Scarbourough was whining about his lousy job that pays him only $20,000 annually. I guess that's why he's bitter. Having a lousy job and losing money in Amway. That's enough to make a lot of people bitter. Strange, anon made threats on my blog and now he's scared to post there.

  10. And just like on your blog Scarborough never returns to answer questions even though he comes back to read. Yeah, I forgot he did say not too long ago on your blog that he had a 20k job but here he says he's retired from the work force.

  11. "Big Brother" (more like Charlie Brown, blockheads!) has been watching me for years. They have been on my site many times a day, as well as who I believe are their lawyers in Chicago. I guess they are getting ready for the deposition I'm giving Tuesday for the Contempt of Court hearing next Thursday. The problem is, they don't have a single fact to stand on, and my counter lawsuit identifies a multi-decade, multi-million person, multi-tens of billions of dollars fraudulent scam:

  12. Hope you get your 6 figure income from Amway after all!!!

    Not exactly how it was laid out in "The Plan", but a fine method nonetheless.

  13. Anna;

    I nearly choked on my coffee with "I can be bought."

    I was thinking the same thing. I can be bought off anti-amway websites. Gosh, never thought about getting my 'amway millions' that way so I could walk the beaches of the world, but, hey, I ain't too proud.

    I could get over my hurt with enough zeros,too.

    Pretty please, can I get in on this?

  14. Yeah there's more than one way to make your millions off Amway!


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